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Hyundai logo. History of creation

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Hyundai logo. History of creation
Hyundai logo. History of creation

Hyundai is a well-known South Korean automobile concern. Over its 50-year history, it has managed to enter the top five automotive manufacturers in the world. The company has factories in 8 countries of the world. In Russia, Hyundai cars are produced at a plant in St. Petersburg. The Hyundai plant in the South Korean city of Ulsan is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. It produces 1.5 million cars a year. Animal enclosures are located at the enterprise to increase the productivity of workers.

The history of "Hyundai"

Company `s logo

The company was founded in 1967 by Korean industrialist Chung Joo-yong. The company produced Ford cars. Four years later, the company received from the state the right to produce its own cars. In 2010, Jung Joo-young handed over the management of the concern to his son.

Meaning of the Hyundai logo

car emblem

On the first cars of the company there were no emblems. Instead, they put an inscription with the name of the company on the hoods and trunks of cars. The word "Hyundai"translated into Russian as "modernity". It symbolizes the use of the latest technology in the production of the company's vehicles. The pronunciation of the Korean name in other countries causes certain difficulties. For the US, the company used the original Hyundai slogan. It was read as "Sande". For the first time, the Hyundai logo of two letters HD appeared on the Pony model only in 1976. Another version of the logo in the form of a red horse was used only in the company's documentation. The current company logo appeared in 1991. It is a stylized image of the letter H. At the same time, the designers tried to distance themselves from the similar Honda logo. A hidden meaning was invested in the image. If desired, in the photo of the Hyundai logo, you can see two people shaking hands. They symbolize the friendly attitude of the company representative to the client.

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