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Gas-filled lamps for cars and analogues in the form of LED or halogen lamps

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Gas-filled lamps for cars and analogues in the form of LED or halogen lamps
Gas-filled lamps for cars and analogues in the form of LED or halogen lamps

Today, many people or families have enough road transport. To ensure maximum safety, the driver needs excellent visibility of the situation on the road. To do this, you should take care of good lighting. Gas-filled lamps for cars, LED or halogen, which ones are suitable, and how do they differ?

General information

Between such lamps as incandescent and fluorescent lamps, gas-discharge or gas-filled products for road lighting have already strengthened their positions for a long time. The source of glow in this type of product is an electric discharge in a gas, in metal vapor. Or both together. Gas-filled lamps for cars got their name precisely because of this. If we talk about the appearance of these products, then they can be made of glass, ceramics or metal, and the shape can be spherical, cylindrical, etc.

discharge lamp for volvo

Using Lighting Devices

Regarding the applicationgas-filled lamps for cars, then most often they are an excellent replacement for incandescent lamps, having good advantages in certain situations. The scope of use of this product is as follows:

  • general lighting, including street lighting;
  • illumination of billboards, facades;
  • showcase lighting;
  • use as alarm devices;
  • bulbs for auto low beam, high beam.

Narrowly targeted gas-filled brands

It is worth noting here that gas discharge models have several lines of narrowly focused lamps.

  1. Xenon models of gas-discharge type with ultra-high pressure. They are distinguished by greater brightness and color. Their main area of ​​use is cinema equipment.
  2. They are followed by mercury-thallium gas-discharge light sources. They belong to the submersible type radiation sources, and at the same time they are distinguished by their high power and spectrum. The main use is photochemistry on a large scale.
  3. Another type is gas-filled impulse devices. They are characterized by a greater amplitude, as well as temporal indicators of radiation. Mainly used for high-speed photography and stroboscopy.
  4. HID xenon lamps have become the latest narrow line. It should be noted right away that they differ from those given above. The difference lies in the scope of use. They have a metal shell, and the main difference from others is the emission spectrum, which is identical to sunlight.

Howit can be seen that gas-filled lamps for cars have a much wider range of uses than road lighting.

How do gas-filled light sources work?

In general, it can be noted that the generation of light is carried out by creating a discharge through an ionized gas, which can be: argon, krypton, neon, xenon and other varieties.

In more detail, the operation of gas-filled lamps for cars is as follows.

The discharge of electricity passing between the two electrodes will give out the light of the filler in the discharge tube. The appearance of light is carried out due to the flow of arc discharges. To limit the current, as well as to start gas discharge lamps, a control gear is required.

It is worth adding that there are lamps for cars that are filled with more than just gas. For example, a product with sodium and mercury. When power reaches the lamp, an electric field will be created in the tube.

One of the small distinguishing features of such lamps is the multi-colored lighting. Which depends on the color of the coating applied to the shell.

LED bulbs for cars low and high beams

This type of road lighting is chosen by quite a lot of motorists. To understand their choice, you can consider the advantages and disadvantages of these products.

LED lamp

Benefits include:

  • Low heating even during long time use. This ensures that, for example, during a downpour, they do not burst due to moisture entering the hotshell products.
  • LED bulbs for low and high beam cars are also great because of the production of a large amount of light. That is, even with the dipped beam on, the driver will clearly see the road a short distance ahead.
  • The case for this kind of lamp is usually made of durable and waterproof material. This provides protection against small cracks due to impact, as well as vibration resistance.

As for the shortcomings, we can highlight the following:

  • If such a lamp fails, you will have to change the entire headlight unit. This usually happens when the LED lamp burns out. Though it's fair to say they have a long lifespan.
  • The price of this type of lamp starts from 150-200 rubles per piece or from 850-900 rubles per set. And it can reach up to 3-4 thousand rubles for a set, which is quite expensive.
ice lamps for cars

Halogen bulbs

This type of lamp is in rather high demand for two simple reasons - a huge selection of models, lower cost compared to analogues with the same characteristics.

h4 halogen bulb

H7 auto halogen bulbs are light sources mainly used for low beam applications. For high beams, H1 is much more commonly used. It is worth noting that this type of lamp can be not only halogen, but also xenon or LED. This product appeared on the market in the 90s. These products have earned the great trust of drivers,and therefore are still in demand. Halogen lamps for H7 cars are cheap, there is no need to install additional equipment for their installation, and they form the right light.

h7 halogen lamp

Based on the above, we can conclude. All three types of lamps can be used for cars. The choice depends on the preferences of the driver and financial resources.

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