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Felix antifreezes: composition, characteristics

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Felix antifreezes: composition, characteristics
Felix antifreezes: composition, characteristics

The quality of the coolant used in a car is often ignored by car owners. Such inattention adversely affects the operational life and performance of the machine. To avoid such consequences, experts recommend using Felix antifreeze.

Who produces

felix antifreeze

The production of Felix technical fluids in Russia is carried out by the company "Tosol-sintez". It was founded in 1993 and passed the ISO/TS16949 quality certification 15 years later in 2008.

Today, Tosol-sintez is considered one of the recognized leaders in the market, producing technical fluids for cars of various brands and models. Antifreeze manufacturer Felix cooperates with foreign and domestic automakers, providing them with brake, cooling and windshield washer fluids.

Key Features

felix antifreeze reviews

Felix antifreezes appeared on the market relatively recently, but were appreciated by car owners and craftsmencar services. The demand for the product is explained by several factors:

  • Versatility. As a result, the refrigerant is equally efficient in both passenger cars and heavy duty trucks.
  • Resistant to climatic conditions. The operating temperature range of antifreeze is from -45 to +50 degrees.
  • Provided engine stability, its protection against hypothermia and overheating increase fuel economy.
  • In normal temperature conditions, engine power is increased and premature wear is prevented.
  • Felix antifreeze contains monoethylene glycol, cleaning, anti-foam, anti-corrosion and lubricating additives.
  • Affordable price.

Types of Felix liquids

The Tosol-sintez company produces several lines of coolants with different characteristics suitable for a particular type of engine.

All products are color coded for easy classification:

  • Yellow - Energy.
  • Green - Prolonger.
  • Red - Carbox.
  • Blue - Expert.


felix antifreeze characteristics

Part of the standard line of coolant yellow antifreeze designed specifically for heavy duty gasoline and diesel engines.

The refrigerant has a gentle effect on parts and components made of aluminum and light alloys, thanks to which it has shown itself well in operation with all types of vehicles - fromcars and ending with river and sea vessels.

A distinctive feature of Energy is the fluorescent additive included in its composition. With its help, the car owner can easily find the place of the coolant leak: the added additive glows under ultraviolet rays.

Advantages of Energy antifreezes:

  • Anti-corrosion resistance.
  • Maintain performance for a long time.
  • No foaming.
  • No silicates, phosphates or borates.
  • High thermal conductivity.
  • Protection of engine parts from soot.


antifreeze felix fake how to distinguish

Green coolant with high detergent, protective, anti-corrosion and lubricating properties. Felix Prolonger antifreeze contains inorganic components that do not react with most additives. The coolant does its job of protecting the engine from corrosion, lubricating parts evenly and preventing cavitation.

Felix green antifreeze features smart additives that act on specific parts of the system that have undergone destruction. Consequently, corrosion inhibitors are directed to damaged areas, forming a protective film on their surface, preventing further spread of corrosion.

The working life of the coolant is 120 thousand kilometers, but the gentle composition does not have a destructive effect on silicone, aluminum alloys andrubber, allowing the use of antifreeze in various types of engines.

Prolonger Antifreeze Benefits:

  • Special additives designed to protect damaged engine areas.
  • At critical high and low temperatures, rapid acceleration is carried out.
  • Versatility.
  • Excellent lubricity.
  • Increase the working life of the thermostat, radiator and liquid pump with regular use of antifreeze.


felix antifreeze manufacturer

Felix red antifreezes are the most in demand. The technical characteristics of the refrigerant practically do not differ from other fluids in the line, but Carbox is the only product that has passed all bench and laboratory tests and complies with international standards.

Felix Carbox red antifreezes are considered leaders in the coolant market and are of high quality, confirmed by 70 world-famous automakers.

Refrigerant can be used in any car and in different climatic conditions. The product is based on the highest grade monoethylene glycol and a package of innovative carbon additives with anti-corrosion properties, which increases the life of all parts of the engine system. The same additives are characterized by anti-cavitation, anti-foam and lubricating properties.

Advantages of Felix Carbox antifreeze:

  • Versatility.
  • Large working resource - 250 thousand kilometers.
  • Additives aimed at eliminating carbon deposits, foam andcorrosion.
  • Cavitation protection.
  • 24/7 available.
  • Affordable price.
  • Minimum crystallization temperature.
  • Minimal toxicity.
  • Positive feedback on Felix antifreeze from car factories and experts.


felix antifreeze composition

Antifreeze from the Felix line of universal type, which can be used as both a coolant and a heat carrier in heating systems.

Before the replacement period, Felix antifreeze can travel about 120 thousand kilometers, but during this period it perfectly copes with corrosion of the engine and other systems. The blue coolant contains additives that have a reductive effect on the coolant that was previously used in the power unit.

How to distinguish a fake Felix antifreeze

When buying a coolant, it is advisable to check the authenticity of products - the main characteristics depend on it. Original Felix antifreezes differ from counterfeit ones according to the information on the package:

  1. There is a transparent plastic measuring strip on the side of the canister, with which you can easily track the amount of coolant remaining in the bottle.
  2. Marking in accordance with GOST 28084-89 must be present without fail.
  3. The information printed on the label must be printed with high quality and contain the following data: basic properties and characteristics, composition, manufacturer's contacts - phone number and address.
  4. Officialmanufacturer's logo.
  5. The buyer has the right to ask the seller to demonstrate a product quality certificate. If one is not provided, you should refuse to purchase antifreeze.

Features of operation

antifreeze replacement time

For maximum efficiency of Felix antifreeze, it is necessary to adhere to certain operating nuances:

  • Mixing coolants of different compositions and types can lead to deterioration of their performance and failure of vehicle systems.
  • The engine and system are thoroughly flushed before changing the antifreeze.
  • The amount of coolant filled into the expansion tank must always be within the corresponding mark on the container. If necessary, the refrigerant is added to the mark.
  • If a coolant leak is detected, it is forbidden to start the car engine. It is advisable to find the leak and fix it as soon as possible.

Car owners who prefer to use Felix antifreeze as a coolant note in their reviews that the product prevents breakdowns and malfunctions in the operation of the main components and assemblies of the car. The domestic company produces a line of high-quality, efficient and affordable refrigerant, which not only extends the working life of the vehicle, but also protects the engine and other systems from premature wear, corrosion, carbon deposits and foaming.

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