Rating of antifreezes: characteristics, brands, manufacturers
Rating of antifreezes: characteristics, brands, manufacturers

Car engine cooling is an important technological process. And for these purposes, a special liquid is used - antifreeze. However, there are a huge number of funds on the modern market, which complicates the choice. That is why we decided to rank antifreezes, taking into account the opinions of users and the very technical characteristics of the compositions.

Good antifreeze - what is it?

antifreeze rating
antifreeze rating

Antifreeze is a product based on a combination of monohydric alcohols, glycerin and a number of liquids. And as the active substance, ethylene or propylene glycol is used. All coolants are divided into carbosilicate, lobrid, hybrid and traditional, and it doesn’t matter what color they have - the properties and performance of liquids do not depend on this indicator.

The comparison of antifreezes in our rating was carried out based on a variety of criteria - from freezing index and boiling point to high stability of physical and chemical properties.

A little about flowers

Antifreeze is not only water and ethylene glycol, it is also additives that play an important role. Note that the additives are very different, so there is antifreeze red, green, blue. Colorthe solution was not invented by chance - it allows you to track the manifestations of antifreeze to further improve its properties. So, antifreeze happens:

  • blue, or antifreeze: it can withstand maximum temperatures up to -40 degrees;
  • red - up to -65 degrees.

These additives are considered first generation or traditional additives. Their production is carried out from silicates, borates, nitrites, phosphates, that is, chemistry. When applied, thin protective films are formed on the nozzles and tubes. Antifreeze blue and red is considered obsolete. Such a tool will last about two to three years, and at a temperature of 110 degrees it is already starting to boil. It needs to be completely changed every three years.

Special attention should be said about the green antifreeze, which is created on the basis of organic and inorganic substances. It is more reliable and minimizes the risk of corrosion. But such additives will also have to be changed every 2-3 years.

Can I interfere or not?

Many novice drivers are interested in the question of whether it is possible to mix different brands of antifreeze. According to experts, one cannot proceed from the same color of the compositions, since they can be completely different in technical parameters. If the question arises of mixing antifreezes of different brands, it is worth remembering that you need to monitor the balance of additives - it should not be disturbed. To see if you can mix different brands, buy any antifreeze and mix it with the coolant in your car.

Felix antifreeze
Felix antifreeze

If lineupsmatch each other, their color and consistency will remain the same. If not, then the product will become cloudy, and a precipitate will form at the bottom of the container almost immediately. In general, mixing different antifreezes is not worth it, as their performance properties will deteriorate. And now we offer an overview of the best antifreezes, which are most in demand by buyers. We start the review with popular products that can be used for new cars.

Liqui Moly

Liqui Moly Langzeit GTL12 Plus is a high quality antifreeze ready to use for cooling any modern engine. Can be used on cars with aluminum parts: this guarantees protection against corrosion. The liquid is red in color and free of amines, nitrites, phosphates and silicates. With the help of the tool, you can guarantee the timely cooling of the engine, which will be protected from overheating, freezing and cavitation. Do not mix with distilled water. Liqui Moly antifreeze can be used in the temperature range from -40 to +109 ° C. According to the test results, this tool showed its best side in terms of such indicators as the temperature of the onset of crystallization (it was -40 degrees) and the boiling point. According to experts, Liqui Moly Langzeit GTL12 antifreeze meets all the requirements of the technical regulations.

CoolStream Optima

antifreeze concentrate how to dilute
antifreeze concentrate how to dilute

In second place in our ranking, we put the products of the CoolStream brand. It is believed that this coolant is an economy class. For the price, maybe it is, but forthe quality and functionality of antifreeze is very good. It can be used for cars of any brands. The presence of monoethylene glycol in the composition serves as protection against freezing of the liquid. Additives are added to antifreeze, the task of which is to protect against corrosion. It is recommended to use this fluid up to 80,000 km in those vehicles where frequent coolant changes are required. According to tests, antifreeze easily copes with any tests and fully meets the requirements of technical standards. The crystallization temperature is - 42 degrees. According to reviews, this brand of antifreeze attracts attention with a wide operating temperature range, good anti-corrosion properties, low price and compatibility with most antifreezes. Of the minuses, there is an excess of the foam stability indicator, which is formed during the operation of the engine cooling system.


Liqui Moly Langzeit GTL12 plus
Liqui Moly Langzeit GTL12 plus

Felix professional antifreezes are created in accordance with the requirements of the world's major car manufacturers, and therefore we decided to include it in our rating of antifreezes in third place. You can use the funds on cars and trucks for various purposes in any road conditions. A specially developed and patented additive package allows you to extend the life of the cooling system and increase engine power. In the production of liquid, monoethylene glycol of the highest grade is used. Anti-corrosion, anti-foam, lubricating additives are added to it.

Speaking of the Felix brand, we decided to describe two antifreezes:

  1. FelixCarbox G12. This Felix antifreeze is the only one among the new generation products that has passed all the necessary laboratory and bench tests. When using this coolant, you can increase the mileage without replacing it up to 250,000 km. The composition provides highly effective protection against high temperatures, corrosion of all engine parts, radiator, rubber seals. The composition of antifreeze does not contain silicates, phosphates, which can lead to the formation of scale and deposits in the engine cooling system.
  2. Felix Prolonger G11. This Felix antifreeze can be used in cars, trucks, regardless of climatic and road conditions. The liquid serves as a 100% protection of the engine, cooling system against corrosion, hypothermia and overheating. At the same time, the risk of scale formation or deposits on the parts is completely eliminated. A well-thought-out set of additives is a guarantee that the service life of all vehicle systems and, first of all, the engine will be increased.

Felix brand compositions got into our rating of antifreezes for the impressive period between coolant changes, a wide temperature range and a gentle effect on the cooling system, which is especially important for older cars.

Sintec LUX G12

antifreeze red, green, blue
antifreeze red, green, blue

Carboxylate antifreeze is produced using the latest technology without the use of organic additives. This solution uses only corrosion inhibitors and does not contain nitrites, nitrates, amines, phosphates and borates. We included this composition in the antifreeze rating due tothe fact that it can be used on any modern engines that have a large load. In addition to protecting the cooling system, it prevents the formation of deposits in the engine mechanisms. Antifreezes of the Sintec brand are supplied to the automobile conveyors of the leading manufacturers whose cars are assembled in Russia. According to tests, the coolant showed its best side: the crystallization temperature was -41 degrees. In relation to metals, it behaves neutrally in terms of corrosion.

Highway G11+

Highway G11+ antifreeze belongs to the latest generation and can be used in cooling systems of internal combustion engines. The liquid ensures reliable operation of the cooling system in the temperature range from -40 to +50 degrees. The advantage of this coolant is that it is compatible with any other fluids based on ethylene glycol or organic corrosion inhibitors. The composition of antifreeze does not contain nitrites, amines, borates and silicates. It can be used to maintain optimal thermal conditions for the operation of the engine. Antifreeze does not affect the plastic and rubber parts of the cooling system. Among the advantages of this tool are work in a wide temperature range, compatibility with other antifreezes and an affordable price.

Best Antifreeze Concentrates

Antifreeze is sold in a concentrated form, so it must be diluted before use. If you bought an antifreeze concentrate, how to dilute it correctly? And it needs to be donebe sure, because otherwise ethylene glycol will freeze already at a temperature of -13 degrees. Water is used to dilute antifreeze, but the proportions must be selected in accordance with the instructions.

antifreeze specifications
antifreeze specifications

The concentrate is generally best diluted with distilled water, which does not contain magnesium and calcium s alts. If hard tap water is used, sediment may form in the final mixture and scale may form in the cooling system itself. And this, in turn, will lead to a deterioration in heat dissipation. If you are using antifreeze concentrate, the instructions will tell you how to dilute it. Also, keep in mind that there should be as much water as needed to maintain a balance between boiling and premature freezing. The degree of dilution is also affected by the climatic conditions in which the car will be operated.

Dilute antifreeze and water in a ratio of 1 to 1, that is, a liter of water is added to a liter of liquid. This ratio is sufficient so that the refrigerant does not freeze at temperatures up to -25 degrees. If the liquid will be used at lower temperatures, then antifreeze and water should be in a ratio of 7 to 3. But in any case, it is worth remembering that low temperatures can affect the crystallization of the diluted refrigerant. In addition, after dilution, the antifreeze loses its anti-corrosion properties, so the protection of engine parts will be minimal.

We decided to compile a separate rating taking into account those antifreezes that are considered the highest quality and most responsibleexisting standards.

Sintec Premium G12+

According to automakers, this particular antifreeze is considered the best. The technical characteristics of Sintec Premium G12+ are fully consistent with the declared ones, which is shown by numerous studies. The production of this product is carried out by organic synthesis, which uses high-quality ethylene glycol and an imported additive package. They are responsible for the active resistance to corrosion and the formation of deposits on the cooling system, providing reliable protection for the entire engine and its mechanisms. Excellent lubricating properties extend the life of the water pump. This antifreeze is recommended for use on cars and trucks of different brands.

Liqui Moly Langzeit Kuhlerfrostschutz GTL12 Plus

This car antifreeze was developed by a German company that creates new generation original products. Studies show that the coolant has good temperature performance, resistance to electrochemical corrosion of metals and high-temperature corrosion of aluminum alloys. The fluid of this brand has been repeatedly tested by various automakers and is currently approved for use on cars of the following brands: Audi, BMW, DaimlerCrysler, Ford, Porsche, Seat, Skoda. Note that Langzeit Kuhlerfrostschutz can be mixed with standard antifreezes of the G11 and G12 series. The replacement interval is up to 5 years.

Castrol Radicool NF

This antifreeze (blue) is a concentrate with no unnecessary additives. It is produced according tohybrid technology and can be used on cars and trucks. When diluted, the addition of 33-50% distilled water is acceptable, which is sufficient for optimal corrosion protection. Freezing temperature will be a maximum of -36 degrees.

Castrol Radicool NF was developed to meet the demands of today's car manufacturers who are paying more and more attention to coolants. In addition to protecting against corrosion, they must have a minimal impact on the environment, prevent the formation of deposits. As a result, Castrol Radicool NF quality coolant has been approved by many car manufacturers.

Niagara Red G12+

antifreeze comparison
antifreeze comparison

Different brands offer coolants for cars. The difference in antifreeze lies not only in the difference in their color solutions. More important are the technical characteristics on which the efficiency of fluid operation depends. For example, Niagara RED G12+ belongs to a new generation of antifreezes, since the production is based on Extended Life Coolant Technology carboxylate technology. An important property of this liquid is the ability to form a point protective layer in those areas where corrosion can form. Due to this quality, the need to replace antifreeze will appear somewhere in 5 years after filling the car's cooling system.

It is also important that the Niagara RED G12+ has passed all the tests and tests, which enables it to meet international standards. Duringtests it was proved that this antifreeze has the largest margin of frost resistance, which reached -46 degrees.

What to choose?

We have given you descriptions of the most popular antifreezes created by the best brands in the world. It may seem that they are all approximately the same in composition and technical characteristics. But still, we would like to emphasize that the market is overflowing with products of very different quality. Therefore, if you are not strong in specifications, proceed when choosing a coolant from the following parameters:

  1. Choose products that are approved by the manufacturer of your vehicle. If this is not found, choose the same type of fluid that is recommended for your car brand, but be sure that it has the approval of other car brands.
  2. Carefully study the instructions that accompany any coolant. Better yet, go to the official website of the manufacturer, study the car documentation, read the information on the package itself.

Many will say that modern fluids are created in accordance with GOSTs, and therefore should be ideal for cars. In fact, they do not always meet the requirements of GOSTs. And the latter, we note, are a list of 10 laboratory indicators that are important for coolants. In addition, the conditions for storage and transportation of antifreeze are important. Therefore, compliance with GOST does not always indicate the quality of products. And a more important criterion for the applicability of a particular brand of antifreeze is the tolerancefactory approval.

By the way, be sure to check the information on compliance with the manufacturer's requirements. Since he issues a permit only after a thorough study of a particular antifreeze. If the manufacturer of coolants is conscientious, then he will definitely indicate the list of tolerances that he has. Saving on coolants is definitely not worth it, as well as mixing antifreeze residues with a new composition, albeit the same in color.