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"Ford Transit" with all-wheel drive: features, specifications and reviews

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"Ford Transit" with all-wheel drive: features, specifications and reviews
"Ford Transit" with all-wheel drive: features, specifications and reviews

In today's commercial vehicle market, there are not many representatives that give freedom of movement in off-road conditions. "Ford Transit" with all-wheel drive is one of those who will allow you to transport goods in the "directions" of our country. In addition to improved cross-country ability, it has a number of advantages over competitors.


Car design in this category is the least significant criterion when choosing. But manufacturers are trying to maintain a single style in the entire line of cars produced. Following the update of the exterior of passenger models, the Ford Transit - 2017 (all-wheel drive) also underwent a facelift. Although outwardly it is no different from its monodrive counterparts.

ford transit show variant

Like the Kuga, Focus, Mondeo and other passenger Fords, the Transit received complex-shaped optics, an enlarged hexagonal grille and a different stamping of the hood. Thanks to these changes, the car received a modern and stylish appearance. On the side stands out grown inthe width of the cargo door. Now it is 1300 mm, which allows you to load euro pallets not only through the rear gate. At the back, there are even fewer differences - a slightly modified optics, and that's it. "Ford Transit" (four-wheel drive) 4x4 is distinguished by the AWD nameplate on the right rear door.


Three base modifications are available for "Transit":

  • L2H2;
  • L3H3;
  • L4H3.

The first one implies a medium length base. The total length is 5531 mm, width 2474, maximum height 2550. With a wheelbase of 3300 mm, the dimensions of the cargo compartment are the best in the class - 178418853200 (whd). The capacity is 10 cubic meters. m, and the permissible weight of the cargo is 1300 kg. At the same time, the "short" version can hold 4 euro pallets.

L3H3 - long base modification. Although it can accommodate no more than four pallets, the possible volume of cargo reaches 13 cubic meters. m. And the load capacity is up to 1400 kg. The length of such a car is 5981 mm, width - 2474, height - 2786. Body parameters - 178421253494.

ford transit virtual model

The L4H3 extra long wheelbase is a true commercial trucking giant! It already fits 15 cubic meters of cargo and as many as five pallets measuring 1200800 mm. The mass of the transported cargo reaches 2170 kg. The width and height are similar to the long base series, and the length is 6704 mm. The cargo compartment is spread over 4217 mm, the rest of the dimensions are the same as those of the L3H3.

Transmission and Drive

"Ford Transit" with all-wheel drive, or one axle, is available with a single gearbox. It is reliable, proventime six-speed mechanics. Its simplicity and durability has been proven by millions of kilometers traveled, in a variety of road and weather conditions.

ford transit saloon

For the L4H3 base, only rear-wheel drive is provided. The rest of the "Transits" can be with all-wheel drive, rear and front. Any automaker of commercial vehicles can boast of mono-drive vans, and the 4x4 formula is a rarity. It is implemented as follows: the rear wheels are constantly pulling the car, and the front wheels are connected at the moment the rear wheels slip. Thus, slippery grip and vehicle stability are greatly improved. Not to mention the fact that you can forget about many hours of downtime in snowy yards.


Front suspension is multi-link. This ensures smooth handling of bumps and comfort for people in the cabin. And on the go, the multi-link makes you forget that this is not a passenger car.

There are a lot of variations of the rear suspension. It all depends on the desired load capacity. The simplest version is equipped with single leaf springs. As the weight of the load increases, multi-sheet ones can also be installed. For the version with the maximum carrying capacity, the air suspension of the rear axle is provided. Thanks to airbags, the clearance does not depend on the mass, and the chances of delivering the cargo safe and sound increase. Since this type of suspension softens shocks much better when driving through significant holes and joints than springs.

ford transit cargo bay


You won't have to rack your brains when choosing a power unit. For Russia, there are two options, and both are diesel. And this is good! After all, gasoline engines have an immense appetite for fuel, while they cannot surprise with thrust.

Well known and proven engine - 2, 2 turbodiesel. It produces a modest 125 horsepower and 350 Newtons of thrust, but this is quite enough for the city and suburban flights. It is famous for its unpretentiousness and durability. With the timely passage of maintenance, you can simply forget about this motor. Installed on all versions except extra long. Only with this "heart" "Ford Transit" can be in full drive.

The second version is a modified first. The same volume of 2.2 liters with a turbine develops 135 liters. With. and 355 N/m. The numbers have not changed as much as the driving experience. Confident start and acceleration in almost any speed range, even under a full load of the body.

The fuel economy figures of these engines are encouraging. In the combined cycle "Ford Transit" with all-wheel drive, the consumption shows only 9.7 liters per hundred. Monodrive versions consume 8-9 liters per 100 km.


Getting into the interior of the van, you immediately forget that you are not in a car. The engineers moved and scaled the decoration of the Focus into the cockpit of the Transit. The same steering wheel, the same keys and a torpedo. Even the multimedia system with touch color display is the same. Adjustment of the driver's seat in eight directions and the ability to change the position of the "steering wheel" in height and depthmake it possible to travel comfortably over long distances. After all, drivers of this type of transport often spend the whole day behind the wheel.

ford transit saloon


An abundance of all kinds of electronic assistants will be able to stop any flaws of an inexperienced driver.

Hill Start Assist helps you get going on hills. It keeps the car on the brake for 2.5 seconds after the driver releases the pedal.

Dynamic Stability Control (ESC) automatically distributes torque between the wheels when the car skids in a corner.

Emergency braking assistance will help stop the car if the driver does not exert enough effort.

ford transit control system

Vertical stability tracking - the system will help to level the van when heeling, acting through the brakes or, conversely, adding traction.

Anti-Slip Control increases traction. Especially useful when starting on slippery surfaces.

Adaptive load control builds an algorithm for the operation of all of the above systems, depending on the mass of the load.


The cost of this truck is quite democratic. This is justified by the localization of the SKD assembly in Yelabuga. There are no complaints or complaints about this plant: samples of decent quality come off the assembly line.

The price of a Ford Transit with all-wheel drive starts at 2.371 million rubles for the medium base and 2.407 million rubles for the long one. On the front or rear wheel drive, you can go for 1.856 million.rubles. The extra-long base starts from 2.137 million rubles.

Opinion of car owners

About the "Ford Transit" with all-wheel drive, driver reviews are very controversial. But among them, the main negative and positive characteristics of the car can be distinguished.

ford transit all wheel drive

Censure cause:

  • maintenance cost (after all, this is a vehicle for business, and the owners want to spend less and earn more);
  • Cabin soundproofing;
  • rather controversial claim for a plastic floor in the cargo hold.

The advantages of this car drivers include:

  • high-torque and economical motor;
  • cabin ergonomics;
  • luggage capacity;
  • excellent braking performance;
  • work optics (low/high beam);
  • road behavior;
  • convenience of loading and unloading.

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