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The best Chinese car brand (photo)

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The best Chinese car brand (photo)
The best Chinese car brand (photo)

Today, China produces everything that is possible. And this is a well-known fact. And what about cars? Which Chinese car brand is the most popular and high quality? To understand this topic, you should list all the well-known companies and their advantages.

Chinese car brand

List of concerns

So, today there are 16 major automakers in China. There are firms that are well known to many people who are versed in the topic of cars. These companies are:

  • “Cheri”.
  • “Gili.”
  • “Lifan”.
  • “Baojun.”
  • FAW.
  • BYD.

The details of the company will be discussed later.

But there are also companies about which little is known. And they are worth at least listing. These include:

  • Brilliance.
  • DongFeng.
  • Shuanghuan.
  • Xinkai.
  • Great Wall.
  • Xiali.
  • Huali.
  • Hong Qi.
  • Zotye.

Also, do not forget about the existence of such a Hong Kong company as myCar –simple and memorable name. As you can see, not so few companies exist. But what Chinese brand of car deserves to be called good, it is worth telling in more detail.

Geely Automobile Holdings Limited

It's worth starting the story with this concern. The full name really sounds long, because the cars produced by this brand are known to us simply as “Geely”. This company is rightfully considered one of the largest and most famous in the whole country. The parent company is a diversified group such as Geely Holding Group.

This company does not have a rich history that begins somewhere at the dawn of the last century or at the end of the year before. This company was created in 1986 - when technology was already beginning to develop more or less.

Interestingly, Geely was ranked 19th in the Best Asian Companies list three years ago (and that's according to Forbes!). And in the next, 2014, it was on the 466th line of the list of the five hundred largest world enterprises and concerns. Many even recognized this company as the most innovative in all of China.

Chinese car brands in Russia

Famous Models

Recently, the Chinese car brand "Geely" has released a lot of good models. So, for example, at the end of 2014, the flagship GC9 was released. This car quickly attracted attention, as it was she who formed a completely new design concept for the rest of the cars of this company.

The GC5 sedan is not a novelty, a well-known car. Produced, by the way, from 2009 toso far. Since it is compact and budget, many people love it. The starting price of the car is less than 400 thousand rubles, which is good news.

GC 6 is another budget sedan, the MK 08 is a restyled version of the car that was previously known as the Geely MK, only with improved technical characteristics and a changed appearance. LC Cross, SC 7, Emgrand - there are many more well-known and purchased models of this company. It can be said with confidence that such a Chinese brand of car as “Geely” deserves deserved attention both in its homeland and in other countries. And, by the way, it is she who, according to consumers, is the best brand in China today.

Chinese car brand list


This is the name of a large private company that produces not only cars, but also buses, scooters, ATVs and motorcycles. It was founded 24 years ago, in 1992. This company has a very interesting name. There are a lot of brands of Chinese cars, but only “Lifan” can boast of a special translation. It means "going on sails". As a matter of fact, after revealing the secret of the translation, the meaning of the emblem becomes clear, because it depicts three sailboats.

In a short period of time, Lifan became the fifth largest motorcycle manufacturer in China, and in 2005 (that is, after 8 years) assembly of cars was organized at the factory. The first model was a pickup truck based on the Daihatsu Atrai car. This is how it all started.

Popular models – Cebrium,Celliya, Smily, Solano, X50, X60. The first of these has a good design. In addition, the car is budgetary - it costs about 650 thousand rubles. The second car from those listed turned out to be more cumbersome, but also gained popularity, since it costs less - 500-580 thousand rubles. The Smily hatchback is the cheapest option, as it costs less than 400 thousand rubles. And the most expensive model is the X60, a crossover, for which you will have to pay about 730 thousand rubles.

Chinese car brands

Chery Automobile

This is a company that deserves attention. She distinguished herself no less than the aforementioned Chinese car brands. The company was founded in 1997.

Car production began in 1999 after purchasing high-quality equipment and related materials. And then, by the way, a license was bought for the Toleda chassis from the notorious Spanish company Seat.

Interestingly, at first the company could not become the owner of permission to sell their cars everywhere. Therefore, at first, she supplied models for a taxi that provided its services to the local administration. But in 2001, everything changed, as the Shanghai firm SAIC acquired 1/5 of Chery's shares. And thus the company began to be able to sell their cars. Things got better. Chery is the first Chinese company to export its cars.

Chinese car brands


There are different Chinese cars. Brands, the list of whichpresented above, differ in the level of quality, comfort, safety, etc. Chery is considered by many to be the best company in a number of ways. But first I would like to look at the sales statistics. She speaks volumes! In 2000, for example, only 2,000 models were sold. A year later - 14 times more! In 2002, the release amounted to 50,000 copies, in 2003 - 90,000 … every year Chery cars became more and more popular. Only once a slight decline was noticeable - in 2004, then 86 thousand models were sold. But already in 2005, there was an unprecedented leap, because sales, compared to last year, increased by more than 100,000 models! In 2012, this mark exceeded 560,000 copies.

Chinese car brands offer a variety of models. Chery produces cheap and, in principle, good performance cars. They are designed for ordinary driving - to work, to shops, on vacation. And the cars are distinguished by pleasant prices. The IndiS model (urban class) costs from 420 thousand rubles, the popular Bonus 3 sedan can be purchased from 485 thousand rubles, and quite powerful and solid crossovers, which are known as Tiggo and Tiggo 5, can really be bought for 655 thousand rubles. and 800 thousand rubles. respectively.

Great Wall Motors Ltd

This is another company worth talking about when discussing Chinese cars. The brands, the list of which was provided at the beginning of the article, are quite diverse. So, Great Wall Motors Ltd. is the largest privately owned engineering company. Approximately the same as the notorious "Lifan". But in the composition of this holding, in contrast toThe latter also includes as many as four enterprises producing cars. And also - twenty (!) different subsidiaries. They manufacture automotive components. In general, the concern employs more than ten thousand specialists of various profiles! Not surprisingly, Great Wall Motors Ltd. Popular today. By the way, this company is the first among all the others in terms of the number of produced and sold pickups.

The company collects literally all vehicles. Crossovers, off-road vehicles, pickup trucks, cars and vans, minivans, and even limousines with campers. There are practically no barriers for this company. That's why this brand of Chinese-made cars has such a high rating.

emblems of chinese car brands

First Automobile Works

This is the most popular company. By the way, the state! And it is known not only in China, but also abroad. FAW is the short name of the company. Chinese brands of cars, the photos of which are provided above, differ from each other in different ways. So, FAW has a lot of highlights. First, age. It is the most experienced company in China's automotive market. It originated in 1953. Production began, by the way, with trucks. Every year the company has developed, and today its branches, distributors and offices are located in 80 different countries.

The concern produces stylish compact SUVs with a bright and unusual appearance, inexpensive roomy (but modest in size) sedans, quite powerful and attractive crossovers (a bright representative is X80,differs, by the way, in a good 147-horsepower engine) and business-class models. FAW Besturn B50 is just that. The sophisticated business sedan quickly became famous for its comfortable and ergonomic light leather interior.


Another eminent firm. By the way, remembering about it, I would like to touch on such a topic as the emblems of Chinese car brands. Because Baojun has a really interesting logo. The emblem features the expressive profile of a horse. Why? But because the name of the company is translated as “precious horse”. And are the cars of this company so good? It's safe to say that for China - very worthy cars.

The company has only been around for five years. Her first sedan immediately fell in love with many motorists, as it had not only an expressive appearance, but also solid technical characteristics. The very first model pleased with a 1.8-liter 142-horsepower engine. Comfortable chairs made of white leather, the most ergonomic control panel, a steering wheel that fits perfectly in the hand, instruments, readings from which are perfectly read … These are just small advantages that this car surprised potential buyers with. He still has a lot of them.

Now the company continues to produce cars, and there are already many more of them. The popularity is on the rise and it won't be surprising if she becomes one of the most popular in the entire state in a couple of years.

brand names of chinese cars

BYD Auto

The last company I would like to talk about. Chinese car brands in Russiahave gained good popularity, and BYD models are no exception. Cars are really interesting. Mono-drive SUVs, F7/G6 business-class sedan (by the way, very popular in Russia, as it has a 205-horsepower turbo engine and a rich interior trimmed with high-quality materials), hatchbacks… The company produces models that are quite good for the level of China. Company executives want their machines to compete in quality and performance with well-known global brands. It remains only to wish them good luck and watch the results.

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