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Tire speed index is an important indicator of choice

Tire speed index is an important indicator of choice
Tire speed index is an important indicator of choice
Speed ​​index

The issue of choosing car tires annually confronts every car owner. Many follow the advice of friends, someone prefers to make a purchase on their own. This article will help ease the pain of your choice.

First you need to determine the seasonality of the tire. This parameter should be strictly observed and the car should be “changed shoes” in tires recommended by weather conditions. The wrong choice cannot fully guarantee the behavior of the car on the road, and therefore your safety.

Then find out the tire size you need. The required value can be found either in the technical data sheet of the car, or on the existing tires on the side. Next, you need to figure out where you plan to travel. If you are an average city dweller who occasionally makes trips to a picnic or to the country, then universal tires are perfect for you. In case you are going to ride on difficult rough terrain, you can not do without all-terrain tires.

Speed ​​index t

Speed ​​index - another important indicator that determines the speed, the maximumallowed for each specific tire. In addition, it is also a symbol of the group. In today's world, there are many different cars of various classes, ranging from relatively slow-moving old-timers to Formula 1 racing cars. The speed index determines which tire can be used with a known value of permissible loads. In addition, there are several unspoken rules associated with this parameter. For example, a car can develop a maximum speed that is 10 - 15% less than the recommended one. The speed index (t, for example) indicates the maximum allowable speed that the tire can withstand under normal load values. Exceeding in this case will threaten the failure of the bus, which is more than unsafe. Long service life can be ensured by the correct and careful operation of tires.

Speed ​​index v

The "speed index" indicator has several features. For example, the manufacturer states that the maximum allowable speed for this tire is 180 km/h under normal load. This means that short-term speeding up to 200 km/h will not entail serious consequences. Only prolonged wear under increased loads can lead to overheating of the tire and its destruction.

The tire speed index is determined as follows. The test sample of the tire is tested on a special stand by changing the power and speed load indicators. After a large number of measurements, the received data is processed. Thenthe average allowed speed is displayed (e.g. 240 km/h) and the corresponding speed index (v).

The value of this parameter, recommended for a particular car, could previously be found on the side of the tire, along with other important and defining indicators. Now, manufacturers prefer to enter data of this kind in the technical data sheet of the car.

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