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Review of the SUV UAZ "Bars"

Review of the SUV UAZ "Bars"
Review of the SUV UAZ "Bars"

UAZ "Bars" is a durable and reliable Russian SUV, which is valued by drivers for its confident movement on any road and for its unpretentious nature. The early Bars models had dependent springs and high-profile tires. The new generation UAZ "Bars" (photo below) is equipped with a new spring-type suspension, which guarantees a more or less soft ride. The body of the car has become longer and wider, thanks to which the UAZ "Bars" has become more stable on the roads, because now the suspension mounts are not located next to the moving mechanisms of angular velocities. And the appearance has become much more impressive.

uaz bars

The creators of the UAZ "Bars" tried to reach European engineering standards. For this reason, the interior is equipped with outlets for warm and cold air, and in a more complete configuration, excessive engine noise and vibration are eliminated.

The appearance of the UAZ "Bars" SUV has become more advantageous thanks to confident, smooth and powerful wing lines,comfortable tailgate, sliding windows, footrest and fairly high-quality painting. The interior with soft upholstery has become much roomier and more spacious.

The maximum possible speed of a UAZ "Bars" car is 140 km. per hour, which exceeds the performance of other machines of this company. The combination of an impressive appearance, good off-road and technical characteristics makes it possible to call the UAZ "Bars" a roomy, modern and practical Russian SUV. In addition, its price is significantly lower than similar foreign-made cars.

UAZ Bars photo

What is the cost of UAZ "Bars"? The price of an SUV will primarily depend on the choice of equipment, additional equipment and capabilities. On average, a new UAZ "Bars" will cost its owner 400,000 - 500,000 rubles.

General information:

- number of doors - 5, number of seats - 9;

- clearance is 30 centimeters;

- L4 injection engine, volume 2, 700 liters, power 133 losh. force, torque is 224 Nm;

- acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour is possible in 21.5 seconds;

- fuel consumption for every 100 kilometers is 16.4 liters;

- full drive, permanent;

- five-speed manual transmission;

- brakes (front and rear) drum;

- trunk volume is 1450 liters or 2650 liters with rear seats folded down;

- fuel tank volume - 76 liters.

Dimensions of UAZ "Bars":

-wheelbase is 2.76m;

- wheel track rear and front 1, 600 m;

- length 4, 550 m;

- width 1,962 m;

- height 2, 100 m.

The front suspension of the SUV is spring. There is a cross link, a cross stabilizer, a hydraulic shock absorber, two levers (longitudinal).

uaz bars price

UAZ "Bars": reviews of car owners:

Pros: More spacious interior and smoother ride. Compared to the previous model, road holding is better. Good quality lacquer coating, frame construction. Due to the long base, the rear of the car jumps less. In addition, there is an opportunity for tuning and repairing the car in the field.

Cons: due to the increased weight, the permeability has become somewhat worse. Increased fuel consumption compared to the previous model, some original parts are not easy to find.

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