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UAZ-3303: specifications, photo
UAZ-3303: specifications, photo

The UAZ-3303 small-tonnage domestic truck with all-wheel drive, a simple and reliable device, is the most affordable vehicle for transporting small consignments of goods in off-road conditions.

Production of SUVs in Ulyanovsk

The history of UAZ began in 1941. It was in this year that the ZIS automobile plant was evacuated from Moscow to Ulyanovsk. The first ZIS-5 trucks were assembled in May 1942, and a few months later the daily output reached 30 vehicles. Simultaneously with the manufacture of trucks and other military products, the construction of production buildings of a new car plant was carried out.

In 1944, the enterprise began production of one and a half ton trucks GAZ-AA, in the mid-fifties - the production of passenger SUVs GAZ-69. Gradually, the company became specialized in the production of four-wheel drive light trucks, minibuses and passenger cars.

UAZ 3303 specifications

Currently, the UAZ enterprise is part of the Sollers concern and is the largest domestic manufacturer of off-road light vehicles. The lineup isabout ten modifications of vehicles and a large number of specialized vehicles based on them.

UAZ lineup

In the current period, the company produces the following cars:

  • "Patriot" - mid-size SUV class J;
  • Hunter is a mid-size J class SUV;
  • "Profi" - light-tonnage (1.3 tons) truck with all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive;
  • "Loaf" - an all-wheel drive minibus in the passenger or cargo-passenger version;
  • UAZ-3303 - light-duty (1, 2 tons) truck with all-wheel drive;
  • Farmer is an all-wheel drive light truck with a double cab.

Among the most popular modifications it should be noted:

  • "Pickup" - used the base of the SUV "Patriot";
  • "Loaf Kombi" - universal minibus;
  • "Profi 1, 3" - light-tonnage (1.3 tons) truck with full or rear wheel drive with a double cab.

The first passenger SUV GAZ-69 was produced at the enterprise in 1954, and the production of UAZ-450V minibuses and all-wheel drive flatbed trucks under the index 450D (the predecessor of UAZ-3303) began in 1958.

UAZ 3303

Onboard UAZs with improved cross-country ability

The production of light-duty flatbed trucks with all-wheel drive at the enterprise began with the 450D model, the production of which continued until 1966. Such vehicles are in great demand, as they allow transporting small consignments off-road throughout the year and in various climatic conditions.

The next serial truck was the UAZ-452D, designed to carry 0.80 tons of cargo. The car was equipped with a double all-metal cab with an internal removable engine hood. For the first time, a metal platform was installed on this model.

The design of the machine turned out to be simple and reliable. After the next modernization, the truck received the designation UAZ-3303 (photo below), the release of which, with regular updates, is carried out by the company at the present time.

UAZ 3303 onboard

UAZ-3303 device

Pay attention! The low-tonnage airborne UAZ-3303 has a simple device. The main elements and units of the truck are:

  • frame;
  • chassis with all-wheel drive axles;
  • engine;
  • all-metal cab;
  • cargo platform.

The onboard platform can have a wooden or all-metal design and be equipped with a special awning, which allows you to protect the transported goods from precipitation and dust.

UAZ 3303 dimensions

Such a simple design and the high strength and reliability obtained due to the presence of the frame, together with the compact dimensions of the UAZ-3303, serve as the advantages of the machine.

Exterior and interior of the truck

The design of the car is quite simple, but at the same time functional and recognizable. The appearance of the UAZ-3303 is characterized by a cabin large enough for its class with rounded transitions between elements, wide side doors, square wheeledarches and significant exterior mirrors. The front part has a straight front bumper, round head optics and dual shades for direction indicators and side lights.

In the cabin, adjustable seats and the use of soft noise-absorbing materials in the interior decoration.

The use of a cabover layout not only improves the off-road qualities of the car, but also allows, if necessary, to carry out repair and adjustment work for the engine inside the cabin.

Technical parameters

In addition to the simple and reliable design of all-wheel drive, technical parameters add popularity to the car. For the all-wheel drive UAZ-3303, the technical specifications are:

  • wheelbase - 2.54 m;
  • length - 4.50 m;
  • width – 1.98m;
  • height - 2.34 m,
  • ground clearance - 20.5 cm;
  • capacity – 1.23 t;
  • capacity - 2 people;
  • gross weight – 3.07 tons;
  • engine - four-stroke gasoline;
  • model - ZMZ-40911.10;
  • environmental class – EURO 5;
  • motor cooling - liquid,
  • number of cylinders - 4 pcs. (L-row);
  • cylinder arrangement - L-line;
  • working volume - 2.69 l;
  • maximum power - 82.5 hp p.;
  • motor weight - 0.17 t;
  • fuel - A-92;
  • gas tank size - 50.0 l;
  • max speed 114.5 km/h;
  • fuel consumption at 60 km/h (80 km/h) – 9.56 (12.39) l;
  • climbable/ ford– up to 30% / up to 0.5 m;
  • wheel formula (transmission) - 4x4 (all-wheel drive);
  • KP - mechanical, five-speed;
  • transfer case - dual range;
  • wheel size - 225 /75R16.
UAZ 3303 photo

Technical content

Despite the robust design, to maintain the truck in good condition, as well as to maintain the technical parameters and characteristics of the UAZ-3303, it is necessary to perform service maintenance. The frequency and types of such work are approved by the manufacturer's regulations.

For UAZ-3303 there are the following main types of work:

  • Daily (EO) - when carrying out, the car is visually inspected for the absence of external damage, the required amount of all process fluids and the absence of leakage are checked.
  • TO-1 - maintenance is performed at intervals of 4000 km, the main task of this maintenance is to perform diagnostic and fixing work, as well as to replace process fluids and materials that have reached the standard period.
  • TO-2 - carried out after 16,000 km of run, all TO-1 operations are performed, the engine and vehicle systems are additionally adjusted, and lubrication operations are carried out in accordance with the lubrication map.

Full and timely maintenance will increase the reliability and service life of the car. In addition, for a new truck will keep the warranty period.

Pros and consfour wheel drive truck

The duration of the production of the UAZ-3303 light truck, in addition to the updates and improvements carried out by the plant, is provided by the following advantages of the model:

  • affordable cost, as well as the availability of various leasing and credit programs for the acquisition;
  • improved cross-country ability;
  • strong and reliable frame construction;
  • compact dimensions that form high maneuverability in cramped urban environments and allow you to expand operational capabilities;
  • long manufacturer warranty;
  • good maintainability and availability of spare parts;
  • use of domestic technological and lubricants.

Among the shortcomings of the car, it should be noted:

  • low performance;
  • high fuel consumption;
  • no diesel engine;
  • low comfort;
  • weak interior soundproofing.
UAZ 3303 specifications

Despite the existing shortcomings, the UAZ-3303 light truck is still one of the best Russian vehicles for off-road cargo transportation.

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