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UAZ-374195: description, specifications and photo

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UAZ-374195: description, specifications and photo
UAZ-374195: description, specifications and photo

Ulyanovsk plant is famous for its military vehicles. These machines perform well in off-road and rough terrain. Everyone is used to associating the UAZ brand with all-wheel drive SUVs. But do not forget that UAZ still produces the Loaf minibus. For the first time this car appeared in the days of the USSR. Now there are many modifications of it. And today we will look at one of them. This is UAZ-374195. Photos, specifications, model flaws - later in the article.


So, what is this car? UAZ-374195 is a Russian off-road minibus equipped with all-wheel drive. Designed to transport people on unpaved roads.


This UAZ model is perhaps the only one in the model range that has never undergone external changes during the entire production period. The design of the machine is identical to thatproduced back in the 60s. In front - a small bumper and round glass headlights. The body itself has simple exaggerated lines, due to which the car received the nickname "Loaf".

UAZ 374195 engine
UAZ 374195 engine

What problems does the car have on the body? The metal here is not painted very well. The car corrodes quickly. In addition, the body itself has slight deformations already from the factory. This is especially noticeable from the side, if you look at the body from an angle. In order to somehow slow down the development of corrosion, owners have to regularly treat the body with Movil or bituminous mastic.

Dimensions, ground clearance

The dimensions of the car, like the body, did not change during the entire period of production. So, the minibus has a length of 4.39 meters, a width of 1.94 meters and a height of 2.06 meters. Standard ground clearance is 20.5 centimeters. At the same time, many owners perform a suspension lift, thus increasing the ground clearance by another couple of centimeters. This is necessary, first of all, not because the car has a low ground clearance (everything is just fine with this characteristic), but in order to install mud tires with an increased diameter.


Let's move inside the Russian minibus. The interior of the UAZ-374195 car has also remained virtually unchanged since the days of the USSR. Of the global changes - a different steering wheel (however, without an airbag) and an upgraded speedometer. Now it has a digital odometer that counts the total and daily mileage. The seats have also changed, but, as the reviews note, they have not become comfortable. Door cards -the simplest, there is one handle and a manual window lever. Between the front seats is a huge box under which the engine is located. Due to this location, the power unit has to be serviced directly in the cabin.

UAZ 374195 specifications
UAZ 374195 specifications

Reviews note one plus from this arrangement. In winter, the engine heats up and the cabin becomes very warm. But on the go you constantly have to listen to the sound of the engine. Soundproofing is not very good here, the owners say. Some people glue heat and sound insulation on their own, but this does not help much.

Finishing materials are simple and cheap, sometimes there is even bare metal. From comfort - only power steering. No air conditioning or power windows. Seats for passengers do not have any lateral and lumbar support, and therefore there is no need to talk about transporting people over long distances. However, the UAZ-374195 is purchased mainly by public utilities for the transportation of personal personnel. Some people buy a car for hunting and fishing, but very rarely.

UAZ-374195: specifications

Under the hood of the car is a petrol four-cylinder power unit from ZMZ. What are the characteristics of UAZ-374195? With a volume of 2.7 liters, this engine develops 112 horsepower. There is no need to talk about any dynamics of overclocking. This power is clearly not enough for a car whose curb weight is more than two tons. The car is very difficult to accelerate, and even more so with a load, say the reviews of the owners. Although on board she cantake up to 800 kilograms officially.

UAZ 374195
UAZ 374195

The UAZ-374195 engine develops 198 Nm of torque and accelerates the car to hundreds in "eternal" 35 seconds. The maximum speed is 127 kilometers per hour. The fuel tank has a volume of 77 liters. It is recommended to fill UAZ-374195 with 92nd gasoline from the factory. As for consumption, according to passport data, it is 13.5 liters. But in practice, UAZ can eat up to 15 liters, especially in winter.

Gearbox mechanical, five-speed. Gear shifting is fuzzy according to reviews. To control the box, you need to get used to it first.


What do owners say about the engine? The motor has a resource of 150 thousand kilometers, while during operation you may encounter increased oil consumption, tripling and overheating.


The machine is built on a frame structure. Front and rear dependent suspension. Since the car is all-wheel drive, there are axles on both axles. Springs are used as elastic elements. Brakes are drum only. Of the pleasant features, it is worth noting that the steering is equipped with a hydraulic booster. It was absent on old samples.

How does the car behave on the go? According to reviews, UAZ-374195 has a very old design. The machine is poorly controlled due to several factors:

  • High center of gravity.
  • Dependent suspension.
  • An archaic scheme of the steering system, which has not been improved since the times of the USSR.

The car rolls a lot in corners, and because of the large mass it slows down badly. This is especially true when fully loaded. Sometimes driving this car is simply dangerous, reviews say. The owners, in order to improve the driving characteristics of the car, are introducing a lot of improvements to the design of the suspension and steering. However, the car still continues to "goat" on the roads.

UAZ 374195 specifications
UAZ 374195 specifications

The design of the suspension is quite simple, but it's too early to talk about reliability. According to reviews, the owner may experience a quick failure of the pivots and wheel bearings. Shock absorbers also do not last long.

Summing up

So, we have examined what a UAZ-374195 minibus is. Of the advantages of the car, it is worth noting:

  • High clearance.
  • The presence of all-wheel drive, which gives the car cross-country ability.
  • Relatively low cost.
  • 374195 technical data
    374195 technical data

The rest of the car has a lot of flaws. Most of them are related to the fact that the design of the machine has not changed for a long time, and is significantly outdated. In addition, owners complain about poor build quality. Therefore, most cars are purchased by state-owned enterprises. Summing up, it is worth saying that before choosing this car for yourself (for fishing or hunting), you need to carefully weigh all the pros and cons. This machine, unfortunately, does not have significant advantages, and therefore many opt for the Niva orthe same Hunter. These cars will be more comfortable and less problematic in terms of maintenance.

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