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Chinese motorcycles in Russia

Chinese motorcycles in Russia
Chinese motorcycles in Russia

The inscription "Made in China" is located, perhaps, on the majority of consumer goods today. Clothing and footwear, electronics and tools, haberdashery and industrial equipment. Cars of various classes were no exception. SUVs and tractors, agricultural and construction vehicles, special equipment, public and passenger transport. And, of course, Chinese motorcycles. They will be discussed.

chinese motorcycles

Which manufacturers supply Chinese motorcycles and spare parts to the domestic market? What models are popular with consumers? How practical and reliable are Chinese motorcycles?

I will not take the liberty of giving an unambiguous assessment of the quality and driving characteristics of Chinese motorcycles. As in the situation with the domestic auto industry, each consumer has a lot of arguments both in plus and minus for Chinese products. Therefore, it makes no sense to talk about whether Chinese motorcycles are good or bad. Let's dwell on the fact that they exist as a commodity, which means that there is a demand for them.

First, let's note the fact that, as in other industries, motorcycles with the stamp "Made in China" can be divided into several categories.

  • The first is a product of well-known concerns, whose factories are located in China. This allows brand owners to reduce labor costs and produce goods that fully meet all the quality and safety standards adopted in the world.
  • The second one is truly Chinese. Successful enterprises in the country develop and manufacture their own products. Goods (including motorcycles) are not only cheap, but also quite high quality.
  • The third combines labor products of rather dubious quality, but very low cost, thanks to which they find their buyer.
  • The fourth category is somewhat vague and relevant only for Russia. Motorcycles of fairly well-known domestic brands are assembled in China from Chinese spare parts and transported for sale in the Russian Federation.
Chinese motocross bikes

Today on sale you can find Chinese motorcycles manufactured under the brands Keeway, Ste alth (Stels) and Yamasaki (Yamasaki), Sagitta (Sagitta) and Irbis (Irbis), Zongshen (Zongshen) and B altimores (B altimors). The lineup ranges from traditional road bikes to more aggressive Chinese motocross bikes designed for more extreme and "tough" riding. Almost any company that has taken the trouble to produce motorcycles will have at least one motocross model.

Most of the Chinese motorcycles are redesigned and simplified versions of models produced under more famous brands.This is calculated

chinese motorcycles

products for the picky and limited buyer. Those who prefer to buy, if not the best, but a new motorcycle, find the Chinese “chekushki” quite an acceptable option. Despite certain doubts about the reliability and durability of such an "iron horse", it can become a means of transportation for a novice motorcyclist.

Buying a motorcycle from an authorized representative of the company, carefully studying the reviews of those who have already purchased a similar model, will allow you to buy a Chinese motorcycle that will not be a disappointment.

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