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MAZ 6517 dump truck: specifications

MAZ 6517 dump truck: specifications
MAZ 6517 dump truck: specifications

Domestic trucks have always impressed with their high technical characteristics. A prominent representative of such transport is the MAZ 6517 dump truck. It is widely used in the countries of the former CIS.


MAZ 6517 is a dump truck manufactured by the Minsk Automobile Plant, which has high performance. Increased cross-country ability is provided thanks to the adaptive suspension and 6x6 wheelbase. The vehicle can be used both in urban and off-road conditions.

The truck is equipped with strong and economical engines manufactured by YaMZ. The design of the cabin is typical for all representatives of the MAZ family. The salon is designed for two seats. Behind the seats are sleeping shelves.

Dump truck MAZ 6517

Inspiring overall dimensions may vary depending on the configuration and destination. The length can be from 8.13 m to 8.53 m, while the width will fluctuate - 2.5-2.55 meters. Height may vary slightly. The standard figure is 3.78 meters, but can be increased to 3.9 meters with wheels.

The weight of the truck is just over 14 tons, while itsload capacity is 19,000 kg. The machine is equipped with a tipper folding back bucket-shaped body with a tailgate. Fits in it from 10 to 12.5 cubic meters.

Several versions of engines are installed on the dump truck, depending on the purpose. So, the truck is equipped with Yaroslavl motors YaMZ-238DE and YaMZ-6585. The engine is paired with 9-speed manual gearboxes and a transfer case.


YaMZ engines are serviced every 15,000 km. During scheduled maintenance, engine oil is changed (recommended M10G2K or M10D), as well as coarse and fine filters. Scheduled maintenance should also include checking the transmission and replacing the filter elements of the fuel assembly. It is recommended that each maintenance service carry out a diagnosis of the injection pump.

MAZ-6517 X9-410

The service also includes inspection of the brake and transmission systems. Particular attention should be paid to hydraulics. During maintenance, the condition of the tubes, the compressor, as well as the presence of the proper liquid level in the system are diagnosed.


MAZ 6517 is a domestic dump truck that won respect and reverence due to its high technical characteristics. Strong and economical engines paired with a reliable gearbox create a quality union.

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