Suv Iveco Massif: description, specifications, equipment

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Suv Iveco Massif: description, specifications, equipment
Suv Iveco Massif: description, specifications, equipment

Automotive manufacturer Iveco is familiar to many of us. Italians produce quite high-quality and reliable trucks. However, few people know that the company also produces SUVs. This is the Iveco Massif. See our article for its description and specifications.

Italian Defender?

The new model "Array" was first presented to the public in 2007 (and at the exhibition of commercial vehicles). The car was developed jointly with the Spanish company Santana Motors. In 1961, this company signed a contract with Land Rover for the production of new SUVs - Land Rover - Santana.

SUV review
SUV review

The company produced clones of cars from an English manufacturer. Since 2007, the company has been producing modernized SUVs "Massiv". As the manufacturer himself says, this is a new, improved jeep of his own design. Although in fact the car has many similarities with the "Englishman".


This SUV looks veryambiguously. Those who are not familiar with Iveco equipment will say that this is a copy of the Defender. And they will be right. Iveco-Massiv was built on the basis of the English Land Rover. Although the radiator grille is a typical Dailik (a light truck from Iveco). Optics are also intricate shapes. The high and low beam headlights, as well as the turn signal, are placed in separate housings. Above the chrome grille is a wide inscription "Array". And indeed, the SUV looks very massive. What are the large wheel arches. About the "SUV", which are so popular now, there is no question here.

iveco massif
iveco massif

The all-wheel drive SUV Iveco Massif has been mass-produced since 2007. However, the car has the style of a classic SUV. There are no designer frills and smooth lines. Square bevels and rectangular doors are the main feature of the Italian Iveco Massif. Aerodynamic characteristics, of course, are rather weak, but the jeep was not created for the sake of speed. Even on factory wheels, the car has an impressive ground clearance. The distance from the asph alt to the lowest point of the body is 20 centimeters. Plus, short overhangs and a small wheelbase. By the way, this machine is available in several versions:

  • Five-door SUV.
  • Three-door with a short base.
  • Pickup.

A considerable number of Iveco Massif cars were delivered to England, with right-hand drive.

iveco massif description
iveco massif description

The back of the car is a classic military vehicle. Headlightsarranged vertically. The spare wheel is on the tailgate. There is a footrest and a towing hook at the bottom.


Despite the fact that the width of the SUV is 1.75 meters, it is quite crowded inside. It is hardly possible to call this car comfortable. Take a look at the interior of the Italian SUV Iveco Massif.

Interior design - typical truck. Here, as in the exterior, there are no smooth and graceful forms, soft plastic and comfortable seats. Salon Iveco Massif resembles a purely military SUV. The steering wheel is four-spoke, without additional buttons. The center console has a pair of air ducts, a small display and a climate control unit. Below - the gearbox and "razdatka". The instrument panel has color scales. The speedometer and tachometer have the same value. Next to them are sensors for engine temperature, fuel level in the tank and an odometer at the bottom. From the driver's side there is a huge handle-holder (like on UAZ). But even compared to the last Hunter, this Italian looks much more civilian.

Salon assembled very high quality. Seat upholstery leather. She stands up to any challenge. The steering wheel does not wear out, the gearshift knob does not. The only downside is the hard seats. As for the back row, the five-seat modifications are quite spacious here. On the short-wheelbase Iveco, the rear passengers rest their knees on the front back. By the way, on both versions, the sofa folds flush with the floor. This allows you to carry things up to 1.6 meters long. Iveco also has good carrying capacity characteristics. The vehicle is capable of carrying up to900 kilograms of luggage. And in the back of a pickup truck, and even more - 1, 1 tons. The machine is very versatile in use.

good SUV
good SUV

Specifications of SUV

There are several engines in the powertrain lineup:

  • HPI.
  • HPT.

Both engines - turbocharged, diesel, with an in-line arrangement of cylinders. They are located longitudinally relative to the body. The working volume of the first unit is 3 liters. The maximum engine power is 146 horsepower. It is worth noting that the same engine was installed on the Iveco-Daily truck. And indeed, the motor has good traction. Its torque is 350 Nm. It is achieved already at one and a half thousand revolutions. As for the second power unit, with the same volume, it already produces 176 horsepower. The unit has good traction. Torque - 50 Nm more than the previous one. And it is achieved almost from idle (to be more precise, from 1250 rpm).


As for gearboxes, there are only mechanics here, regardless of what Iveco Massif is equipped with. This transmission has 6 speeds. The last one is an overdrive. Box - brand ZF (the same was put on many European tractors).

Dynamics, fuel consumption

There is no need to talk about the dynamic characteristics of this car. The maximum speed of the SUV is 140 kilometers per hour. Acceleration from 0 to 100 is not regulated by the manufacturer. However, this car was not created forracing. We also note that the use of a direct fuel injection system had a positive effect on consumption. In the city, the car consumes up to 11 and a half liters of diesel per hundred. On the highway, this figure is 10 liters. And despite the fact that the curb weight of the SUV is more than two tons (2140 kilograms). The power reserve on one tank is up to a thousand kilometers.


Built SUV on the frame. Such a design is less and less used by modern manufacturers (more often a load-bearing body is used). The suspension was borrowed from Iveco-Daily. So, the front and rear axles are spring. Suspension - dependent type.

iveco massif specifications
iveco massif specifications

The car is very rolly in corners. However, the brakes here are quite effective (disc on the front and rear axles). Moreover, they are also ventilated in front. The permanent drive of the SUV goes to the rear wheels. Using the transfer case, you can connect the front axle.

About cross-country performance

"Iveco-Massiv" - this is perhaps one of the few SUVs that were created really for operation in the absence of roads. Large wheels, high ground clearance, four-wheel drive, wheel lock (and not electronic imitation) - all these are the features of a real, male jeep. The diesel engine performs well in these conditions. The car confidently climbs any hill.

iveco massif configuration
iveco massif configuration

Motor thrust is enough for the eyes. Therefore, any obstacle can be overcome in a downshift. By characteristicscross-country ability, this car is a direct competitor to the Defender. Spring suspension withstands any test. And most importantly, the carrier here is not the body, but the frame. A review of SUVs and test drives show that Iveco has an "honest" all-wheel drive. The car drives confidently through swamps, crosses fords and sand dunes.

In terms of cross-country ability, Iveco is a very good SUV. The maximum climb angle is 42 degrees. This is facilitated not only by a short front overhang, but also by a beveled bumper at the bottom. By the way, it's metal here.


In the domestic market, the starting price for the car is 21,900 euros. In Russia, such an SUV is quite difficult to find. "Iveco-Massiv" in the secondary market is offered for 1 million rubles. Why on the secondary? Because serial production was discontinued in 2011. The maximum equipment of the car will cost almost one and a half million. Quite expensive for an Italian UAZ.

iveco array
iveco array

And the saddest thing is that there are no security systems in the basic configuration. There are no pillows, ABS, and the belts are unadjustable. Central locking is only available as an option.


So, we found out what the Italian jeep "Iveco-Massiv" is. Yes, this is a good SUV for rally raids or outdoor enthusiasts. However, it is not suitable as a city car. The car does not respond well to the steering wheel, there are no security systems and any comfort in the cabin. Sometimes it seems that Iveco-Massiv issmall copy of the truck. Therefore, such a car is not suitable for everyone. And even more so for this price. That is why Iveco-Massiv is not in high demand in Russia. Many people prefer to overpay for the Defender, having received a branded SUV. He at least has a basic set of options.