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Suzuki Grand Vitara: reviews, description, specifications, equipment

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Suzuki Grand Vitara: reviews, description, specifications, equipment
Suzuki Grand Vitara: reviews, description, specifications, equipment

Suzuki Grand Vitara is one of the most popular compact SUVs on the Russian market. This Japanese car appeared in Russia in 2005 and became an excellent choice for those who planned to buy a reliable and compact jeep with good off-road characteristics. According to reviews, the Suzuki Grand Vitara is one of the few cars in its class that has true all-wheel drive and locks.


The design of the car is quite modest. "Suzuki Grand Vitara" does not have expressive forms and aggressive lines. The design is more conservative. In front - a high raised bumper and a large grille. On the sides - halogen optics with built-in turn signals. At the bottom there are "kruglyashi" foglights. The roof has an electric sunroof. Among the distinctive shapes are swollen wheel arches. They make it look more masculine and brutal. But in general, the design of the car is discreet and such a car is difficult toextract from stream.

grand vitara specifications

What do owners reviews say about the Suzuki Grand Vitara body? The paint quality is pretty good. Chips do not appear for a long time. But there are weaknesses in the body. This is a molding in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe rear wheel arches. Over time, it peels off. On a pressure washer, it simply flies off. The solution to the problem is to install the molding on a stronger sealant or glue (for example, liquid nails). Another pitfall is the rubber trunk seal. She eventually erases the paint on the body. As a result, light bald spots are formed. To eliminate them, you have to periodically smear the sealant with silicone or tint existing scuffs with a pencil to remove scratches.

Dimensions, clearance

The car is available in different versions, so the size of the Suzuki Grand Vitara may vary. So, the three-door modification has a length of 4.06 meters. Five-door - exactly 4.5. But their width and height are the same and are 1.81 and 1.7 meters, respectively. They also have the same ground clearance. Under the front axle - 19.5 centimeters, under the rear - almost 22. The car has very high angles of arrival due to short overhangs. The three-door modification of the Suzuki Grand Vitara is considered especially passable. Reviews say that it copes with off-road conditions no worse than the prepared Niva.


Interior design is much outdated by our time. Inside, simple and unobtrusive lines of the center console are visible, as well as modest decorative inserts. Panelinstruments - pointer, where each scale is recessed into its own well. The steering wheel is three-spoke, with buttons and the possibility of mechanical adjustment. On the passenger side is a small glove compartment. The seats are fabric, but with good lumbar support. Between the seats there is a wide armrest with an additional niche for small items.

suzuki grand vitara specifications

In general, the cabin has thoughtful ergonomics. The Suzuki Grand Vitara is very comfortable and cozy. But the short base still makes itself felt. And if the front can still be comfortably accommodated, then the rear riders need to adapt. This is especially noticeable on the short-base three-door version. There is not enough space in the back. Not much of it in the trunk. So, the volume of the luggage compartment in the five-door Vitara is almost 400 liters. And in the three-door - only 184.

grand vitara specifications

Note that the configuration of the Suzuki Grand Vitara is mostly poor. Not every car is equipped with power windows, heated seats, multimedia system and climate control.

Suzuki Grand Vitara Specifications

The engine range includes three 16-valve petrol powertrains. All of them have a 16-valve head and a multipoint injection system, and also comply with the environmental standard Euro-4 (for the European market - Euro-5).

So, the base for the Suzuki Grand Vitara is the M16A engine. They are equipped with a three-door modification of the Vitara. This engine is naturally aspirated and produces 106 horsepower. Torque -145 Nm. The unit is equipped with a five-speed manual gearbox. Acceleration from zero to hundreds takes 14.4 seconds. The maximum speed is 160 kilometers per hour.

Next on the list is the J20A engine. This engine is used to power five-door Suzuki Grand Vitara SUVs. The technical characteristics of this unit are better. With a volume of two liters, the engine develops 140 horsepower and 183 Nm of torque. As a checkpoint, two transmissions are provided. This is a five-speed mechanics and a four-mode automatic. Acceleration to hundreds takes about 13.6 seconds.

grand vitara reviews

The flagship for the Suzuki Grand Vitara SUV is the 2.4-liter J24B inline engine. This motor can be used for both three- and five-door versions. As a checkpoint, mechanics are used, or an automatic machine for five and four steps, respectively. The torque of the power unit is 225 Nm. Maximum power - 168 horsepower. A car with this engine shows good dynamics. Acceleration to hundreds takes from 11.5 to 12 seconds.

Problems in the aggregate part

What problems may the owners of these cars face during operation? The first point is the timing chain. It stretches after 60 thousand kilometers. Yes, unlike the belt, it does not break. But the repair of the Suzuki Grand Vitara will be more difficult to carry out. It is desirable to change not only the chain, but also the tensioners, as well as dampers. And at 120 thousand, the sprockets are replaced. If data is ignoredoperation, the chain may simply jam. Also, during operation, the chain is weakened. The reason for this is the upper damper. Luckily, it's easy to change. You just need to remove the engine valve cover.

The next problem is the oil pressure sensor. Over time, it begins to squeeze out, and the lubricant flows out. The problem is solved by installing a new sensor on the vehicle.

suzuki grand vitara specifications

Many owners are faced with such a problem as maslozhor. This happens after 100 thousand kilometers. The reasons are very different, but often it is too long an oil change interval allotted by the dealer. The latter performs a replacement every 15 thousand, which, under our operating conditions, is considered a huge period. Due to the fact that oil is rolled, deposits form in the engine. They accumulate on piston rings. The latter are no longer able to remove oil from the cylinder walls and part of the lubricant simply burns out in the chamber. Therefore, the replacement interval must be reduced by at least one and a half times. And if this is a used car, you can try to replace the rings or valve stem seals. The problem should go away.

Note that due to increased oil consumption, the life of the catalytic converter in the exhaust system is reduced. Soot residues accumulate on the lambda probes and in the converter, which is why the computer generates errors P0430 and P0420 during diagnostics. Usually, catalysts are "jammed" by installing tricks and emulators (or by flashing the ECU). The neutralizer itself is cut out and put in its placeflash hider.

It is worth noting also the problems with the manual. It's generally reliable, but when the car is warm, it's sometimes hard to shift into first gear.

Four-wheel drive

As noted by the reviews, the Suzuki Grand Vitara is well prepared for off-road from the factory. So, the car is equipped with a Full Time permanent all-wheel drive system with the ability to lock the center differential and engage a low gear.

suzuki grand vitara

In general, the system is reliable. But there are questions about the front gear. Moreover, this problem does not depend on the mileage of the car. So, the front axle gearbox has a ventilation breather that is too short, which is why moisture and various dirt are sucked in. All this gets into the oil, and it begins to turn into an unknown emulsion. The solution to the problem is to install a long breather.


Suspension on an SUV is independent around. Front - MacPherson struts. Behind - multi-link. However, due to the short base, even the five-door modification seems harsh and jumps on bumps. Steering - rack with hydraulic booster (already in the basic configuration). There are enough brakes. Front and rear - disk (on a five-door), and on the shortened rear there are drums.

Weak points in the suspension are the rear silent blocks of the front levers. They break at 80,000 miles. It is recommended to install Honda silent blocks, or use polyurethane analogues (they are much stronger and have a good resource).

suzuki grand vitara reviews

Behavior on the road

How does this car behave on the track? The car does not look for the road and clearly keeps the center. When cornering, the car does not roll. Handling is predictable, reviews say.


So, we found out what the SUV "Suzuki Grand Vitara" is. The car has been on the Russian market for a long time, so all its problems have been thoroughly studied, there are a lot of solutions to eliminate them. If you need a simple and unpretentious off-road or even city SUV, the Suzuki Grand Vitara will be a great option.

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