Coolstream antifreeze: brands, specifications, reviews

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Coolstream antifreeze: brands, specifications, reviews
Coolstream antifreeze: brands, specifications, reviews

There are so many manufacturers of antifreezes on the modern auto chemical goods market that the choice is not always easy. One of the popular formulations is Coolstream antifreeze, to which this material will be devoted.

Modern materials without harmful additives

coolstream antifreeze
coolstream antifreeze

Antifreezes of this brand belong to a new generation of products. What is it expressed in? First of all, in the production technology: it is based on the dihydric alcohol ethylene glycol with the addition of organic carboxylic acids. Coolstream products, which are presented on the domestic market, are created on the basis of the concentrate of the Belgian brand Havoline XSC. Unlike many other types of coolants, Coolstream antifreeze does not contain any harmful impurities in the form of borates, phosphates, nitrites, which harm both the engine itself and the environment.

Key Benefits

Coolstream brand antifreezes are universal technical fluids, as they can be used on both gasoline and diesel engines of any size and power. These compositions differ:

  • high temperature protection aluminum cooling parts;
  • increased service life of the engine water pump;
  • increased protection of engine mechanisms from active cavitation;
  • the ability to combine with plastic and any elastic materials.

But Coolstream Premium brand antifreeze (red color) is completely incompatible with other coolants. In addition, according to many buyers, the products of this brand are too expensive, the cost of premium versions of the liquid is especially high. But in terms of quality, functionality, not a single antifreeze can be compared with this liquid. We offer an overview of the most popular products of this brand.


Coolstream NRC
Coolstream NRC

This brand of antifreeze is of high quality due to the absence of harmful substances in the composition and the presence of an additive package. Thanks to them, Coolstream Standard effectively protects the cooling system from corrosion, overheating and hypothermia, boiling. The product is resistant to hard water, inexpensive and compatible with seal materials. That is, it does not affect the rubber and polyurethane products of the car in any way. Both specialists and drivers emphasize that the concentrate should be diluted with soft distilled water.

Main varieties

This coolant is available in several commercial grades:

  1. Cool Stream Standard C. This is a coolant concentrate that is diluted with water. The freezing temperature is -37 degrees. It is necessary to dilute antifreeze with water in a ratio of 50 to 50. If the proportion of antifreeze isless, the freezing threshold will be higher. But water when diluted should not be more than 70%, as the solution will lose effectiveness due to the low concentration of additives.
  2. Coolstream Standard 40. This antifreeze is ready for use and can be used up to -40 degrees. This modification is used for engines of heavy equipment of large volume. The manufacturer recommends the use of this variety on GAZ, VAZ, Kia cars.
  3. Cool Stream Standard 65. This liquid has all the important characteristics, but the freezing threshold is -65 degrees. Such a tool can be used, including in harsh climatic conditions.

All three modifications do not contain phosphates and silicates in their composition and are characterized by high stability of the inhibitors. This minimizes the risk of damage to the elements of the cooling system and engine mechanisms as a whole.

Coolstream NRC 40

Coolstream Optima antifreeze
Coolstream Optima antifreeze

This Havoline concentrate fluid was developed specifically for Renault-Nissan certification engines. And it is this composition that is used to refuel many Renault models in production. The peculiarity of this yellow antifreeze is that you can use it for the entire life of the engine, without having to change it.

This type of antifreeze is of high quality, easy to use and ready to use without dilution. Coolstream NRC 40 is produced on the basis of modern technologies and quality raw materials with additives in the formeffective additive package. The liquid begins to crystallize at a temperature of -40 degrees. All fluid indicators fully meet the declared characteristics.

Coolstream Optima 40

Coolstream Standard
Coolstream Standard

This is a standard red antifreeze based on monoethylene glycol and carboxylic organic acids. Resource - 75,000 km. The liquid can be used on cars of domestic and foreign production. This antifreeze is the most economical option, but its quality does not suffer from this. According to reviews, this fluid can be successfully used on economy class cars.

Coolstream Optima antifreeze is a new generation of fluids and can be used in any cooling system. Unlike most other compounds of this purpose, this one does not contain potentially dangerous additives - nitrites, amines, so there is practically no harm to the environment. Testing has shown that the antifreeze shows all the declared characteristics during testing.

Application Features

Coolstream Optima antifreeze begins to crystallize at -42 degrees. The fractional composition of the product is good, as is the temperature of the beginning of the distillation. The tool has a low alkalinity, which indicates the use in the production of additives with carboxylic acids in the base. According to reviews, the composition is ideal for refueling cars such as Renault Duster, Lada Largus, Nissan Almera. Drivers focus on the fact that you can fill in this antifreeze and forget about it for a long time.cooling system and engine.

Coolstream Premium
Coolstream Premium

Optima is Coolstream Antifreeze (Green), which not only complies with existing codes and standards, but also has approvals from leading automotive manufacturers. The green color of the liquid indicates that you can fill the car for at least 3 years. But the color of the antifreeze doesn't really matter, as it's only there to improve the visibility of the fluid level in the tank and to detect a leak.


Coolstream Premium is an orange colored universal coolant. The product is based on ethylene glycol and carboxylate technology. There are no harmful substances in the form of silicates, phosphates or nitrates. There are a lot of good reviews about this fluid due to its versatility: it is effective in any vehicle. In addition, you can fill it up for 250,000 km. At the same time, you do not have to worry about the condition of the cooling system, even if the car is operated in difficult conditions. The quality of the liquid is also evidenced by the fact that it is used for the initial refueling of such cars as Ford, Volvo, Opel, Chevrolet.

coolstream antifreeze green
coolstream antifreeze green

Coolstream Premium is a universal protection of the cooling system and car engine from freezing, corrosion, foaming and cavitation. According to reviews, this tool can be used as much as the car itself. And a package of corrosion inhibitors is responsible for achieving this effect. Car owners note the following advantages of using this varietyantifreeze:

  • increased service life, which is provided by the synergistic composition of the additive package;
  • improved heat transfer, opening up more options for engine designers;
  • reducing the time to repair the thermostat, radiator, water pump;
  • reliability of operation of the entire cooling system;
  • stability and resistance to hard water.

This Coolstream antifreeze received good reviews also for the environmental friendliness of additives, which are based on patented technology without the use of silicates. In addition, such an effective package serves as a reliable protection of the engine against corrosion, and all metal elements. This antifreeze has received approvals from manufacturers such as Ford, MAN, Daimler-Chrysler, Hyundai, MTU, KAMAZ, AVTOVAZ. Testing has shown that the composition behaves ideally in any test, showing a crystallization temperature of -40.5 degrees.


coolstream antifreeze reviews
coolstream antifreeze reviews

Coolstream antifreeze is a modern and high-quality coolant. Thanks to its balanced and proven composition, it can be used on different vehicles. And the most important advantage of this tool is that it has the approvals of many leading car manufacturers.

According to users, Coolstream antifreeze is ideal for use in our country. At an affordable cost, liquids meet all the requirements of norms and standards. And most importantly - they ensure the performance of the cooling system forlong time.

When buying a coolant, experts recommend paying attention not to the color and compliance with state standards, but to the availability of approvals from various automotive manufacturers. This alone serves as a guarantee of the effectiveness of the use of a particular antifreeze in vehicles.