"Subaru Impreza" (2008) hatchback. Owner reviews

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"Subaru Impreza" (2008) hatchback. Owner reviews
"Subaru Impreza" (2008) hatchback. Owner reviews

At the beginning of 2008, the updated model "Subaru Impreza" in the hatchback body was released. It retained the main advantages of Subaru cars - four-wheel drive and a boxer engine, interior comfort and branded exterior.

subaru impreza 2008 hatchback reviews
subaru impreza 2008 hatchback reviews

But what has changed? How did motorists react to this?

Opinions about the engine

"Impreza" hatchback was released with two volumes of internal combustion engines: 1.5 liters and 2.0 liters. Both had manual and automatic transmissions. Some drivers chose a smaller volume for themselves - 1.5 liters, hoping to save on fuel; while others use 2.0L, favoring aggressive driving style.

The most common opinion about the "Subaru Impreza" hatchback, 2008, 1.5 l with manual transmission, is that this volume is not enough. With a loaded car at the start, it is possible to stall if gas is not added in time. Power of 107 liters. With. was not enough.

reviews of Subaru Impreza 2008 hatchback 1 5
reviews of Subaru Impreza 2008 hatchback 1 5

The engine starts to pick up speed well after 3000 rpm, but if the gear is not shifted immediately (hold the lever in neutral), the speed drops and you have to accelerate again.

This car is suitable for driving outside the city, but not in the metropolis due to traffic jams. It will be difficult for an Impreza driver with a manual transmission to move in a traffic jam in low gears, constantly manipulating the gas pedal.

The engine requires maintenance, constant monitoring of the oil level. From replacement to replacement, you will have to add 1–1.5 liters. Consumption during break-in (the first 15,000 km after buying a new car) reaches 18 l / 100 km. After break-in, it drops to 13L/100km city and 10L/100km highway.

There may be problems with starting the internal combustion engine in cold weather. The manufacturer does not guarantee that the engine will start if the temperature drops below -17Co. Spark plugs require a lot of time to change as they are covered by the air filter and battery.

Reviews about "Subaru Impreza" (hatchback, 2008) with 2.0 engine size are mixed. On the one hand, the engine design is the same as with 1.5 liters, it is necessary to add oil between changes, and on the other hand, this is a proven and reliable internal combustion engine. Its power is enough for a sharp start. Getting out of a snowdrift in winter is also not difficult.

Transmission Impressions

Manual transmission, according to car owners "Subaru Impreza" (2008, hatchback), is the best option for those who like speed. Transfers are short. There is a down row.

The only negativeManual: Difficult to engage reverse gear. It almost never works on the first try. Manufacturers call this a "special feature" that is not covered under warranty.

All reviews of the "Subaru Impreza" (hatchback, 2008) 1.5 on the machine boil down to the fact that the automatic transmission in this car is designed for a calm, measured ride. Reacts to the actions of the driver with a slight delay. The 4-speed gearbox smoothly accelerates to 5000 rpm. (about 140 km / h), then the increase in speed is very slow, no matter how hard you press on the gas pedal.

"Subaru Impreza" hatchback, 2008. Suspension reviews

All-wheel drive is a Subaru classic. The front suspension is a standard independent MacPherson strut, the rear is an independent multi-link. Torque is always distributed between the axles 50/50. There is no exchange rate stabilization system, which pleases fans of extreme driving.

Suspension moderately stiff, smooths out bumps well. Holds the road, at any turns does not go into a skid. Such stability is achieved by Subaru engineers with the help of a precise balance between the stiffness of the springs, stabilizers and shock absorbers; careful selection of dimensions of wheels and tires.

What's new in the Subaru Impreza showroom?

The interior is simple, but at the same time comfortable. The driver has everything at hand. The dashboard has an information board with data on time and fuel consumption. True, it shows how much you can drive on 1 liter of fuel. To find out how much gasoline is spent per 100 km,you need to divide 100 by the number indicated on the scoreboard.

reviews about Subaru Impreza 2008 hatchback
reviews about Subaru Impreza 2008 hatchback

The chip of the speedometer and tachometer is that when the engine starts, their arrows rise to the maximum mark, and then fall to their original position. It looks as if all the sensors come to life, reacting to the start of the motor.

The seating position is quite low, like in sports cars, but the seats are so comfortable that the back does not get tired even after a long trip. Seats are adjustable in both reach and height.

reviews of Subaru Impreza 2008 hatchback 2 0
reviews of Subaru Impreza 2008 hatchback 2 0

There is enough space in the back to accommodate two adult passengers, there is not enough space for three people.

The disadvantages of the interior are in the unfortunate location of the front seat heating buttons (they are located under the handbrake lever) and in the very low-cost plastic - it is hard, cracks or rings in the cold until the car warms up; door inserts wear out quickly.

Poor noise isolation, especially for 2-litre cars.

reviews of car owners Subaru Impreza 2008 hatchback
reviews of car owners Subaru Impreza 2008 hatchback

The luggage compartment is small due to the fact that there is a full-size spare tire under its floor, plus the rear shelf steals space. Trunk space can only be increased by folding down the rear seats.

Exterior and paintwork

The appearance of the "Subaru Impreza" is aggressive and at the same time ergonomic. The contour lines of the headlights flow smoothly onto the body, making the car streamlined. Extended front addsaerodynamics, but it will be difficult to drive off-road.

The lacquer and paint used at the Subaru factory meet all environmental requirements, but because of this, they lose strength. Everything that flies out from under the wheels makes a chip or dent on the body. A trip to the forest will leave a web of scratches from the branches. Experienced car owners recommend pasting the body of the Impreza model with a protective film immediately after purchase.

Glasses are also not durable. The windshield in a new car after a year of operation is covered with small dots and scratches from the brushes.


Despite the negative opinions of some owners, it is worth noting that the car "Subaru Impreza" can not be compared with any car in its class. The recognizable roar of the boxer engine, reliable suspension, sporty exterior make this car unique.