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Scrambler motorcycle: a new interpretation of the classic

Scrambler motorcycle: a new interpretation of the classic
Scrambler motorcycle: a new interpretation of the classic

Ducati Scrambler was a brand of a series of single-cylinder motorcycles made by the Italian company Ducati for the American market from 1962 to 1974. The series included several models that were equipped with engines from 250 to 450 cmz. The 450cc version was sold to the US market under the name Jupiter.

The first scrambler motorcycles (1962-1967) had a laconic design. Interestingly, the development was based on a Ducati Diana road bike converted by Michael Berliner for racing on dirt roads in America.

motorcycle scrambler

First episodes

The name comes from the English word "narrow", which is due to the structure of the hull. The company produced the following models:

  • Scrambler OHC 250 (1962-1963);
  • Scrambler 250 (1964-1968);
  • Scrambler 350 (1967-1968).

The second series was marked by the development of a new, wider case. The frame has also been modified. In this version, the following motorcycles "Scramblers" were released:

  • Scrambler 125 (1970-1971);
  • Scrambler 250 (1968-1975);
  • Scrambler 350(1968-1975);
  • Scrambler 450 (1969-1976).

From the end of the seventies, the demand for the model began to fade. The Scrambler motorcycle has been suspended.

New birth

Today, the fashion for retro, rarities and hipster style has swept the motor world. The Italian manufacturer, which has always tried to be on the same wavelength with its customers, immediately reacted to the trend.

scrambler motorcycle

Introduced in 2017, the Scrambler combines unmistakable 70s style with modern hardware, legendary Ducati quality and excellent handling. The bike turned out to be quite compact, agile and beautiful. This is one of the few café racers in production.

Modern design and exterior features

Photos of the Scrambler motorcycle help to get an idea of ​​the model, which is still a rarity on the Russian market. The manufacturer offers several colors. The buyer can choose not only the color of the skin, but also the shade of the metal: gold, silver or black.

The bike is devoid of fairing and windshield, equipped with a spacious seat. And the pendulum rear suspension adds even more charm to it. It is impossible not to pay attention to the bizarre bends of the exhaust pipes. The exposed frame elements also look great.


The Scrambler motorcycle is built on a tubular frame. No place for the old engine in the new world, it was replaced by a magnificent L-twin with a displacement of 803cc and a power of 75 horses.

do-it-yourself motorcycle scrambler

The weight of the motorcycle reaches 175 kg. You can accelerate the bike to almost 200 km/h.

When describing the impressions of the new Scrambler motorcycle, many owners first of all mention modest consumption. It, of course, depends on many factors, but rarely exceeds 5 liters.

Inverted telescopic fork up front with 41 cm of travel, rear swingarm with adjustable dampers. Driven by chain.

The motorcycle is equipped with ABS braking system, immobilizer and adjustable springs.

Tuning options

Ducati has always been loyal to those who seek to give individuality to transport, to customize it with their own hands.

The Scrambler motorcycle is also getting a lot of attention from customizers. The manufacturer traditionally offers an excellent selection of additional stages, which can be purchased through the official dealer network of the company.

Many seek to emphasize his café racing style. Basically, upgrades are aimed at improving ride comfort (replacing the seat, installing heating, fairing, windshield) or upgrading the design (experiments with a body kit, pipes). The “cafe” clip-ons also look harmoniously on this motorcycle.

Judging by the reviews, not everyone is completely satisfied with the regular light. This applies to both the intensity of the beam and the design of the headlight. The backlight is also often tuned.

Target audience and prices

The new motorcycle "Scrambler" is primarily intended for those who are "intopic." Is it a joke - a “cafe shop” that came off the assembly line! It is convenient in the city due to excellent handling, compact size, good maneuverability. A sporty fit and pretty good speed characteristics make the model attractive for those who like to drive. Among the fans of the model there are people of all ages: those who fell in love with two-wheeled vehicles in the distant seventies, as well as their adult children and grandchildren.

scrambler motorcycle photo

Currently, the lion's share of sales is carried out by the official dealer. "Scrambler" from the salon will cost an average of 850 thousand rubles. It is still problematic to meet the model in the secondary market.

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