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Oil "Rolf": characteristics and reviews
Oil "Rolf": characteristics and reviews

Over the years, any motorist begins to understand that the work and resource of the power unit of any car depends in most cases on engine oil. Due to the huge range of oils, car owners are confused in his choice. And it would not be so scary if the power unit of the car did not suffer from the wrong choice. This article will consider engine oil from ROLF Lubricants and analyze customer reviews about it.

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This engine oil is not counterfeited, so its quality is always on top. The characteristics of Rolf oil are high and meet the standards of more expensive oils. It is worth noting that a reputable Mercedes-Benz car manufacturer recommends this oil for use.

A few words about products

The history of the company's appearance in Russia begins in 2015. Then Rolf oil appeared on sale, capable of competing with other brands. The first customers left their feedback on Rolf oil, which indicated thatthis oil is quite good and can be used for both new car models and old ones.

The largest number of oils are semi-synthetic, synthetic and mineral. The stamps are constantly replenished and now their number is 12 lines. Of these, the most popular are:

  • ATF - automatic transmission oil, thanks to which the gear shifts smoothly;
  • Dynamic - all-weather semi-synthetic oil;
  • Energy - high quality viscous semi-synthetic oil;
  • GT - "synthetics", due to which the motor power is increased;
  • Optima - mineral oil that helps clean the power unit;
  • Transmission is a manual transmission oil that allows for less frequent changes.

Properties of oils

The company's most popular oils are "Rolf" semi-synthetics. Such products are excluded from use for trucks and other similar vehicles. However, ideal for cars and buses.

rolf oil reviews

The company is trying not only to collect as many customers as possible, but also to improve the quality of all produced liquids as much as possible. Buyers praise semi-synthetic oil labeled 10W-40. According to reviews, the engine works perfectly with this product. And both diesel engine and gasoline. However, it should be borne in mind that these two motors require different oils.

According to reviews, Rolf oils (synthetics and semi-synthetics) are able to withstand temperatures from -35 to +50 degrees Celsius.The properties of liquids are preserved even when exposed to aggressive substances.

Rolf engine oils help to increase the life of the engine, provide protection against rust and corrosion, and, if necessary, cool the elements of the power unit.

Rolf Company: German?

ROLF Lubricants has a factory in Germany. All products are produced there, taking into account all technologies, so that the composition is balanced. A little later, enterprises opened in Russia. The plant for the production of oils is located in Obninsk, and its name is Obninskkorgsintez. The equipment here is identical to that installed in Germany, namely:

  • Circular two-circuit stand.
  • Stands for testing oils for corrosive properties.
  • rolf semi-synthetic oil reviews

The company also sells oils. According to reviews, products are used for various brands of cars, in total there are about 100 units. Among them are both popular brands and little-known ones.

The great popularity of the company's products is connected, among other things, with the fact that the oil is poured into special canisters, thanks to which you can find out that the product is original.

Dynamic brand oils are the least popular. Many of the customers indicate that this brand is not suitable for their cars. Studies have shown that this oil improves engine performance, but due to the lack of additives, it does not clean the engine and does not contribute to the removal of carbon deposits from it. From-for this and there are negative reviews.

Energy and Diesel brands are ideal for economical drivers. It lasts longer than other oils.

Oil for new cars

rolf semi-synthetic oil

Most often, motorists face the problem: "What to fill in: synthetics or semi-synthetics?". The reviews about Rolf oil are very good, and experienced specialists have long answered this question. If the car was manufactured before 1980, then oil with additives will not work for it. They are most noticeable in "synthetics". If you pour such oil into the engine of an old car, it will corrode all elements that are not made of metal. This will cause the engine to lose power and start leaking oil.

The company's enterprises have special laboratories where new oils are created and existing ones are improved. Products are customized to fit new cars as much as possible. As a rule, they are engaged in the improvement of "synthetics". This engine oil needs to be changed every 10 thousand kilometers.

Deciphering the markings

On each canister or package of oil, the manufacturer indicates the following 10W-40. The letter W indicates that this oil must be filled in during the winter months. The number 10 indicates that the product is viscous at low temperatures.


Rolf oils are produced in accordance with all requirements and standards. They help to improve the protection of the motor from soot and exhaust gases.

Rolf engine oils can be used for anymotors. This increases the life of the engine, as well as its oil filter. Also, due to the characteristics of the oil, fuel consumption is reduced.

rolf oil characteristics

Cold Resistant

Different specialists conduct experiments from time to time. They drain the oil from the car's engine and put it in a freezer at -20 degrees Celsius. After such experiments, Rolf oil retains its original properties and is suitable for use. So it can be used in winter without fear.


Rolf engine oil is made with special additives, so that when interacting with air, no reactions occur.

However, if any elements of the motor have become unusable, then even such oil will no longer help. In any case, the engine will not work properly. In this case, you should immediately contact a car service for its repair. If this is not done, over time the engine will have to be changed.

Customer Reviews

Rolf engine oils are quite popular with motorists. They constantly express their opinion about products. Many of them have been using this oil for their car for a long time. The main advantage, according to buyers, is the ratio of price and quality of products. However, you need to choose this engine oil carefully, as attempts to counterfeit Rolf products have recently been recorded.


At the moment, the most popular are synthetic andsemi-synthetic oils from the Rolf company. They are able to maintain their properties at almost any temperature. Rolf engine oil protects the power unit of the car and helps to remove soot and soot. At the same time, the cost of production is quite low.

rolf synthetic oil reviews

Rolf oil is very fluid, so it protects car parts well. Perfectly cleans the engine from soot and deposits. It is this engine oil that most modern car owners trust and prefer. Oil manufacturer "Rolf" made sure that there were no fakes on the market and provided it with high-quality packaging.

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