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KAMAZ: do-it-yourself tuning

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KAMAZ: do-it-yourself tuning
KAMAZ: do-it-yourself tuning

Many are accustomed to seeing on public roads cars with a modified body and interior. But to see KamAZ, the tuning of which is done at a high level and with taste, is a rarity. If you decide that the time has come to change the appearance of your truck, to improve it, then we recommend entrusting tuning to specialists. Although it can be done independently, having the necessary skills and free time. Let's look at two options with which you can decorate our truck with your own hands.


The most common and less expensive way is tuning the KamAZ cab. Most often, styling of all kinds of complexity is used for it, and glass is also tinted. On sale there are various moldings and plastic canopies that are easy to install, thanks to the adhesive surface. Using decorative elements, you can quickly and tastefully decorate the interior.

Most motorists modify the steering wheel, embodying the most daring design decisions. An example would be the photo of KamAZ posted in the article,whose steering wheel tuning is impressive.

kamaz tuning
kamaz tuning

Standard seat can be easily replaced with a more comfortable one with air suspension (cushion).

Optical elements can also be tuned, but require more attention. You can make the interior lighting by choosing your favorite color and even the projection of the logo. In addition to the instrument panel, install a tachometer. Cover the dashboard with leather, velor or plastic. Often a podium is made above the windshield into which acoustics are mounted.

To "quiet" and also insulate the cabin, it is enough to cover the bottom with a heater. When selecting a material, it is necessary to take into account its fire safety.

To increase the rigidity and safety level of the cabin, it will be necessary to strengthen the metal profile of the doors. An upgrade like this could save your life in the event of a serious accident.

Chip tuning

If you, when tuning KamAZ, are not going to limit yourself to external changes, but want to correct the program installed in the engine control unit, then you should take care of purchasing additional modules that can cope with such tasks. With their help, you can achieve a significant increase in power (up to 25%) by increasing the boost pressure. This operation is carried out to reduce fuel consumption, which can be reduced to 5 liters per 100 km. Such manipulations are optional, but sometimes they are done when replacing various engine components (air blower, nozzles, etc.).

Knots and assemblies

The most difficult and serious for anyonecar, including the KamAZ brand, tuning units and assemblies. This is done exclusively by specialists who carry out complex calculations using modern equipment. After such changes, which significantly increase engine power, they must be replaced with reinforced ones:

  • clutch;
  • checkpoint;
  • wheel drive;
  • brakes;
  • suspension elements.
KAMAZ tuning photo
KAMAZ tuning photo


Truck drivers are not far behind motorists moving in understated cars. Quite often, shorter springs are installed on KamAZ, which looks very unusual. In this case, it is necessary to study the suspension geometry, which will have to be changed in such a way as not to damage the bottom when driving on an uneven road. Popular in KamAZ trucks is the tuning of the gearbox, in which the gear ratio changes.

cabin tuning KamAZ
cabin tuning KamAZ

In order to improve the appearance of the components and assemblies of the car were of high quality, we recommend that you seek help from specialists. It is best to have a sketch or photo of KamAZ, the tuning of which you liked. Service centers specializing in tuning trucks can be found in almost any large city.

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