Mini scooter: light, fast and homemade

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Mini scooter: light, fast and homemade
Mini scooter: light, fast and homemade

Mini-scooter, or self-propelled scooter, was a childhood dream for many. Now Chinese online markets allow you to purchase this miracle for yourself or a child for a relatively small amount. And this article will push the craftsmen to the right line of thought to create their own "iron pony".

Mini scooter - what is it?

The mini electric scooter is an environmentally friendly, silent vehicle. The fact that it can be charged from a simple electrical outlet, like a smartphone or laptop, saves a lot of money and time for the owner. If the model is foldable, then it is convenient to store it in the apartment, closet, on the balcony or transport it in the trunk of a car.

The mini scooter is capable of traveling at a maximum speed of 50 km/h. It does not require the installation of a state number, and according to the laws of the Russian Federation it is defined as a moped. To drive it, you need a category M license - by the way, they are given along with car licenses.

mini scooter
mini scooter

Mini scooter benefits

The electric scooter, first of all, has an important advantage over other models - this tool is literally based on the principle of sat down andYou don’t need to turn on the ignition, start the vehicle with an electric starter, or dial the desired number of revolutions with the gas handle. It is enough to turn the key once and press the “gas” - soft start, smooth acceleration and, most importantly, silent movement, which they cannot boast of no mopeds, no bikes.

A rechargeable battery has an approximate life of three years. It takes 4-8 hours to recharge the battery to 100%. This is enough for a 100-120 km trip. And due to the minimum number of friction parts, the mini-scooter is able to serve its owner for a long time.

Summarizing the above, we can highlight the five main advantages of this tool:

  1. Quiet.
  2. No need for fuel costs.
  3. No oil change needed.
  4. Excellent acceleration dynamics.
  5. Riding safely a la bike.

The beauty of such a thing as a mini scooter, the photo below can convey in all its glory - it is a very compact and convenient mode of transport.

mini scooter electric
mini scooter electric

A Brief History of Scooters

The very first scooters, strongly reminiscent of motorcycles, appeared about a century ago. They were produced by the German company Hildebrand & Wolfmüller. However, this device with a top speed of 40 km / h did not find its admirers at that time, as a result of which the company went bankrupt.

mini scooter photo
mini scooter photo

The name "scooter" comes from the English to scoot - to run away, wash off. In the USA, the deviceBy the way, for the first time "rested on its laurels" in 1936. The scooter of the Californian company caused a stir among Americans - automatic transmission, small wheels with a diameter of 5 inches, two-stroke engine, stable footrest. The invention consumed only 3.5 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers!

Yamaha created a new boom in 1977 with the launch of the Passol S50: light weight, luggage compartment, dirt protection and reasonable price.

Now dozens of manufacturers around the world produce maxi- and mini-scooters: in our country, for example, devices from Japan, China, South Korea are popular.

DIY mini scooter

Here is an outline of the picture of creating an electric scooter-bike:

The basis can be a moped, a bicycle, a go-kart - the main thing is to have a plan in your head on what to do next

DIY mini scooter
DIY mini scooter
  • Think about what you'll be using as a kickstand - you may have to sacrifice someone else's scooter, or you can use a kickstand from a car.
  • Battery: you can use several pieces from a computer "interruptible power supply".
  • To keep the batteries safe, it would not be superfluous to make a protective cover for them.
  • Think about where to get a disc brake: the one put on a children's ATV is quite suitable (in popular applications for reselling old and unnecessary things, such items from faulty equipment can be purchased at a ridiculous price). To fix it, you need to drillhole in the "bike" frame and put this disk on the cylindrical key.
  • Regulator unit in any Chinese online store can really buy this part at an affordable price, including a throttle handle and detailed installation instructions.
  • Wheels - the same children's car, ATV or kart. It is desirable to choose their diameter within 4-5 inches.
  • The donor of tires and tubes can be the same as in the previous paragraph.
  • It is not necessary to use the specified used parts - they can be found at a good price in online stores.