Great Wall Hover H5 diesel: owner reviews, description, specifications

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Great Wall Hover H5 diesel: owner reviews, description, specifications
Great Wall Hover H5 diesel: owner reviews, description, specifications

The Great Wall Hover H5 (diesel) car, whose owner reviews are given below, is a compact Chinese crossover. The machine is an improved version of the H3 modification. It was the first Chinese SUV supplied to the domestic market. There is much in common between the two models in appearance, however, they are significantly equipped with internal filling and technical units. Consider the features and characteristics of this vehicle, as well as find out the opinion of users about it.

Chinese SUV Great Wall Hover H5
Chinese SUV Great Wall Hover H5

History of Creation

Before we study the reviews of the owners of the Great Wall Hover H5 (diesel), let's turn to the history of its creation. The GWM brand from China is well received by Russian and foreign users. For the first time off-road model H3 appeared in 2005. The H5 version was presented to the domestic consumer in 2011. The initial variation became a stumbling block, as it was "raw", even for the domestic consumer.

After the premiere, "Hover H5" began to be successfully sold in manystates of the post-Soviet space. The characteristics of the car correspond to most of the parameters adopted in two dozen countries of the European Union. It is worth noting that the initially specified model was accepted without much enthusiasm. However, the positive feedback from the owners of the Great Wall Hover H5 (diesel) made the car popular due to its beautiful design and wide functionality. This SUV was similar to Japanese counterparts in most characteristics, but its cost was an order of magnitude lower.

SUV Great Wall Hover H5
SUV Great Wall Hover H5

Design design

During mass production, the jeep in question has changed slightly in the exterior, but has not lost its "Japanese" features. Everything looks quite authentic, practical and relevant. This decision testifies to the decision of the manufacturer to follow its own path of further development of this line of machines. Subsequently, they became unique and quite original variations.

The body materials of the Great Wall Hover X5 are high-quality reinforced metals welded using high-tech devices. European and Japanese "competitors" are completed in a similar way. An additional plus of appearance is a lot of solutions in terms of color display of these machines. Reviews from the owners of the Great Wall Hover H5 (diesel) indicate that he received practical and beautiful optics that maximally copies the elements of the Mazda CX-7. The headlights perfectly complement the style of the car, and the fake grille has acquired a squareconfiguration. To a greater extent, it is masked by plastic pads installed between the lower part of the bumper and the cross member near the headlights. The center of the grille was decorated with the manufacturer's logo in the form of specific wings.

Great Wall Hover H5 Specifications (Diesel)

The following are the main parameters of the SUV in question:

  • length/width/height (m) – 4, 6/1, 8/1, 7;
  • road clearance (cm) – 20;
  • weight (t) – 1.83;
  • engine type - a two-liter diesel engine with a capacity of 136 liters. p.;
  • speed (Nm) – 205;
  • number of cylinders – 4;
  • acceleration to 100 km (sec) – 11;
  • maximum speed (km/h) – 160.

In the line under consideration, there is also a 2.5-liter power unit with a turbine. The power parameter of this version is 150 "horses" with a torque of 310 Nm. At the same time, the speed threshold reaches 175 km / h, and fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 9.2 liters in mixed mode. Another update is a five-speed automatic transmission, as well as a rigid suspension with torsion bar linkage elements and independent springs.

Great Wall Hover tuning parts
Great Wall Hover tuning parts


Description of the Great Wall Hover H5 (diesel) will continue to equip the interior. In this part, the SUV resembles its predecessor, the H3 brand. The discreet and thoughtful interior does not contain aggressive and catchy elements, the instrument panel is very informative and collected. On the four-spoke steering wheel there are several controls in the form of keys. This multifunctional assembly resembles the design of the Japanese Toyota Prado SUV.

The torpedo has four round air ducts located in the corners of the passenger compartment of the car. Under the center console there is a multimedia system, air conditioning and control of an additional optional SUV. In their reviews, owners often blame ergonomics for shapeless seats without lateral support details. In addition, the finish of the chairs has a rather slippery surface.

Great Wall Hover H5 interior
Great Wall Hover H5 interior


Review of the Great Wall Hover H5 (Diesel) would not be complete without examining the car's exterior. The specified vehicle in appearance has distinctive features. The first thing that catches your eye is wide and high arches for 17-inch wheels. The disc configuration is both refined and simple. The Hover H5, like a real SUV, has acquired solid thresholds that convince in protection against various kinds of mechanical deformations. Additionally, the aesthetic part is emphasized by chrome-plated door handles and the original window sill line, as well as a nameplate on the front door. The outline of the thresholds is visualized using a wide molding.

The stern of the car combines simplicity and distinctive specificity. Separately, it is necessary to highlight the light elements, which are a pair of continuous blocks. The main part has a rectangular shape, goes to the sidewall of the car. From another block, the headlights extend vertically under the very roof of the SUV. Glazing goes smoothly directly from the opticsluggage cover, which gives the vehicle a unique design, further emphasized by a thin chrome strip. Rectangular “foglights” are located at the corners of the rear bumper.

The new generation of the Great Wall SUV
The new generation of the Great Wall SUV


Manufacturer Great Wall Hover H5 with a diesel engine in an updated variation abandoned the obsolete navigation unit. This site has received a lot of negative feedback from users. As a result, the crossover was equipped with improved navigation, as well as various security systems (airbags, a rear-view camera, power accessories).

In addition, the following options are available as standard:

  • climate and cruise control;
  • tire pressure indicator;
  • parktronic;
  • adjustment and heated seats.

The price of a car on the domestic market ranges from one to one and a half million rubles for a new model. Used copies can be purchased for 0.5 million


The considered crossover has become popular due to the optimal combination of decent quality characteristics and an affordable price. In addition, the SUV has a roomy interior. Three adult passengers can easily fit in the back row. The luggage department will also please the owners, its volume from the standard 810 liters can increase to 2 thousand, with the rear row of seats folded down. The problematic points of consumers include the inaccessibility of spare parts fordomestic market.

Salon Great Wall Hover H5
Salon Great Wall Hover H5

What are the owners saying?

Most owners speak of the Hover H5 mostly positively. The SUV pleases users with an excellent combination of price and quality, as well as the maximum possible functionality for its segment. Consumers also note decent engine parameters and a high level of maintainability. Any minor breakdowns, including the replacement of bulbs and indicators, are carried out without problems at any service station. In general, the vast majority of owners recommend the Chinese SUV to those who do not have enough money for expensive Japanese or European counterparts.

Photo car Great Wall (diesel)
Photo car Great Wall (diesel)


The Hover H5 car belongs to the second generation of universal crossovers of the Chinese corporation Great Wall. Unlike its predecessor, this SUV is a completely independent modification, although the Isuzu Axiom, produced by the Japanese in 2001-2004, became the prototype for its creation. After the modifications, the exterior remained "Asian", but included a number of innovations. This includes a new grille, bumper stampings and original exterior optic configuration.