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Custom motorcycle: definition, manufacture, features, photo

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Custom motorcycle: definition, manufacture, features, photo
Custom motorcycle: definition, manufacture, features, photo

Custom motorcycles include vehicles of the corresponding category, which are produced in a single copy or in a very limited series. As a rule, these are converted regular models. The main idea of such a transformation is to satisfy the wishes of the owner, who wants to realize his vision of the unit. Some specialized companies are engaged in such alterations at a professional level. Of the Russian modifications, the Ural is considered one of the most popular prototypes for such transformations.

Custom helmet
Custom helmet

Custom domestic motorcycles

In this direction, not only Russian craftsmen, but also many foreign masters prefer the legendary Ural. Despite the fact that the model has a considerable age, it still remains relevant.

Manufacturers played a big role in the development of the brand, which significantly upgraded the basic modification, and also developed a version with a sidecar, which is equipped with an electric motor and special batteries.

One of the unusual custom motorcycleson the basis of "Ural" - K-Speed, assembled in Thailand. The developers managed to get the filling “for a penny”, and they invested their time and no more than one and a half thousand dollars in processing. The result turned out to be excellent, however, the new model retained only the engine, frame and a few details from the “progenitor”. For example, the designers adapted the tank from the inactive Kawasaki.

Custom motorcycle "Ural"
Custom motorcycle "Ural"

Other variations

Below is a brief description of several modifications, which are also made on the basis of "Ural":

  1. "Russian beaver". This variation was created by a craftsman from Siberia, Roman Molchanov. The master used the M-72 model as a base. The result was quite impressive.
  2. Scrambler from South America. This custom motorcycle was created by the designers of the Argentine specialized agency Lucky Custom. The craftsmen almost completely reworked the model, leaving the "native" frame, boxer engine and drive.
  3. "American from Maryland". The specified machine was named Ural 650 Racer. Its creator is Jeff Yarington, who, together with a friend, founded a custom studio. They are engaged in the refinement and improvement of motorcycles of different classes. The version based on the Ural became one of the most famous, exhibited at specialized auctions. But whether it was sold or not is not known for certain.

A little more about the Urals

The production of custom motorcycles based on a domestic prototype was carried out by a number of craftsmen and companies. Amongthem:

  1. Modification from Kryvyi Rih, developed by master-enthusiast Konstantin Motuz. The engine of the car was redesigned, but they decided to leave the carburetor in place. The front suspension was removed, replacing it with a Kawasaki Ninja fork. Also, the unit was equipped with a four-mode switch box of the KMZ type. The mass of the car was 180 kilograms.
  2. "Bobber Ural" Fashion. This miracle of technology was created in the Kiev studio Dozer Garage. The lacquered vehicle is equipped with a 650-cc motor, the frame has been reworked, but the light elements and the gas tank have been borrowed from the “brother” – the Dnepr. The spoked wheels are fitted with beautiful Shinko Super Classic tires.
  3. "Coffee machine with sidecar". This custom motorcycle, the photo of which is below, did not receive any special alterations. Its originality lies in the fact that the developers installed a coffee maker in the stroller. In addition, an umbrella has been added to the design to protect against the weather.
Custom motorcycle with a sidecar
Custom motorcycle with a sidecar

Serial production

Most popular manufacturers include the word "custom" in their model names. However, this does not allow them to be 100% attributed to the category under consideration. Among the features of such modifications is the ability to manufacture variations for individual orders, which makes them unique in their kind.

Among famous custom motorcycle manufacturers:

  • Harley-Davidson;
  • Yamaha;
  • Navy;
  • Big Dog;
  • American Iron Horse;
  • Bourget.

Manufacturers produce machines that meet all international standards. The developers offer customers a choice of several types of plating, painting, accessories, various engines and custom options. Vehicles are covered by a factory warranty. Despite the fact that such models with a stretch are true "exclusives", they have the advantage of factory assembly.

Custom motorcycles based on "Ural"
Custom motorcycles based on "Ural"

Custom motorcycle helmets

Bike enthusiasts don't have the same protections as motorists. But no one canceled safety, so motorcyclists need to provide it on their own. One of the most important accessories is a helmet. However, it can still become a unique piece of equipment that compares favorably in design and color.

The passive safety feature for custom owners should be appropriate. Therefore, it is not difficult to find suitable variations on the market. One of the most popular and original custom helmets is the Predator model, which is produced by the domestic studios UFO-Moto and Nitrinos. A photo of one of these varieties is shown below.

Custom motorcycle helmet
Custom motorcycle helmet


In conclusion, let's take a closer look at the features of the helmet, brief information about which is given above. The design of the product is an originally formed case made of a composite material with the inclusion of carbon. The damping layer is made of a foam base and internal removable elements. Also, the helmet is assembledvarious kinds of protective visors (glasses). Additional comfort is provided by a dual-mode ventilation system. The weight of the product is standard for this type of accessory.

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