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"Chevrolet Aveo", hatchback: specifications and photos

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"Chevrolet Aveo", hatchback: specifications and photos
"Chevrolet Aveo", hatchback: specifications and photos

Budget cars have always been and will be relevant in the market. These cars are selling like hot cakes. The main plus of such cars is, of course, the price. However, it does not always meet the declared quality. Many in the pursuit of savings received low-quality and quickly breaking cars. This is partly what happened to the Chinese. However, today we are not talking about them. In this article we will talk about a really high-quality (judging by the reviews) car that was developed by Korean specialists. This is a Chevrolet Aveo hatchback. Technical specifications, overview and features of the car, see below.


The design of the car is identical to the Daewoo Kalos. Today, the Chevrolet Aveo hatchback (there is a photo of the car in our article) looks unremarkable. However, it cannot be called scary or old. Yes, it will not work to stand out from the general flow. But the purpose of this car is completely different. This is a simple and inexpensive car for everyday use. At the front, the car is distinguished by modest optics and a smallgrille with company logo. Below are halogen fog lights. Aveo has a rather large windshield area - reviews say. This has a positive effect on visibility. The side lines of the body, as well as the wheel arches, also look neat. If we talk about the design as a whole, the car can be compared with the Chevrolet Lacetti (hatchback). However, the cost of the latter is even slightly higher.

aveo characteristics

Does Aveo have any body problems? According to reviews, headlights and turn signals often sweat on this car. However, the glass itself (plastic) rarely turns yellow. The quality of painting is at a good level, but the thickness of the metal is very small. Pushing this car from behind, you can easily leave a dent in the body. The metal here is really thin - this is also proved by numerous accidents. In a small collision, the radiator literally goes into the engine. It seems that the front bumper does not have a shock absorber and a metal reinforcement at all.

By the way, finding body parts and cladding for this car is not difficult. You can buy both new parts on the Chevrolet Aveo hatchback, and elements from disassembly. The cost of recovery after an accident will be slightly less compared to the Lacetti. This is a big plus.

Dimensions, ground clearance

The car is quite compact, owners say. This eliminates problems with finding parking spaces, especially in big cities. The length of the body is 3.88 meters, width - 1.67, height - 1.49 meters. The wheelbase is only 2.48 meters. At the same time, the Chevrolet hatchbackAveo "will have a good ground clearance. Ground clearance on standard 14-inch wheels is 16 centimeters.


The interior design is pretty boring. There are no remarkable shapes, lines or special finishes. In most cases, black, plain plastic is used here. The steering wheel is four-spoke. It is without additional buttons, but with an airbag. The instrument panel is arrow, with four pointers. The center console is very modestly framed. In the minimum configuration, there is only a pair of deflectors, a cigarette lighter and a stove control unit. Instead of a radio, a stub was used.

chevrolet aveo specifications

In luxury versions, a CD player is installed. Also, depending on the configuration, air conditioning and power windows are used. Heated side mirrors may be present. But as the reviews say, it eventually stops working. Otherwise, the level of equipment of the Chevrolet Aveo hatchback is no different. The seats on all versions are fabric, with mechanical adjustment. Landing is higher than on Lanos and Lacetti, which, together with a large windshield, gives good visibility. The plastic in the cabin is hard, but there are no squeaks inside. There is extraneous noise from the wheels. At high speeds, the roar of the engine breaks in. There is no getting away from this - the reviews say. The Chevrolet Aveo hatchback has standard sound insulation, but additional sizing will not be superfluous.

The second row of seats is designed for three passengers. However, in fact, only two can fit here - it’s very narrow in the carsalon. The short wheelbase also makes itself felt. Passengers of even average height will rest their knees on the back of the front seats. Also, a lot of space is eaten up by the central tunnel, where the exhaust system passes.

Power section

What are the specifications of the Chevrolet Aveo hatchback? The car can be equipped with two power units. So, the base is a 1.2-liter engine with an 8-valve timing mechanism. This is a 72 horsepower gasoline power unit. The peak torque of the 1.2-liter engine is 104 Nm. This motor is rarely found on Russian versions of Aveo. A one and a half liter 16-valve engine with 86 horsepower is more common. The torque of this unit is 128 Nm.

chevrolet specifications

What do the reviews say about this motor? This power unit has proven itself on the good side. As operating experience shows, Aveo engines are nursed from 400 to 500 thousand kilometers without major repairs. In terms of maintenance, the engine requires not only an oil change and filters (they must be original, otherwise the ICE resource will be many times less), but also a gas distribution drive. The timing belt works with a V-belt. Its resource is 60 thousand kilometers. The water pump has a relatively small resource. It needs to be changed after 120-180 thousand kilometers, that is, after the second or third replacement of the timing belt.

chevrolet aveo hatchback specifications

Oil seals lose their elasticity over the years.This is especially true for the front camshaft oil seal. Fans of aggressive driving often “sweat” the valve cover. Rarely does the thermostat fail.


Chevrolet Aveo hatchback is equipped with one of two transmissions. This is:

  • Five-speed mechanics.
  • Quad-band automatic.

Versions with automatic transmission make up no more than 15 percent of the total number of cars. How do these boxes perform in practice? Reviews say that these transmissions have many common problems. One of these is the leakage of the axle shaft seals and the wear of the outer joints of equal angular velocities. However, the most serious problem is the gearshift stud. It is strongly tightened during assembly and can burst on a run of 20-50 thousand. The clutch on the mechanics serves up to 100-150 thousand with moderate use. Also, after 90 thousand, the release bearing may make noise.

aveo hatchback specifications

Which box should I choose?

Reviews say that mechanics are less of a problem. The machine may show malfunctions. This is due to the oxidation of the contacts of the box ECU connector as a result of water and dirt getting inside. As a result, the transmission starts to kick when shifting gears. This contributes to increased wear of the clutches and, as a result, expensive automatic transmission repairs.

Dynamics, consumption

As noted by the reviews, the 1.2-liter engine is rather weak even for a hatchback. "Chevrolet Aveo" with such an engine is gaining a hundred in 13-14 seconds, depending on the installed gearbox. If atalk about a one and a half liter engine, it is more playful. The 1.49-liter Chevrolet Aveo hatchback accelerates to hundreds in 11.9-12.5 seconds. The maximum speed of the car is 170 and 175 kilometers per hour for the first and second motors, respectively.

chevrolet aveo specifications

Now about fuel consumption. According to reviews, the Chevrolet Aveo T200 hatchback is a fairly economical car. But this is possible only on the mechanics. With an automatic, the consumption is an order of magnitude higher. If we talk about a 1.2-liter engine, in the city this figure is nine liters. On the mechanics - eight and a half. On the highway, consumption is less - from five to six liters per hundred.

Now about the one and a half liter engine. With an Aveo machine gun, it is rather voracious. In the city, a car can consume up to ten and a half liters of gasoline. But on the mechanics with the same engine, the hatchback consumes no more than nine. On the highway, this consumption is seven and six liters for the machine and mechanics, respectively.

chevrolet hatchback specifications

By the way, both engines are predisposed to the installation of LPG equipment. Aveo motors can be equipped with LPG of both the second and fourth generations.


The car has a suspension identical to Lanos. So, in front is an independent design with A-arms and MacPherson struts. Behind - a semi-independent beam. The car is equipped with overly soft shock absorbers from the factory. Because of this, the car rolls in corners. Therefore, abrupt maneuvers should be abandoned.


So, we found out what the Chevrolet Aveo hatchback is. The car is not without flaws and, perhaps, differs not in the most beautiful interior. But the car is quite resourceful and, with timely maintenance, can “walk” for a long time. Therefore, the Chevrolet Aveo (hatchback) can be recommended for purchase.

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