Top 10 most expensive cars in the world
Top 10 most expensive cars in the world

The most expensive cars in the world are a dream for many people. When it comes to cars, we can say that the cost of them can be very different. Prices go up indefinitely. After all, there are vehicles in the world that cost more than the average island somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

Interestingly, for the most part, the most expensive cars in the world are sold out even before the start of sales or even a presentation. In fact, many people are willing to pay for something that hasn't even rolled off the assembly line yet.

Many people are willing to pay for such models only because this exclusive will be in their garage. And as a result, developers are forced to improve any characteristics of vehicles so that they remain interesting to the public. And the most interesting thing is that millionaires are ready to queue for rare novelties.

Actually, at first glance, it is very difficult to rank the most expensive cars in the world, as manufacturers keep prices for new vehicles to the last. In general, there is still such a system thatthe cost of exclusive versions is completely unknown. All this is done for the reason that the press does not know about the purchases of celebrities and representatives of other areas.

In simple terms, the average citizen cannot find out this information because they are unable to pay for a particular vehicle. In the article you will find out the top 10 most expensive cars in the world, whose price is known and not classified. The rating is based on expert opinion.

Porsche 918 Spyder

Porsche car
Porsche car

This car is bought by many world stars, in particular, musicians and actors. The price for such a powerful level is quite normal - $845,000.

The company "Porsche" has released a series of 918 copies. That's a lot for one of the most expensive cars in the world.

An interesting fact is that the idea was realized in just five months! Initially, these were just the imaginations of designers.

As for the characteristics, there is a fairly ergonomic gasoline engine, a seven-speed gearbox, the car accelerates in 3.1 seconds to one hundred kilometers per hour. The maximum speed of this model is 320 km/h. This vehicle is uniquely designed for real racers. Clearly, the 918 Spyder deserves to be on the tenth line of the top most expensive cars in the world.

Hennessey Venom GT

Hennessy company car
Hennessy company car

This model was released in only five copies. But only one owner is known. This lucky one is the leaderfamous Boston rock band Aerosmith - Steven Tyler.

You can say that this vehicle is one of the most mysterious and secret in the whole world.

This model is considered the first competitor of the Bugatti Veyron. They say that "Hennessy" is ahead of the English car with its characteristics.

SSC Tuatara

Predatory car
Predatory car

Most likely you have noticed that in the photo the most expensive cars in the world are sports cars.

As for this model, it is also sporty and has a very interesting body style. The developers took the New Zealand tuatara reptile as a basis. Pay attention to how sharp her hind wings are, and her narrowed eyes resemble a dragon. The maximum speed of this wonderful vehicle is 443 km/h.

The car was released in 2014. This is only the second car of the elite American company Shelby Super Stars. The price of a beautiful predator is 970,000 dollars.

Pagani Huayra

Car company "Pagani"
Car company "Pagani"

This model looks like a classic Hollywood sports car. This vehicle is bought up as soon as it rolls off the assembly line. But still, it is not available for the wide American market, because it does not comply with all legal norms. The cost of such a machine is 1,300,000 dollars. Of course, because of this fact, the corporation lost a lot of competitors, but it did not become poorer from this. At the moment, brand developers are workingfixing some bugs, after the research is over, the organization wants to release the model to a wider audience. The maximum speed of the car is 387 km / h. The company produces about twenty such copies a year. It is also worth noting that this car is among the most expensive cars in the world in 2017 (photo above).

Maybach Landaulet

White car interior
White car interior

This car is probably familiar to almost every car enthusiast. The model is a kind of aristocrat among other sports cars. The modification was created specifically for high-ranking officials (and not only official ones) to appear in public in it with their personal drivers.

Inside the vehicle is quite a cozy white interior. In addition, thanks to a fairly wide body, there is a lot of space in the car. I would like to note the fact that there are some entertainment devices inside. For example, TV, player, mini-bar and more. Guests of the Maybach car can also take advantage of the relaxing massage function. Everything around is covered with mahogany and white leather.

From the characteristics, the vehicle has 612 hp. With. In addition, it is worth noting that this car has an excellent suspension that provides maneuverability to the car. And the existing adaptive system is able to completely protect passengers from shaking and jumps, which is also important. Of course, you will have to pay a tidy sum for such elegance, dynamics and comfort. The cost of such a car is $1,400,000.

AstonMartin One-77

Aston Martin
Aston Martin

Legendary model of the famous British company. This version is considered very mysterious and enigmatic. There are many different legends around her.

Modification was released in only 77 copies. All cars were sold to a single even before the model left the assembly line. Moreover, the cost of this predator is 1,400,000 dollars.

The car impresses with its elegance, comfort and dynamics. The luxurious Aston Martin can accelerate in 3.1 seconds to 100 km/h. And the maximum recorded speed is 354 km/h.

In addition, it is interesting that the model has a naturally aspirated engine. There are a lot of such cars in the world, but "Aston Martin Van-77" is the best among them.

Koenigsegg Agera R

Car of a popular company
Car of a popular company

We don't hear about the Swedish car industry as often as we do about the German one. But nevertheless, the Swedes managed to create a kind of engine development laboratory and in the photo one of the most expensive cars in the world.

This model runs on gasoline as well as biofuel. The car is capable of accelerating up to 440 km / h. The efforts of the developers when creating the vehicle were aimed at making a car with maximum external as well as internal capabilities.

The cost of this vehicle depends on its configuration. The highest price is $1,700,000.

Zenvo ST1

Zenvo car
Zenvo car

About this companymost likely hardly anyone heard from the Russians. But a knowledgeable user will immediately recognize a popular Danish brand in the name. This supercar began to be developed back in 2008. Despite the fact that for some reason automotive experts criticize him, the fact remains. Zenvo's specs are amazing.

The car has 1104 hp. With. In addition, there is an engine of 7 liters, and the cost of the car itself is $ 1,800,000. When buying, the manufacturer also gives the owner a new Swiss watch. And the watch costs fifty thousand dollars.

The company has released only eleven of these copies.

Ferrari 599XX

This car has all the features and standards for mass sales. But for some reason, this Ferrari model, unfortunately, for some reason is not freely available.

In order to become the owner of this development, you must obtain permission from the Ferrari company itself.

The funny thing is that you can't just ride a super sports car. There is a strict ban. You can only drive on specially equipped circuits.

None of the owners are known to this day. Although the price of the model is known. The cost is $2,000,000.

I also want to add that the engine power is 750 hp. with., in addition, the aerodynamics of the machine at the highest level.

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Supersport

Orange and black Bugatti
Orange and black Bugatti

Wishing to buy this sports car was more thantotal models released. The company made only thirty copies. There is nothing better on earth. The car is an absolute record holder.

He appears only on the autofields to impress with his speed and dynamics. The maximum speed of this handsome man is 431 km / h. This car is always ahead, and it will be difficult for anyone to catch up with her.

By the way, this car is hard to miss. Its distinctive orange and black coloration impresses everyone.

The most expensive car brand in the world

Judging by this rating, you might think that the most expensive brand in the world does not exist, but it turns out it is not. "Mercedes" by a wide margin takes the first line. Previously, this place was occupied by the Toyota brand.

Stock cars

In addition, in this article we want to tell you about the five most expensive production cars in the world. Some of the cars that we talked about above are also such, but this rating is more about the most expensive of them.

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

green lamborghini
green lamborghini

This car can be called completely crazy. It accelerates to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds. This model is considered a hypercar, it can be said about every part of it.

Ferrari LaFerrari

Racing car
Racing car

This car is considered a hybrid. Something between a road car and a hypercar. By the way, it is in this case that the electric motor is used not to protect nature, but to increase the total torque power. Pricethis wonderful red predator is 1,300,000 dollars. It is also worth noting that the car accelerates to 100 km / h in just 2.8 seconds.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Extended Wheelbase

Rolls-Royce black
Rolls-Royce black

Another very popular model, but not at all like other cars. This car is very elegant, it does not compete for speed and lightness. The main thing here is comfort, because it was created for completely different purposes. But there is no vibration and noise. Tranquility and peace.

Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

This car immediately attracted all those interested in this topic, as well as rich people.

I would like to note that this machine is versatile and has powerful characteristics. For example, she has 520 liters. with., six-cylinder engine. In addition, the interior of the car has four electrically adjustable seats in the cabin.

Ferrari 812 Superfast

red ferrari
red ferrari

Ferrari calls this model the fastest and most powerful ever. This supercar has a 6.5 liter engine and 800 hp. With. In addition, it accelerates to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds. The only downside is the high cost. The price of such a car is $315,000.


We hope that the article was informative for you, and you managed to find answers to all your questions. In particular, we learned which car is the most expensive in the world.