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Driver's license - category M. Features of obtaining
Driver's license - category M. Features of obtaining

Russian traffic rules are constantly being modified and supplemented. In 2013, the most controversial and discussed were changes in the rights to drive vehicles. A new category M has been introduced, allowing you to drive light quadricycles and mopeds. That is why all car owners are so interested in the peculiarities of obtaining it or opening it in existing documents.

Where and how to get a license?

Category M
Category M

As you know, a car is not a luxury at all, but an optimal means of transportation. Especially if the job is located several kilometers from home. In addition, the labor market changed the requirements for some applicants and added one more requirement to the list of requirements - car ownership. Accordingly, the need for a driver's license has also increased.

Demand creates supply, so driving schools in our time are actively training. And the schedule of classes can be found quite convenient even for a working person. When choosing a driving school, you need to proceed solely from personalpreferences and convenience.

Category A, M and any other can be assigned to a driver who has completed a practical and theoretical course at a state-accredited school. This is the first moment - check the documents of the institution.

To avoid possible troubles, immediately at the conclusion of the contract, specify all the important and interesting points: the number of theoretical and practical classes, the full cost of training, the start time of classes, the possibility of practicing on weekends, etc.

Understanding the categories

According to the federal law of the Russian Federation of May 7, 2013 under the number 92-F3, some changes have been made to the establishment of categories and subcategories of vehicles. Among them are:

  1. Category A and A1. Owners can safely ride all kinds of motorcycles.
  2. Category B and B1, BE. This legally includes cars with less than eight seats and a mass of up to 3.5 tons, as well as tricycles and quadricycles.
  3. Category C, CE and C1, C1E. With such a license, you can drive cars with a total mass of more than 3.5 tons. In addition, C1 is limited to cars with a maximum mass of up to 7.5 tons.
  4. Category D, DE, D1 and D1E. With these cars, you can carry out passenger transportation with the number of seats from 8 to 16.
  5. Category Tm and Tb. If available, trams and buses can be operated respectively.
  6. Category M. Allows you to drive mopeds and light quadricycles.

How is driving school going?

Rights category M
Rights category M

As a rule, the process of obtaining rights to someEither mode of transport takes about 2.5-3 months. To enroll in any driving school in the Russian Federation, you first need to go through a medical commission. In addition, only persons who have reached the age of 16-18 are accepted.

Initially, theory is taught at a driving school. The rules of the road, the structure of the car and first aid skills are studied. It takes several weeks.

The next step for any category, including category M licenses, is practice on the appropriate mode of transport. This includes riding not only in a closed area, but also leaving the city. At the same time, training driving is prohibited on various highways, residential areas or yard areas, as well as on roads that are marked with signs "Road for cars", and in other prohibited areas designated by the traffic police.

The last and most important stage is the passing of internal and external exams. As a rule, they are the same in a driving school and in MREO. Exams consist of two stages - theory and practice. Tests can be taken an unlimited number of times, but they become paid on the second attempt.

Features of obtaining rights to category M

In accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation, every citizen can obtain the right to any type of transport if he meets the selection criteria for age and physical condition.

Persons who have reached the full sixteen years of age can pass to category M. You can start training if you have not yet turned 16, but no more than 2 months are left until your birthday. The main thing is that at the time of deliverytheoretical and practical exams, the coveted age has already been.

Driving license category M
Driving license category M

You can study at any state-licensed institution, such as a driving school or a car club. At the same time, a special agreement is concluded, which specifies all the nuances of future work and interaction.

A citizen who obtains a license for the first time must attend a theoretical course, as well as master the practical skills of driving a moped or scooter. It is not necessary to have your own vehicle. You can get category M on a training moped.

Driver certification is most often carried out at the local traffic police department. First, theory tests are taken, and then driving practice itself.

If all stages are completed, then after a while the driver will get new rights.

How to get category M if there are rights to another category?

Although the law on changes in traffic rules was adopted back in 2013, there is practically no accurate and well-developed base for its implementation. This applies specifically to obtaining rights to the category M.

Now they are just beginning to develop training programs, prepare the material base and special by-laws. However, it has already become known that for those who already have rights to any category, category M opens automatically.

Therefore, experienced drivers do not have to worry about the need for retraining and unnecessary time and cost. The traffic inspector only needs to show his valid license. For those who were deprived of the opportunitydriving, you will have to retake both theory and driving practice.

Documents required for category M in a driving school

Category a M
Category a M

In order to become a full student of a driving school, you must meet the criteria of age and he alth. In addition, for the category of driving license M, a completely standard package of documents is required:

  1. Passport.
  2. Special medical examination certificate. It contains the opinions of such doctors as a therapist, ophthalmologist, surgeon, otolaryngologist, narcologist and psychotherapist.
  3. Certificate of course completion at a driving school (if any).
  4. Effective rights to any other category.

After the presentation of all these documents, the training system is negotiated and a special agreement is concluded between the student and the driving school. It is worth reading it carefully and discussing absolutely all controversial points.

What documents are required in the traffic police?

After passing internal exams, you can proceed to the most important stage. A package of documents is provided to any local traffic police department, as well as when entering a driving school. Most of them are prepared and transmitted in advance by the licensed institution.

Personally examined for obtaining a category of driver's license M brings to the traffic police only a passport and a previously obtained driver's license. And the driving school provides the following documents:

  1. Application signed by student earlier.
  2. Document confirming valid registrationdriver.
  3. Medical certificate and its photocopy.
  4. Document confirming completion of training and passing exams.
  5. Receipt of payment of state duty.

After providing all of the above documents, the responsible traffic police officers appoint the exact place, date and time of the exam.

How to behave in the traffic police?

Rights to category M
Rights to category M

So, all internal exams passed. Ahead is only the most decisive step - an exam in the state inspectorate. Compared to previous checks, this is one of the most important and responsible steps. After all, not only knowledge and driving skills play a role here, but also the excitement of the future driver. And, alas, not everyone can cope with this.

Before you pass on the rights of category M, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Calm down. In this case, it is better not to take any sedative sedative drugs. This may affect your reaction time and the final result of your hand.
  2. Practice. This must be done throughout the entire period of classes, and not on the penultimate day. Remember that you need knowledge not to pass the exam, but to prevent accidents on the road.
  3. Learn rules, not specific tickets. All knowledge should help on the road, even in stressful situations.

What does the new M driver's license look like?

With changes in the legislation of the rules on road safety and some other regulations, driver's documents have also changed. Previously, these were the rights of the Europeanstandard size 8654 mm, indicating personal data and categories.

Driving category M
Driving category M

Now some significant new features have been added, for example:

  1. A unique barcode with personal information.
  2. Microtext with the inscription "Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia" and "Driver's license".
  3. Special Oryol effect for sharp color transitions without shifting, tearing or aliasing.
  4. Color-changing element that changes depending on the angle of inclination.
  5. Numbering rights made using UV radiation.
  6. Added category M in the rights, as well as its validity.
  7. All information is readable in UV and IR.

As you can see, the new driver's license is endowed with all possible degrees of protection. In addition, they are quite small in size, and are protected from moisture and damage by lamination.

International rights: necessary or not?

This question certainly interests people who often travel abroad. As you know, in Europe and most of the civilized countries, the optimal means of transportation is not a car, but a bicycle, or a small moped, or a scooter.

Therefore, a quite reasonable question arises: "Does category M, opened in Russia, operate on the territory of other states?" After all, this vehicle, like any other, can be rented for short or long term.

There are no problems if you received your driver's license after March 2011. According tolegislation, all documents after that moment were brought to international standards, which allows you to travel around Europe on a moped or scooter almost without hindrance.

Get category M
Get category M

But if you still want to acquire international rights, then you should contact the local traffic police department, hand over a standard package of papers and pay the state duty. It won't take much time and effort. International rights for category M will allow you not to worry about translations and any other problems with documents.

How often does a moped or scooter need to be inspected?

For any transport, its physical condition is important, because the life of the driver and bystanders directly depends on it. And this applies not only to cars, trams or buses. Driving category M also forces even a small moped or scooter to undergo regular inspection.

According to the current Russian legislation, such a vehicle must be shown to an expert annually. In addition, it is necessary to additionally draw up a compulsory insurance policy for 6 months or for a year.

Be careful on the roads, have a good trip!

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