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Dodge Lineup: Model Overview

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Dodge Lineup: Model Overview
Dodge Lineup: Model Overview

Dodge is a brand of cars manufactured by Chrysler. Pickup trucks, muscle cars, commercial vehicles and passenger cars are produced under this automobile brand. These cars are not officially delivered to Russia, they can only be purchased on the secondary market. There are not so many different models in the Dodge lineup. Nevertheless, it is worth considering.

Muscle cars

Dodge Challenger is the legendary American muscle car. This is probably the brightest car in the Dodge lineup. The appearance of the car is aggressive, sporty and brutal. The forms are chopped, reminiscent of the first "Challengers" of the seventies. The car feels very heavy and massive. The most popular engine is the 6.4-liter V-shaped "eight" HEMI. It allows the car to exchange the first hundred in just 4.5 seconds. There's also the same turbocharged engine that delivers incredible power.

Dodge Charger

The Dodge Charger is another formidable car brand - just like the Challenger, a very bright representative of the lineupDodge. In fact, the design is very similar to the Challenger, but with smooth lines. Another difference is that it is a sedan. Interior materials are of very high quality. A number of engines are absolutely identical to those of the older brother.


Dodge Journey - the original vehicle that combines the outlines of an SUV, station wagon and minivan. In addition, the Journey has the very unique exterior design that is characteristic of all Dodge models. The interior does not look very attractive compared to the exterior. At the same time, the level of trim and the number of additional options just rolls over.

Dodge Journey

The Dodge Grand Caravan is an attractive, solid family car. The large body of the minivan looks attractive thanks to the headlights, reminiscent of a hawk, a pronounced side part and an attractive rear part of the car. Not everyone will like the interior of the car due to some plumpness. The interior uses very high quality and pleasant to the touch materials.

In the line of engines, oddly enough, there is only one engine - a non- alternative V-shaped six-cylinder with a capacity of two hundred and eighty-three horsepower. It is also worth mentioning that the car has amazing handling thanks to McPherson independent suspension


The Dodge pickup lineup consists of just one representative.

dodge ram

The Dodge Ram has been in production for many years and never loses its popularity. Pickups are very practicalcars, because they can carry almost everything. In America, this class of cars is very popular compared to other countries, and its price in America is no more expensive than some C-class sedan.

The new generation of this brutal monster turned out to be very futuristic and aggressive. The salon looks like you got into some kind of spaceship. There are both double cabins and five-seater cabins. The same familiar 5.7-liter HEMI welcomes the engine lineup.


In the photo, the Dodge lineup looks like one whole, the design is summed up to one style of performance. Therefore, the work of this outstanding automaker now looks no worse than the legendary cars of the past.

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