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How to reduce fuel consumption by 100 km on VAZ-2114

How to reduce fuel consumption by 100 km on VAZ-2114
How to reduce fuel consumption by 100 km on VAZ-2114

The eight-valve injection car VAZ-2114 cannot be called economical in modern realities simply because of old age. The technical specifications state that the fuel consumption of the VAZ-2114 per 100 km when driving in the city should be within 8.5 liters, and in the suburban mode it decreases to 6.5–7 liters. However, there are no cars that exactly match the manufacturer's specifications, and over the years, the engine and other systems wear out, which affects fuel consumption. This figure is also influenced by other indicators, such as, for example, driving style. How to reduce fuel consumption on VAZ-2114?

vaz engines specifications

The most obvious

First, the owner needs to conduct a small technical inspection of his car. Not everyone knows that it is possible to reduce the fuel consumption of carsby choosing the right tire size. This, as well as the quality of tires, gives a better rolling and, consequently, lower fuel consumption, because the narrower the tire, the less rolling resistance it has. This allows you to reduce consumption.

Tire pressure needs to be checked as well. Reduced pressure can increase fuel consumption per 100 km in the VAZ-2114 by 15%! Involved in increased gas mileage may be faulty CV joints and wheel bearings if they are poorly adjusted, smeared or worn.

Air resistance

Aerodynamics is serious business. For car owners, this may not be obvious, but the air resistance coefficient of the VAZ-2114 is much higher compared to the VAZ-2109. "Nine" has Cx equal to 0.463, and "fourteenth" - Cx=0.445! Of course, when compared with modern cars, this is, frankly, not a fountain. But for the “seven” it is 0.55. The best aerodynamics among the VAZ line for the “ten”: 0.33–0.35.

Any plastic body kit can degrade aerodynamic performance. For example, a hood deflector increases drag by 3%. Window deflectors can boost it another 1.2%.

how to reduce fuel consumption on a vaz 2114


The most obvious is loading the car. Carry only the essentials in it. The trailer is able to increase fuel consumption per 100 km for the VAZ-2114 by 35-40%. The roof rack also greatly affects the aerodynamics, and adds weight to the car. This point should not be underestimated, given that the specificationsengine VAZ model 2114 are the following figures: a gasoline engine with a volume of 1.5 liters and a power of only 78 liters. With. or 1.6 liters with a capacity of 81 liters. s.

Electrical load is also an important point, because the more energy consumers in the car, the higher the fuel consumption. Xenon spotlights or two pairs of halogen lamps, for example, already create a fairly powerful load.

vaz 2114 fuel consumption reason


It's not always about external and rather simple things. Quite often, motorists deal with various sensor malfunctions. Direct fuel consumption per 100 km for the VAZ-2114 and other vehicles depends on the mass air flow sensor. In addition to it, the flow rate can be increased due to the idle speed controller, lambda probe, throttle position sensor, idle speed sensor, speed sensor. A faulty fuel pump can also greatly affect fuel consumption per 100 km. VAZ-2114 is equipped with an electric fuel pump, most of the parts of which are made of plastic, so the resource of this car element is not very high.

Checking the operation of the fuel pump is easy. The fuel rail has a place for connecting a pressure gauge. It is used to measure pressure. The normal indicator is 370–400 kPa. Typical symptoms of a malfunction are unstable idling, unstable engine tripping, high carbon monoxide content in the exhaust gases, and a drop in power at high speeds. If there are any, you need to check the pump on the stand.

vaz 2114reason for fuel consumption

Idling sensor

In the case of a carburetor that can be adjusted with a simple screwdriver, increased fuel consumption per 100 km for the VAZ-2114 is much easier to eliminate than with an injector. Here the idle speed sensor should be blamed in the first place. Diagnostics of this sensor does not exist, however, its malfunction can be judged by the characteristic symptoms. The most obvious is "swimming" and idle instability. The car refuses to idle at all, the engine stalls when coasting or during a short pause when shifting gears. Also, a malfunction of the idle speed sensor is indicated by the absence of high revolutions during a cold start.

This reason for fuel consumption on the VAZ-2114 is treated only by replacing the sensor, however, before replacing it, other options should be excluded.

Throttle position sensor

This sensor is located in the throttle assembly, and the symptoms of its failure are similar to those indicated above, but this malfunction can be "discussed" by the car's self-diagnosis system. Accordingly, if any, this sensor should be changed. If not, then the idle speed sensor is probably the culprit, of course, if there is a working fuel pump.

fuel consumption of cars

Driving style

Surprisingly, some motorists do not realize that increased fuel consumption is not associated with the technical characteristics of the VAZ engine, not with sensor failures, but only with driving style. When driving on the highway optim alto save fuel is to drive at a speed of 90 km / h with smooth acceleration. The latter also applies to city driving: sharp acceleration with a “pedal to the floor” forces the on-board computer to give a command to inject more fuel, which ensures rapid acceleration. Of course, in city conditions it is not always possible to accelerate smoothly, but you should remember this and avoid depressing the pedal, this will help reduce fuel consumption.

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