"Kama Breeze": customer reviews

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"Kama Breeze": customer reviews
"Kama Breeze": customer reviews

Cheap Russian-made car tires rarely get rave reviews from motorists. This is due to the fact that low-quality materials are used in its production, and the technical process was debugged back in the Soviet Union. However, there are more modern models that may not be inferior in performance to the proposals of well-known foreign companies. One of them is Kama Breeze, reviews of which, surprisingly, are pretty good. This tire can keep the brand despite the low cost, so it is interesting to buy for many drivers. Let's consider its main distinguishing features and get acquainted with the reviews left by drivers in order to understand which moments attract them the most and which ones are disadvantages.

Model and its purpose

tires covered in dust
tires covered in dust

The model has been produced for quite a short time, it was already developed using modern developments. As the name implies, it belongs to the class of summer tires recommended for use in the warm season. The manufacturer positions it as a budget solution for small cars. So, its model range includes sizes that are installed on wheels with a diameter of 13 to 15 inches. According to reviews of "Kame Breeze 18560 R14", it will look good on domestic classics, as well as budget and old foreign cars. Some of the larger models will also fit today's low cost new cars.

Universal protector

The main thing in any tire is the tread pattern, which provides traction with the road surface. This model uses the classic layout of tread blocks, developed a long time ago. True, it was improved with the help of computer modeling, due to which individual blocks were rearranged in a different place, and some of them received additional slots that form the coupling edges. Reviews of Kame Breeze prove that this approach really improved the tyre's grip.

The tread has a pronounced central rib that provides directional stability while riding on the track, especially at high speed. It makes it possible not to worry about maintaining the direction of movement after overcoming a small obstacle, whether it be a stone or a small pothole. The side tread blocks are responsible for maneuvering and take on the load that occurs in the process of making a sharp maneuver at speed, as well as enteringinto a sharp turn without braking.

tires kama breeze reviews
tires kama breeze reviews

Advanced Management

This rubber model can be called very responsive and obedient, as it allows you to easily control the car. The arrangement of the tread elements is made in such a way that there are edges on the working surface in all directions. As emphasized in the reviews of the Kama Breeze tires, this approach provided a quick and confident response to commands given using the steering device.

This parameter is especially important for those drivers who often travel on roads with high accident rates. It is a quick response that allows you to avoid an emergency and preserve the integrity of the car, the life of the driver and passengers.

Drainage system

The Kama Breeze car tire, reviews of which we will discuss in more detail a little later, was developed taking into account local climatic conditions, which include such a weather phenomenon that is not uncommon in summer, like heavy rains. To ensure that the driver does not have problems with driving in the rain, a good and thoughtful drainage system is required that will drain water from the contact patch with the track outside the tire.

kama breeze 175 65 r14 reviews
kama breeze 175 65 r14 reviews

For this, the manufacturer has provided two wide grooves along the edges of the central rib, which helps to overcome the surface tension of water without any problems. Moisture enters the grooves, and blocks with directional slots along the edges push it to the edges of the tire. Moisture leaves freelyworking area through the lamellas between the side tread elements. As drivers say in reviews of Kame Breeze 17565 R14, their width is quite enough so that even if they fall into a deep puddle, there is no delay in drainage, which could lead to the effect of aquaplaning. A machine equipped with these tires is reliably protected from skidding during rain.

Dirt roads

The rubber is positioned primarily as a model for driving on paved tracks, it is able to cope with various types of dirt roads. According to reviews of the Kame Breeze 132, it is its versatility that allows the tire to be used without problems in the suburban area and while traveling to the country.

The main work when driving on the primer is no longer performed by the central rib, which has a smooth structure, but by the side elements with good rowing characteristics. Wide slots between them provide good grip not only with compacted soil, but also with loose sand and mud. Problems can only arise on clay soil or very oily black soil, since there is a high probability of slip due to the lack of edges in the central part of the working area.

kama breeze 132 reviews
kama breeze 132 reviews

Rubber compound

In order to increase the life of the tire and make it more durable, the manufacturer has done a great job of modifying the existing rubber compound formula. As a result, more synthetic silica appeared in it. "Kama Breeze NK 132", reviews confirm this, provides sufficientelasticity, but does not allow the tire to become too soft during the heat.

To prevent premature wear of the tread, silicon compounds were added to the composition - silicic acid and its derivatives. This component binds together the rest of the chemical elements without increasing the rigidity of the tire. Thus, it becomes more resistant to abrasion and is able to last much longer.

kama breeze nk 132 reviews
kama breeze nk 132 reviews

Positive feedback about the model

In order to get a complete picture of product quality, you should familiarize yourself with the detailed driver's reviews of the "Kame Breeze 17565 R14". The following positive points are most often mentioned in them:

  • Low cost. Car tires will be affordable even for drivers of the old classics, as they have an affordable price that does not hit the pocket.
  • Low noise level. Thanks to smooth rolls between the tread blocks, the rubber is practically silent and allows you to make long trips truly comfortable, saving the driver and passengers from unpleasant acoustic effects.
  • Confident management. As repeatedly mentioned in reviews of the Kama Breeze, the rubber holds the road well and is obedient to the commands transmitted by the driver using the steering wheel.
  • Good hydroplaning resistance. A high-quality and thoughtful drainage system allows you not to worry about traffic safety when traveling during heavy rain or immediately after it.
  • Problem-free maneuvering. According to reviews about"Kama Breeze R13", tires are not afraid of sharp maneuvers at high speed, arising from the need to get ahead of someone or avoid an emergency situation.
  • Pleasant softness. The rubber compound is made from high-quality components that have optimal softness in various weather conditions. Some drivers note that it is even enough to drive until the very frosts without performance degradation.
  • kama breeze r13 reviews
    kama breeze r13 reviews

Cons noted in reviews

Among the key drawbacks of this tire are rather weak sidewalls. They are not strong enough to withstand the severe impacts that can result from interaction with poor or destroyed road surfaces, as well as crossings over tram tracks without damage. Some drivers who wrote reviews about Kame Breeze 18560 R14, after such blows, hernias formed on the sidewalls, due to which the rubber had to be changed, since such damage cannot be repaired.

Another downside is poor control at the exit from the conveyor line, as some examples require quite serious balancing with heavy loads.

kama breeze by car
kama breeze by car


The model can be called the best solution for those who want to buy high-quality, but at the same time inexpensive tires for a budget compact car. It has some disadvantages noted in the reviews of Kame Breeze, but at the same time it also has an impressive number of advantages, and lowthe price can completely cover the presence of the above minuses.