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What are marker lights for? Requirements for them

What are marker lights for? Requirements for them
What are marker lights for? Requirements for them

In order to always have increased safety on the road, cars have parking lights. They are also called parking lots. Place them on the front and back of the car on the sides. If a person travels in the dark, then they must glow. They should also be left on if the driver has parked on the side of the road or made an emergency stop on the road.

In the article, we will consider what parking lamps are for, what functions they perform and how much they cost. Separately, we highlight the process of replacing lights, with which no difficulties should arise.

Clearance front lights

Parking light functions

The most important option for parking lights is to attract all kinds of attention from other drivers. Thanks to them, in the dark season, you can assess what size the car has. It makes no sense to turn them on during the day, since they have very low power, respectively, in natural light conditions, the lamps are not noticeablewill. Therefore, in Russia, a rule has been adopted under which all cars must drive during the day with running lights on.

Front lights

It should be noted that the front position lights can be called completely different terms. The most popular are the sidelights.

There are parking lamps along the edges of the front of the car. They are located parallel to each other. In some models, you can find these lamps on the wings. Often this arrangement is present in trucks, as well as in older cars.

Front marker lights should only glow white. You need to turn them on either at night, or if there is poor visibility on the road. In the latter case, they are activated together with the lights that are responsible for the dipped or main beam, as well as with foglights.

For the first time such lamps were installed by an American company. It happened in 1968. Since then, they have been called a mandatory attribute of any car, so they are still being installed. This is due to the fact that the lights have reduced the accident rate on the road by up to 50%.

parking lights

Rear lights

The location of the rear position lamps, in principle, is similar to the above method. They are located on the side part parallel to each other. However, their glow should only be red.

If we are talking about buses or other large vehicles, then you need to place such lamps not only at the bottom of the car, but also at the top. This is done so that you can understand what size thevehicle. You need to turn on these lights both while driving on a dark day, and when stopping on the road.

rear lights

Pen alties

There is no article in the Code of the Russian Federation that would provide for pen alties for not turning on the marker lights. This also includes heavy pollution or any breakdowns.

However, there is an article number 12.5. It states that a warning (or a fine of 500 rubles) is due for non-compliance of lighting devices with all requirements. They are spelled out in a special operating permit.

Thus, you can get a fine if the parking lights are not replaced on time, or they burn with the wrong light. It is allowed to issue a monetary pen alty to the inspector at the site of the violation.

Replacing bulbs

Very many are interested in how to replace the described light bulbs. This is a fairly easy procedure.

It is necessary to open the hood, remove the protective cover, which is located on the headlight. Next, remove the base. To do this, you need to scroll it counterclockwise. Then you need to remove the light bulb and replace it with a new one.


You can buy front or rear marker lights, in principle, for 300 rubles. This is the cost of a pair of light bulbs at once. However, if you want to buy better optics, then it will cost about 2 - 3 thousand rubles.

Marker lamps

Light device

At the moment, either halogen or LED lamps are installed. It must be remembered thatthe overall device should glow no brighter than a brake light or turn signals. This is pretty important. This aspect must be considered when choosing a light bulb.

Today, drivers recommend purchasing LED blocks because they consume the least amount of electricity. Such devices will last about 100 thousand hours. However, they are quite expensive when compared with incandescent or halogen bulbs.

If the car is not designed to use LEDs, then during their installation, a malfunction sensor may be triggered. Therefore, you will have to install a special resistor in front of them, which will stabilize the voltage. This is due to the fact that the power of the lamps is much lower than that of halogen appliances. Accordingly, the car dashboard knocks out an error.

Most often, the markers turn on themselves when the low beam headlights are on. In some car models, you can find a function that allows you to control all the on and off of these lights separately. This is necessary if the driver wants to park in a tight parking lot.

For cargo vehicles, many use special reflectors. They reflect the light that comes from other cars.

Audi's lights


Be sure to use marker lamps in order to protect yourself and the car from accidents on the road. Thanks to them, other drivers will judge the size of the vehicle and will be able to avoid a collision. On foggy days, the headlights perform the same function, giving signals to others.machines. It is cheaper to purchase and install clearance lamps than to repair the vehicle later.

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