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Faulty VAZ-2110: no spark. 8 valve injector: possible causes of the problem

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Faulty VAZ-2110: no spark. 8 valve injector: possible causes of the problem
Faulty VAZ-2110: no spark. 8 valve injector: possible causes of the problem

All possible breakdowns of VAZ-2110 cars are conditionally divided into three types. These are problems in the fuel supply system, various failures in electronics and electrics, as well as more global troubles (ICE, gearbox). If the car has problems in the ignition system, then they immediately make a diagnosis - the spark has disappeared. Let's look at why there is no spark on the VAZ-2110 (injector, 8 valves). So, what are the causes of such a malfunction?

Possible reasons for absence

Most modern cars are equipped with many sensors. They make life easier for the car owner and complicate repairs. In the electronics responsible for the operation of the injection engine, there are several sensors responsible for the sparking process. But the reasons that there is no spark (VAZ-2110, injector, 8 valves) may be in other nodes. There are several types of possible breakdowns. The first can be attributed to various problems in the fuel system of the car.This includes malfunctions in which fuel cannot enter the cylinders or the supply is malfunctioning.

vaz 2110 no spark injector 8 valves

If there is no spark (VAZ-2110, injector, 8 valves), then this may be due to the fuel system. The pump relay or the submersible element itself often fails. The check is performed "by ear".

Next are the electrical problems. These are one of the most common faults. With such breakdowns, an electric discharge does not come to the candle. Naturally, the mixture will not be ignited. Among the global problems are the complete failure of the engine, a broken timing belt. It is not worth dwelling on these malfunctions.

Diagnostic Methods

Why did the spark disappear (VAZ-2110, injector, 8 valves)? The problem should be clarified as thoughtfully as possible and in several stages. And in order for the search for the cause to be successful, you will need a multimeter, as well as a spark gap.

Stage one

Usually, the symptoms of a problem are as follows: the starter spins properly in its standard mode, but the engine does not want to start. One of the most likely causes is a fuel pump that won't start. By the way, on injector "tens" it is submersible and is placed directly in the tank.

no spark vaz 2110 injector 8 valves

You can check the element by the presence of the sound of work. Turn on the ignition - there should be a rumble in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe rear seats. Sometimes it is missing. In this case, check the fuses. VAZ-2110 is an injection car, and a fuse boxhere located on the side of the center console on the passenger side. It is necessary to unscrew the fasteners, then remove the cover, check the fuses for operability and, if necessary, replace them. If the elements are fully functional, then you need to check whether the relay will turn on, both the main one and the fuel pump. The moment of inclusion can be felt with a finger. A distinctive click will also be heard.

If the fuel pump is operational, use a pressure gauge to check the presence of fuel in it. If there is no pressure gauge, then press the spool at the end of the fuel rail. This element may be in a protective cap. The pressure will be quite noticeable, although its power cannot be determined. A running pump and no pressure may indicate an obstruction in the fuel line. This could be caused by a clogged fuel filter.

Stage Two

If there is no spark on the VAZ-2110 (injector, 8 valves), then spark plugs are often the cause. Naturally, they are checked if the fuel pump is working. It is best to use a spark gap for testing. If the current is distributed to two candles, then there is always a breakdown "to ground".

why there is no spark on the vaz 2110 injector 8 valves

A variant is possible when there was a wire break on the ignition coil, or breaks appeared on its winding. If the VAZ-2110 car does not have a spark (injector, 8 valves) on two wires, then the reasons may be in a non-working ignition coil or controller. In two cases, there is a possibility of rupturehigh voltage wires. This option should be checked first. Look at the level of resistance. Normal readings are up to 200 kOhm.

Ignition module and coil

Here you can check the error codes that are in the car's memory. If the ECU does not have a diagnostic function, you should install a known-good module.

what to do if the spark disappeared in a vaz 2110 car

You can find out why there is no spark on the VAZ-2110 (injector, 8 valves) using a faulty controller. It is also possible to break the wires from the controller to the ignition coil. If there is no spark on each of the coils, it is worth making sure that there is power. If there is no electrical discharge for some reason, then the element must be replaced. The ignition module works in the system. Therefore, it would be useful to check the "minus".

Possible errors of VAZ injectors

Codes can signal malfunctions of any parts and assemblies in the car. Most often this is due to sensors. Temperature sensors are especially affected - they overheat. Also, motorists complain about the injectors. Problems appear due to breaks in the circuit. As a result, they cannot work on time. This also includes a popular breakdown on the VAZ-2110 - there is no spark. The 8 valve injector cannot start properly because of this.

vaz 2110 injector missing spark what is the reason

Now about engine errors. The most common of these is overheating. Candles also overheat, so the spark disappears. As a result, the motor does not supply anysigns of life. The next thing to consider is the valves. These parts may be too dirty, resulting in their complete closure. They do not pass the necessary mixture of air and fuel. And finally, the fans - if they are not working, then the power unit will constantly overheat.

Other malfunctions

If the starter does not rotate, then the spark disappears between the ignition switch and this element. Often this happens with a discharged or faulty battery. A normal battery, when tested, shows at least 11.8 V. A faulty ignition cylinder will appear immediately when the driver inserts and turns the key. If the key is too easy or too hard to turn, the lock must be replaced. The starter relay or ignition system is also one of the possible reasons for the lack of a spark. But you can't check these nodes yourself. The "retractor" device may jam in the starter. In this case, the spark disappears along the way. Experienced car enthusiasts hit the starter with a wrench or hammer to return the spark. But this is only true in the field.

what to do if the spark disappeared in a vaz 2110 car

What to do if the spark disappeared in the VAZ-2110 car? Check the starter in the garage with a battery. If you press the body of the device to the “minus” of the battery, and stretch the “plus” wire to the “retractor”, then the device comes to life. Often the spark can disappear where power is supplied to the starter. This circuit is best checked with a multimeter. One cannot cope here - the assistant will work as a key at the time of executionmeasurements.


When the spark disappeared on the VAZ-2110 (injector), what is the reason is difficult to immediately determine. Perhaps the problem lies in the corny oxidized contacts. In some cases, the situation can be corrected by cleaning the terminals from oxides. Especially worth paying attention to the wire from the ground that goes to the battery. In 80 percent of cases, the problem with difficult starting is solved in this way.

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