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Modification of cars and tasks of cargo transportation

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Modification of cars and tasks of cargo transportation
Modification of cars and tasks of cargo transportation

The economy of any country rests on transport. Freight trains, aircraft, motor ships and the most extensive segment of vehicles - trucks. There are several types and subtypes of road transport: dump trucks, flatbed trucks, auto-refrigerators, multi-ton trucks and special equipment on a car chassis, such as concrete mixers and fire trucks.


car modification

All trucks perform one task - to transport goods. However, there are modifications of trucks that allow you to bring the equipment as close as possible to the operating conditions. Huge BelAZ dump trucks are involved in large open pits of the mining industry, with a carrying capacity of 25-27 tons. Giants successfully work on the transportation of ore and minerals within open pit mines. However, the modification of cars makes it possible to create such vehicles of the BelAZ brand, which, if necessary, can carry cargo over long distances (the speed on the highway for cars of this class is up to 64km/h).

Middle class

truck modifications

Smaller dump trucks - "KamAZ", "MAZ", "KrAZ" and similar brands - can fit in their body from 12 to 18 tons of coal, cement or crushed stone, as well as any other bulk building materials. The plants provide for the modification of vehicles with side unloading, with a deep body or an elongated body profile. Dump trucks are easy to operate, they have the highest efficiency. Used in local areas for freight transportation over short distances. Transportation of goods over long distances falls on another category of vehicles - flatbed trucks.

Cars of the past

kamaz car modification

Until 1976, in the USSR, all freight traffic across the country fell on the ZIL car park (the Likhachev plant) and GAZ (Gorky Automobile Plant). These factories produce and modify cars. The well-known ZIL-130 was the most common carrier, reliable and unpretentious, it practically did not break. In parallel with it, cars of the GAZ family worked (these were no less reliable GAZ-51 and GAZ-52, which were also produced in several modifications). In the early seventies, there was a shortage of freight transport in the country. In this regard, the plant-auto giant KamAZ (Kama Automobile Plant) was built in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny, which began to produce diesel trucks.

KamAZ modifications

gas modification

Currently, KamAZ produces a number of diesel trucks and, simultaneously with the release, a modification of the KamAZ car is carried out. So, for example, among the onboard vehicles there are 12 modifications, including the Mustang-4326 and the low-profile 43253. Truck tractors 44108, 5460 and others are also produced - a total of 6 modifications; dump trucks 43255, 45141, 53605, as well as 45142 and 45143 (agricultural) - 12 modifications in total. A separate production produces about 20 modifications of low-profile chassis for military equipment. And finally, KamAZ sports cars (codes - 4911, 4925 and 4926-9) periodically leave the factory assembly line, which successfully perform in various competitions, such as the Paris-Dakar rally marathon. Car modification significantly expands the capabilities of the entire vehicle fleet for the transportation of goods.

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