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Decarbonizing "Laurel": reviews, instructions. Liquid "Laurel" for engine decoking
Decarbonizing "Laurel": reviews, instructions. Liquid "Laurel" for engine decoking

During the crisis, many people are placed in a fairly tough position, starting with ordinary citizens and ending with representatives of large businesses. The automotive market turned out to be the most prone to various problems, and difficulties began to appear on it at the end of 2014, because it was from that time that experts noted an increase in the life of various cars. Every person today is trying to delay as much as possible the moment when his old, proven car will need to be changed to a new car, using a wide variety of means, one of which is Lavr decarbonization. Reviews about this product can be found mostly positive, but in order to finally decide on a purchase, you need to understand the principle of operation and the benefits of this tool.

Car service today is a place where drivers prefer not so much to fix various malfunctions as to prevent problems related to the age and mileage of the car. An intermediate means of such prevention is specialized autochemistry.

How did she come about?

decarbonization with laurel reviews

Immediately after various cars began to actively spread in the USSR, each owner knew that periodically it was necessary to clean the piston rings from various contaminants. At the same time, the fuel burned much worse in those days compared to the current one, and sludge formed rather quickly on the surface of the parts. Today, everyone can do decarbonization with Lavr to get rid of such malfunctions, but at the same time they had to come up with something else.

The oil was also of much lower quality, so it quickly oxidized on the cylinder walls, forming a film and getting into the piston grooves. Among other things, during the combustion process, soot was gradually formed, mixing with this film, thus forming extremely resistant hard deposits that block the operation of the pistons.

Motorists tried to deal with such pollution by any available means, for example, they left kerosene in the engine overnight, and over time they began to use special solvents more often. Desperate car owners did not stop at the risk of being left without a vehicle at all. In addition, the effectiveness of such compounds was practically absent, and even today many motorists are not afraid to experiment to the detriment of themselves. Some have completely forgotten about the need to carry out such a procedure, relying entirely on the additives that are added to modern oils, as well as conditionally high fuel standards.

Since then, automotive chemistryhas made significant progress, and today many people use Lavr decoking fluid for these purposes, but it is also not omnipotent, as it may seem to many.

How does LAVR help delay major repairs?

It is quite natural that the overhaul of the engine for most motorists is the most terrible event, as these are enormous expenses, and the need for such a procedure suggests that the car is currently completely unusable. That is why, in order to avoid such situations, a special decarbonization "Laurel" is used. The reviews say that the savings with the help of such a tool are quite tangible, because today the cost of overhauling most cars of the middle and budget class fluctuates around 50,000 rubles, while the drug costs only 400. But this remedy is not a panacea that eliminates need for repair, but only prevention, so it will be useful to understand whether serious savings are actually being achieved.

New car service trend

liquid laurel for engine decoking

It is worth noting the fact that today even many car services have gradually begun to include in their price list such a service as decarbonizing with Lavr. Reviews of experts on this matter suggest that this is a rather profitable activity, since not all motorists can carry out this procedure on their own, despite the fact that they have this opportunity. For professionals, this is a labor-intensive procedure, and it can be easily carried out on the street,since it does not provide for the need to place the machine in the service. Thus, many companies provide themselves with genuine gratitude from customers and their more active flow, and, consequently, profit. All this is provided by decarbonization by Lavr. Reviews of the masters indicate that the flow of cars for this procedure is almost continuous. The reason is that it needs to be carried out every year or every 30,000 km, which means that the person who has already done it is guaranteed to become a regular customer of this service.

What are the benefits?

Lavr fluid for engine decoking is absolutely safe for various equipment, so its use completely eliminates the possibility of any conflict situations or complaints from customers.

The procedure is extremely easy to use, so the owner of such a business does not have to allocate additional funds to train the masters - just read the instructions for the drug and follow it correctly. If the Lavr liquid for engine decoking is dosed correctly, the consumption of the drug in a car service can even be registered.

It is worth noting that such a procedure was carried out by Soviet motorists, but LAVR is the first company to launch the drug on the mass market, and at the moment there are no products that would surpass ML 202 in their technical characteristics. A separate advantage of this tool is thatthe car service does not need to allocate additional costs for equipment, since all the tools necessary for the procedure are included in the package of the drug itself, which is another significant advantage of it.

Interesting facts about decarbonization

make a laurel decarbonizer

Despite the fact that it has been possible to do decarbonizing with Lavr for a long time, motorists have formed many different prejudices and stereotypes regarding this procedure, many of which are not true. That is why next we will try to make out a few main points.

Modern engines don't need decarbonization

Of course, over the past few years, the situation with oil and fuel has improved significantly, because in Soviet times, few could even start without using a blowtorch, but despite this, the problem of coking not only did not disappear, but also seriously worsened. Technology has become more advanced, the gaps between the grooves and piston rings have decreased, but this has led to the greater vulnerability of modern systems. Also, a slight layer of deposits eventually leads to engine malfunctions, over time, deposits accumulate more and more, and problems only become more serious - compression drops, detonation occurs, wear accelerates, and then serious breakdowns appear. If you are not going to spend money on major repairs, then proper decarbonization with Lavr can help.

Versatility of the product

liquid for decarbonizing laurel

Of course, "Laurel" is a fairly effective tool, but in fact it is far from universal and primarily performs a repair and preventive function. If the engine is too worn, then no procedure other than a complete overhaul and replacement of parts will be able to return the system to working condition.

Additives and Flushing Fluids

laurel decarbonization instruction

Many believe that these procedures save you from any problems, so decarbonization is not necessary at all. In fact, the most effective way to remove various deposits is through "immersion", when the decoking composition is poured directly into the cylinders. At the same time, getting to the technological holes is far from easy, and you have to use special tools, as well as create comfortable conditions for yourself (it is better not to carry out such work on the street in bad weather). That is why it is recommended to decoke the engine during the scheduled replacement of candles or oil.

The amount of fluid affects cleaning

The volume of fluid should be sufficient to wet the car pistons well. In the vast majority of cases, the volume of drugs is calculated so that it is enough to process each cylinder. Of course, if you fill in 50-60 ml more than the standard dosage, this will not affect the efficiency of the engine, but it is still not recommended to fill in the product in large quantities.

The liquid shouldperfect surface cleaning

agent for decarbonizing rings laurel

"Laurel" is a drug that cleans medium and high degrees of coking, but at the same time it often happens that in old engines deposits are already so "bored" to the parts that they hold them like cement mortar, and it is not even recommended to clean such systems white-to-white. Also worth noting is the fact that solutions that are too caustic can cause engine damage.

But in any case, LAVR is considered more effective than analogues and standard solvents.

How is this procedure performed?

Now let's talk about how the Laurel liquid is used. Decarbonization (instruction below) does not take much time if you follow the instructions for this product correctly and select the desired dosage. The procedure itself is done as follows:

  • The engine is warming up to operating temperature, which should be more than 70 ⁰С.
  • The ignition system is turned off. To do this, you can remove the connector from the ignition coil or Hall sensor. Thanks to this, you can get rid of the possible ignition of the vapors of this drug, as well as the breakdown of various elements of the system.
  • The spark plugs are removed. If the procedure is carried out in a diesel engine, the glow plugs or injectors are removed.
  • The pistons are set to a position close to the middle, while the crankshaft must be rotated by the pulley fastening nut or using the drive wheel whentransfers. You can use a long feeler gauge inserted through the access hole to determine the piston position.
  • Through the syringe, pour the Laurel decarbonizing liquid into each cylinder in equal volume. After that, close the technological holes so that a “steam bath” forms in the combustion chamber.
  • Now we have to wait. For an express procedure, you need to wait at least one hour, but with serious coking, the exposure time of the drug should increase up to 12 hours. In order for the liquid to more effectively seep into the lower part of the cylinders, it is periodically possible to move the pistons in different directions.
  • Free technological holes. The remaining liquid is removed with a syringe, after which the cylinders are purged with compressed air. Now you will need to fully depress the accelerator pedal, and then turn the engine shaft using the starter two or three times for five seconds. At the same time, it is recommended to cover the technological holes with some kind of dense cloth so that the “Laurel” ring decarbonizer does not splatter.
  • Install dismantled parts and assemblies. Be sure to do an additional check for correct assembly.
  • Start the engine and let it idle for 5-10 minutes to reach operating temperature. It should be noted right away that a short smoke may appear, since the liquid for decarbonizing the Lavr rings remaining inside will burn out, and this smoke is not dangerous for catalysts.
  • Clean your engine with a product designedfor flushing the lubrication system, or using a special preparation LAVR.
  • In order to completely get rid of soot, it is recommended to drive the first few kilometers at a slightly high speed.

This is the decarbonization offered by Lavr. The instructions are extremely simple, and the work may well be carried out by experienced motorists and in garage conditions, so if you are confident in your abilities, you do not need to contact car services at all.

What do the reviews say?

laurel decoking agent

Most people liked the product of the Lavr company - a decarbonizer - quite liked it, and they note the positive effect of its use. Among the benefits of using this fluid are the following:

  • Significant reduction in oil consumption with active pedaling (about 10-20%).
  • After the decarbonization of the diesel engine "Laurus" was carried out, the engine began to run quieter for many. The same effect occurs in gasoline units, and vibrations also disappear.
  • The equipment has become more docile at high speeds and acceleration, and also has a more pleasant sound.

Some people who used the composition of "Laurus" for decoking say that they did not see any noticeable effect, and such remedies do not really help with problems that arise, and rings are easier to replace than to carry out these manipulations.

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