Car "Cob alt-Chevrolet": photo, specifications, reviews

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Car "Cob alt-Chevrolet": photo, specifications, reviews
Car "Cob alt-Chevrolet": photo, specifications, reviews

"Chevrolet-Cob alt" is a second-generation car, the production of which began in 2011. Initially, the car was offered only in South America. Later, the car entered the markets of the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe. Such machines were equipped with a 1.4-liter engine. In Russia, an Uzbek-assembled car appeared only in 2013.

Car "Cob alt"
Car "Cob alt"

Pro Cob alt

For a long time, the American market was a priority for the compact car of the Cob alt series. From the first half of 2019, the company plans to start deliveries of machines to European countries. An updated version of the Chevrolet Cob alt 2019 will be sold, which is developed in comparison with its predecessor in a budget version.

If we look at the photo of the Cob alt car, which survived the last restyling, we can say that it is presented as a typical sample of the current American car, designed in a sports style. In the listThe advantages of the latest model are the modern layout and high-quality interior design.

According to the company's specialists, the advanced sedan is based on the foundations of road safety technology and technical parameters that guarantee the full development of the resource of the material part with the lowest costs for service and repair work.

The Cob alt was designed using classic Chevrolet design lines - a double grille and a gold-plated bow tie emblem. Twin headlights with LED indicators, gray trim pieces combined with chrome horizontal slats located in the middle of the lower air intakes make the car look even more stylish and modern. The shape of the front bumper is designed to increase the aerodynamic qualities of the car.

Characteristic "Chevrolet Cob alt"
Characteristic "Chevrolet Cob alt"


The history of Cob alt in the US ended when the first generation models were discontinued. In the countries of the Middle East, the CIS, South America, this sedan received a second life, but with an improved appearance, other overall dimensions and even a different GM Gamma platform. The main market for the second generation Cob alt was Brazil, then only other countries. In 2011, the production of this machine was launched in Uzbekistan.

Exterior "Chevrolet Cob alt"
Exterior "Chevrolet Cob alt"


The updated bodywork shows a number of decorative elements that are located on the front side of the front end. in frontal projectionthe car "Cob alt" shows a gentle slope of the windshield and a fairly functional hood relief. The following can also be considered expressive features of the machine:

  1. A polygonal grille, split by a brand logo bar and positioned between large headlight clusters.
  2. The air-cooling intake and side diffusers, which are equipped with fog optics, are inserted into the body kit.
  3. Almost all elements of the front of the car, in addition to the lower air intake, are decorated with a narrow chrome perimeter.
  4. There is nothing memorable in the 2019 Chevrolet Cob alt car body profile. You can immediately see the wide racks of relatively small windows, ideal for mounting wide doors.

The new model is recognizable to many motorists by its chrome-plated mirrors and the design of plastic body protection. However, the car is not distinguished by exclusivity, that is, the back of the body is made in a standard design.

In the body kit of small sizes, a special recess was made for mounting the registration plate and a pair of foglights was placed.

The body design is mostly updated, but the budget status of the new sedan is visible even at first sight. This car model is considered affordable for the average population.

Interior "Chevrolet Cob alt"
Interior "Chevrolet Cob alt"


Despite the 2019 upgraded sedan being an entry-level car, the interior design is professionally craftedlevel and using high-quality materials, plastics, special fabrics and eco-leather. Characteristics of the car "Cob alt":

  1. The center console comes standard with two air vents, a medial media monitor with touch-button controls, power and control panels for many on-board systems.
  2. Separate space allocated for the placement of communication ports with gaming and electronic digital accessories.

The tunnel is adapted to install the transmission mode selector, parking brake lever, space for "small things" and two cup holders. In a higher configuration, there is an armrest that can be retracted. In addition, there are the following interior features:

  1. One can observe minor flaws in the interior configuration, which are multiple times offset by the high comfort of passenger seats. The functionality of the first row seats offers an extensive selection of electrical and mechanical seat and head restraint settings. Seat heating integrated.
  2. The rear three-seat sofa can change the angle of the backrest, and its back can quickly transform into a comfortable table.

The luggage compartment has a standard volume of 550 liters. Only after dismantling the backrest of the rear row seats, it becomes possible to transport bulky goods with a volume of more than 1000 liters.

Motor "Chevrolet Cob alt"
Motor "Chevrolet Cob alt"

Specifications of the car "Cob alt"

Dimensional ratios of the sedan -447.9 x 173.5 and 151.4 cm occupy an intermediate position between the dimensional characteristics of the Aveo and Cruz models.

In the device of a front-wheel drive chassis with a ground clearance of 18 cm, the driving performance of the car is improved by lengthening the center base to 262.4 cm. Other technical characteristics of the Chevrolet Cob alt stand out:

  1. As standard in Europe, the sedan will be offered globally with a 1.4L/98L petrol heart. s.
  2. The execution of running parameters is assigned to a 5-speed manual transmission or a 6-band automatic.
  3. An improved version of the machine will be equipped with a more powerful engine with parameters of 1.8 l / 123 l in the future. s.

An earlier test drive recorded the car's acceleration time to 100 km at 11.5 seconds. The maximum speed is 170 km / h, and the fuel consumption in mixed mode is up to 8 l / 100 km. Less enviable characteristics of the 1.5-liter Chevrolet-Cob alt engine for the Russian market with a power output of 105 liters. s.


According to the reviews, the Chevrolet-Cob alt car is equipped not with a set of separate devices, but with a holistic and well-coordinated complex of modern security systems. This is supported by the programmed deformation zones provided in the body structure. They are aimed at protecting passengers and the main components of the car. Regardless of the cost, Chevrolet-Cob alt is equipped with ABS and airbags. Also in the cabin are mounted special mounts that allow you to install child car seats of the ISOFIX system.

Options "Chevrolet Cob alt"
Options "Chevrolet Cob alt"

Package and cost

In our country, the new 2019 Chevrolet Cob alt will be sold in LT and LTZ modifications, the price of which varies from 480 to 560 thousand rubles. The cost is formed depending on the model of the "heart" of the car and the working functionality, as well as additional branded options.

Starting sales in Russia

The model of the initial price level is aimed at consumers of Western European countries. Most likely, the release date of the improved sedan in Russia will start in the first quarter of 2019.

Competing models

Not all leading car companies invest in the development and mass production of budget models, so there are relatively few worthy competitors in the new 2019 Chevrolet Cob alt sedan.

In the list of the most real rivals, the following stand out: Volkswagen Polo, Hyundai Solaris, Kia Rio and Renault Logan. Domestic analogues of Lada-Vesta and Lada-Granta also claim the status of competitors.

Specifications "Chevrolet Cob alt"
Specifications "Chevrolet Cob alt"

Opinion of motorists

According to reviews, the 2013 Cob alt car was launched on the market just recently and it is quite difficult to find a driver who has already managed to drive more than one hundred thousand kilometers. Nevertheless, there were responses, due to which it is possible to determine the advantages and disadvantages of the machine.

Reviews from motorists report that the Chevrolet Cob alt is quite interestingautomobile. It cannot be attributed to any special class, but at the same time it is a very roomy and spacious car. Renault Logan is considered the winner in terms of luggage space among cars of this class, but in this competition Cob alt still won it. Together with good equipment, excellent ergonomics and an automatic transmission, the car has become a real gift for many car enthusiasts.