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Hyundai Solaris - reviews and description

Hyundai Solaris - reviews and description
Hyundai Solaris - reviews and description

This car first appeared on our roads in the spring of 2011. For a couple of years of operation in harsh Russian conditions, he successfully proved himself from all sides. This year, Korean developers have released a new generation of cars, which differs from its predecessor by a slightly overpriced price. However, this did not affect his successful debut and popularity among Russian motorists.

Solaris Reviews

Hyundai Solaris - production reviews

Today, the production of the Korean sedan has been established in St. Petersburg. Here it is available in two body modifications - hatchback and sedan. The latter option is more popular in Russia. During its short period of existence, it has already managed to please many car owners not only for its budget, but also for its excellent technical characteristics. For the first time, Russians were given the opportunity to buy a truly reliable car at a pricedomestic "Priora".

Hyundai Solaris - owner reviews of design

The appearance of the compact sedan looks much more expensive than its price implies - not a single hint of budget. Neat edges, smooth lines and various stampings are in perfect harmony with each other, emphasizing the solidity of the car. And a large luggage compartment with a volume of 465 liters can accommodate almost any luggage. Hyundai Solaris Sedan - reviews speak of a reliable and roomy car.

Hyundai Solaris owner reviews

Interior and equipment

The interior is made in the same way as the exterior - all interior details are made quite high quality. Upholstery materials are far from budget, and a high level of assembly and various elegant inserts can satisfy even the most capricious customer who buys a Hyundai Solaris. Reviews about the interior are extremely positive. And now let's move on to the kits. The novelty has seven of them (3 for models with a 1.4-liter engine and 4 for a 1.6-liter version). Here are a few of them: "Classic", "Optima", "Comfort", as well as a family option. It is easy to get confused in such a variety of configurations.

hyundai solaris sedan reviews

Hyundai Solaris – engine reviews

In Russia, Solaris is produced in two versions of engines. Both of them are gasoline, injection type and, by the way, run on 92nd gasoline. The first is a 1.4-liter engine with a capacity of 107 horsepower. Its torque at 6000 rpm is136 Nm. The second is a 1.6-liter unit with a capacity of 123 horsepower. Thanks to these technical characteristics, the Korean car is capable of accelerating to 170 (190 with automatic transmission) kilometers per hour. The novelty is equipped with 2 transmissions: a five-speed "mechanics" and a four-speed "automatic".

Hyundai Solaris: economy reviews

It is worth noting that the car is quite economical. Fuel consumption is only 6-7 liters per hundred kilometers.


The minimum price for a Korean novelty in the basic configuration is about 459 thousand rubles. The hatchback body will cost a little less - 445 thousand rubles. The most "fancy" equipment with a lot of electronics will cost you 680 thousand rubles. But still it is much better than VAZ counterparts.

Hyundai Solaris - reviews speak of an economical and unpretentious car!

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