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Volkswagen T5 - a car for life

Volkswagen T5 - a car for life
Volkswagen T5 - a car for life

In Europe and the Russian Federation, Volkswagen T5 series minibuses are part of the Volkswagen Group's Commercial Vehicles division. Of course, this does not mean that these products are intended only for entrepreneurs. Minibus Volkswagen T5 is perfect for a large family and just active people.

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Having earned a reputation for good minivans, the Volkswagen T4 passed it on to the next generation T5, which continued this line with dignity. This is proven by the positive reviews of more than a million buyers.

In 2010, the entire generation of Volkswagen T5 was successfully upgraded. The most notable upgrades are new engines (gasoline and turbocharged diesels), a modern transmission (seven-speed FSG, five- and six-speed manual transmissions), as well as equipping even the base variant with an expanded set of features.

volkswagen t5

"Volkswagen Transporter T5" is available in two versions: "Casten" and "Combi". First- These are trucks that provide a wide range of applications. They are available with both regular and double cabs. There is also a choice of different load capacities and platforms. The walls of the cargo compartment are vertical and have special fasteners. The shape of the body itself is almost rectangular, which allows more optimal use of its volume.

Volkswagen T5 "Kombi" can carry up to nine people. So, if desired, you can install the right double seat, an autonomous heater or ventilation system, a central radio-controlled lock and air conditioning.

Volkswagen T5 "California" is more like a mobile apartment. It has everything for life: a kitchen, a bed, a refrigerator, cabinets and compartments for cutlery. This minibus is suitable for long trips. And, of course, the cost of the Volkswagen T5 "California" is considerable - more than two million rubles.

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Volkswagen T5 Multivan is a four-wheel drive car similar to the California model. It has everything for a long journey: a transformable interior, curtains, glazing, niches, tables, a thermos-refrigerator, sliding doors. Equipped with a gasoline or diesel engine, automatic transmission.

All these modifications are distinguished by good handling, original appearance and stylish interior. The overall base was extended by forty centimeters - this added free space. Now there is no need to bend too much when necessarygo to the back seats. All cars are equipped with comfortable seats, which, thanks to the stepless mechanism, can be easily adjusted or folded. In niches, which are many in every car, you can easily place hand luggage. And if necessary, you can order additional swivel chairs and a sliding door.

The safety of the Volkswagen T5 is ensured by the dynamic ESP system, which stabilizes directional stability. In the event of sudden and sudden braking, the hazard warning lights will automatically turn on to alert other drivers. As additional options, you can order a sensor that monitors tire pressure, a rear-view camera and a special system that will warn the driver about a high-speed approach to another car or about the presence of any object in the dead zone.

Volkswagen T5 are comfortable cars for life. They are suitable not only for small business owners, but also for those who love long trips, outdoor recreation and just big and spacious cars.

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