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"Tuareg" sizes do not interfere with life

"Tuareg" sizes do not interfere with life
"Tuareg" sizes do not interfere with life

"Volkswagen Tuareg" is the first fully civil SUV in the history of the brand. More precisely, this is a crossover, which at the same time has a sufficiently high cross-country ability, which brings it closer to the classic large SUVs. The dimensions of the Tuareg make it a full-fledged representative of the class of large expensive crossovers. Of course, this is not as luxurious a car as its counterparts in the Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne platforms. With similar dimensions, the Volkswagen Tuareg is much cheaper.

The birth of an African

The name "Tuareg" comes from a famous African tribe known for their courage and endurance. Having released this model in 2002, and even with such a daring name, Volkswagen took a very serious and risky step. The concern invaded one of the most conservative sectors of the automotive industry - off-road. And the large size of the Tuareg put the car face to face with the most famous models of leading Japanese and American jeep manufacturers.

Tuareg 2002

Andthe car withstood this test with dignity, demonstrating very good off-road qualities that immediately distinguished it from other crossovers. And comfort and confident behavior on the asph alt have become the advantages of the Tuareg over frame jeeps. As a result, he confidently carved his niche in the market of large four-wheel drive cars.

Development of the model

"Tuareg" has gone through a series of restylings and upgrades. In 2006, the first generation of the car received new contours of the radiator, bumpers and optics. And in 2010, the second generation of the crossover went into the series.

The body dimensions of the "Tuareg" have changed towards lighter forms: it has become longer, wider, but much lower. The car received an 8-speed automatic transmission and seven engine options.

Second generation

The attention of its developers to both lovers of crossovers and connoisseurs of classic SUVs is interesting. In addition to the standard version with a ground clearance of 20 cm and spring suspension, Volkswagen offered an off-road version. The Germans included in the Terrain Tech package:

  • locking rear and center differentials;
  • downshift;
  • air suspension, thanks to which the clearance can grow up to 30 cm.

Such equipment immediately turns the Tuareg into a very good SUV, even if it has a load-bearing body, not a frame.

New "Tuareg": dimensions and characteristics

In 2018, the car of the thirdgenerations. It has become much more like a typical large crossover, making a roll towards ease of use on asph alt. Which caused some damage to the off-road qualities. This is evidenced even by the overall dimensions of the third generation Tuareg:

  1. The car has become wider and longer, reaching 4878 mm in length.
  2. The increase in the body made it possible to increase the trunk volume to 810 liters, which is 113 liters more than the second generation Tuareg.
  3. At the same time, the new car has become slightly lower.
  4. Despite the increased size, the Tuareg "lost" 106 kg compared to the second generation, due to the increased use of aluminum (up to 48% of the structure).
New "Tuareg"

Among the main features of the new SUV, it is necessary to note the presence of steerable rear wheels, which made it possible to increase maneuverability in the city and stability in turns on the highway. However, the crossover lost the mechanical center differential, rear differential lock and low gear due to the low popularity of these options.


The Tuareg is delivered to Russia with three types of engines with power from 249 to 340 horsepower. The car also has three trim levels. In the basic version, it has:

  • 18" rims;
  • full LED optics;
  • cruise control;
  • climate control;
  • distance sensors and a multifunctional dashboard with navigationsystem.
Top version of the interior

Second configuration has:

  • wheels increased to 19 inches;
  • air suspension with adjustable ground clearance;
  • heated all seats;
  • anti-theft system;
  • keyless ignition.

In addition, there is an electric tailgate and crossover roof rails. The top-end R-Line equipment is equipped with a sports body kit designed to immediately distinguish the car from the stream. There are factory tinted rear windows and electrochromic rear-view mirrors with advanced settings and memory.

The car's instrument panel is fully digital, there is a multimedia system with a 15-inch display. Electric front seats and steering column are available. Thus, the new "Tuareg" has become comfortable and much more suitable for the city, but it has lost its off-road character.

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