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Overall dimensions "Land Cruiser 200": characteristics of an SUV

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Overall dimensions "Land Cruiser 200": characteristics of an SUV
Overall dimensions "Land Cruiser 200": characteristics of an SUV

Japanese SUVs impress with their size and appearance. This is a technique for strong people. Quality without compromise is confirmed by off-road kilometers. The car will confidently emerge victorious from tests of varying complexity. This article will indicate the overall dimensions of the "Land Cruiser 200", its characteristics.

Japanese quality

Meet the leader of the car market

A brief description of the "Land Cruiser":

  • Engine/Trans: 200kW/650Nm 4.5L DOHC 32-Valve Twin Turbo with Diesel Direct Injection, V8 Transmission/6-Speed ​​Automatic.
  • Fuel economy: 9.9L/100km.
  • Design: housing on a ladder frame.
  • Suspension: independent double wishbones, gas shock absorbers, springs and semi-active fluid mechanics, anti-roll bar - KDSS; rear live axle, trailing arms, four-wirerigid spool suspension with rod, hydro-mechanical semi-active stabilizing bar (KDSS).
  • Payload: 610 kg.
  • Towing: 750 kg without brakes / 3500 kg with brakes.
  • Vehicle class: SUV.
  • Toyota Land Cruiser

What's new?

200-Series Land Cruiser - model with new hood design, bumpers, grille, new look (bi-LED on VX) and updated LED taillights - now delivers 200kW (up to 5kW) at 3600rpm minute.

New fuel injectors and increased capacity of the 4.5-litre DOHC 32-valve twin-turbo diesel engine, with a fine particle filter to reduce emissions.

For urban use, the trip computer has moved to 16 liters per 100 km from a 138-liter fuel tank. Manufacturer Toyota claims fuel consumption has been reduced by 7.7% to a combined fuel economy figure of 9.9 liters per 100km.

The overall dimensions of the Land Cruiser 200 are 4950 mm in length. The six-speed automatic turbo diesel VX equipment is notable for the presence of an unusual shunt. It works well.

Safety Concern

Standard security conditions are:

  • nine airbags, automatic two-level self-leveling headlights,
  • LED daytime running lights,
  • rain wipers,
  • management stability,
  • trailer control andthrust,
  • anti-lock brakes,
  • help on the rise,
  • auto-dimming center mirror,
  • reversing camera, front and rear parking sensors.
Toyota plant


The overall dimensions of the "Land Cruiser 200" in width are 1980 mm. The list of car features includes:

  • power and handlebar comb adjustment;
  • leather steering wheel,
  • leather seats,
  • four-zone climate control,
  • 18" alloys,
  • wider 9-inch touchscreen to control nine-speaker infotainment system,
  • satellite TV opportunities,
  • digital radio,
  • power outside mirrors, solar roof, side steps,
  • wood trim,
  • on-board computer screen in an updated and understandable form;
  • power adjustable driver/passenger seat front.

The lighter touchscreen is easy to use, but can become difficult to read when exposed to dust, fingerprints, direct sunlight.

Creating a car

About sizes

Overall dimensions of "Land Cruiser 200" are 1955 mm in height. The Prado sliding middle row has been omitted from the Cruiser, making the interior more versatile and flexible. The spacious cabin is comfortable for five adult passengers.

Dimensions "ToyotaThe Land Cruiser 200" has a wheelbase of 2850mm with a ground clearance of 230mm. The ramp angle is 25 degrees.

When the third row of seats is folded down, the trunk is 700 liters of cargo space. The SUV is up to five meters long, almost two meters high and almost the same in width, 200 is far from slender and tilts the scales to 2740 kg.

Overall dimensions of the body "Land Cruiser 200" provide an angle of entry of 32 degrees. The 2850mm wheelbase hasn't changed since the 100 series, so the extra length is seen at the rear wheels. But with a 32-degree zoom and 24-degree departure angle, 230mm clearance, high off-road endurance performance is guaranteed.

SUV for all roads

Improved version

Traditionally compressed kinetic design uses its semi-active stabilizer bars. Four wheel ventilated disc brakes front and rear and 345mm rear ventilated disc brakes will work flawlessly.

Shifting to a lower speed level is now easier than the Prado, but the off-road cruise control system is still unsafe. For serious steep descents, an electronic control system is needed.

Inner tubes fitted as standard for the Sahara could make it easier to place wheels in tight spaces given the 200's large dimensions.

Overall dimensions of "Land Cruiser 200" with roof rails are 1910 mm. As a rule, when specifying the dimensions of the railingdo not count.

Notable indicators such as:

  • standard rear diff,
  • good ground clearance,
  • great suspension movement that maintains solid wheel contact.

The overall dimensions of the "Land Cruiser 200" with mirrors are not usually indicated, as can be seen from the corresponding tables. Therefore, dimensions are indicated only in width, length and height.


The Land Cruiser 200 SUV is a car for people with a strong character. Powerful equipment endures the conditions of the most difficult roads. The dimensions of the car are as impressive as its capabilities. Japanese technology is traditionally the leader in the global automotive market. And this championship is well deserved, as you can see in the case of the Land Cruiser SUV.

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