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TagAZ "Tager": reviews, description, specifications

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TagAZ "Tager": reviews, description, specifications
TagAZ "Tager": reviews, description, specifications

Reviews about TagAZ Tager indicate that this car is a modification that was previously produced by Ssang Yong. The popularity of these machines remains high both in Russia and in many CIS countries. Despite the fact that the manufacturer did not provide for a radical change in design and technical parameters, the machine attracts buyers with a democratic price. At first glance, this SUV may seem primitive and unsightly. However, a more detailed study of the vehicle makes you change your attitude to the car, and not only due to the low price, but also quite worthy characteristics.

TagAZ "Tager": diesel


As noted in many reviews, the Tager Tager does not have a bright exterior, while it is as similar as possible to the Ssang Yong Korando. The predecessor was produced in Korea almost 10 years ago. After acquiring the right to manufacture this car by a Russian company, many consumers had the hope that the SUV will receive an update in design and key parameters.

Among the shortcomings of the first models of the machine in question, the following flaws can be noted:

  • Narrowed andthe elongated front part is obsolete.
  • The shape of the body does not allow accommodation in the cabin with a sufficient level of comfort.
  • Not everyone understands the color scheme of the exterior of the car.
  • The interior also leaves much to be desired.


As confirmed by the reviews, TagAZ "Tager" in an updated version from domestic manufacturers has received some changes. Unfortunately, not all innovations have benefited the SUV. Experts state that the car made by Korean developers was an order of magnitude better. The only plus that is noticeably noticeable to users is a significant price reduction. Nevertheless, the vehicle remains a classic SUV with good equipment and a recognizable "personality".

Specifications TagAZ "Tager"

TagAZ "Tager": specifications

Among the technical equipment of the car, there is a possibility to choose several types of power units and additional functionality. Economical gasoline versions with a small volume for a jeep are available on the market, as well as a diesel variation. The 3.2-liter engine is an in-line "six" with a capacity of 220 horsepower. For such a compact SUV, such a power plant is simply “explosive”. Diesel TagAZ "Tager" aggregates with a four-speed automatic transmission.

The jeep in question in all modifications is equipped with all-wheel drive, with the exception of the most affordable budget version. Other modificationsequipped with a five-speed manual transmission. In principle, for its price, the car received quite decent characteristics.


Maximum understanding of the features and versatility of the SUV in question will allow test trials. However, even the most modest equipment is not so poor. In the basic version you get:

  • Driver airbag.
  • ABS system.
  • Immobilizer, air conditioning.
  • Electric adjustment of many parts in the cabin.
  • Audio mounting socket.
  • Additional options for easier off-road travel.
  • TagAZ "Tager": reviews

Such technical characteristics of TagAZ "Tagera" make the car a very interesting SUV with a range of useful features at an affordable price. So far, there has been no mass interest in this brand, but manufacturers are sure that this is a matter of time.

What are the owners saying?

In their responses, users in relation to the car in question express different opinions. Among the advantages, the owners point out the following points:

  • Large clearance.
  • Good ergonomics.
  • Traction of the power unit on the bottoms.
  • Four-wheel drive.
  • Good visibility.
  • Affordable value.

In reviews of the TagAZ Tager, consumers point to the following shortcomings:

  • Frequent problems closing doors.
  • Poor build quality.
  • Poor quality electrical.
  • Uncomfortable body.
  • Small trunk.

TagAZ "Tager": test drive

Testing this car will start with the interior. With the rear seats folded down in the jeep, there is quite enough space for transporting various household, fishing or hunting equipment. The steering wheel does not clutter up the instruments that display the most necessary information. Despite the fact that the door opens wide, the landing can hardly be called comfortable. The manual shift lever is located directly under the right hand, but there is no additional handrail to hold when driving off-road.

Engine TagAZ "Tagera"

Now about the most important thing. On the tested TagAZ "Tager" the engine is installed of a gasoline type (licensed "Mercedes-Benz"). Its volume is 2.3 liters, power - 150 "horses". It is worth noting that some improvements have been made in this part. The in-line "four" with sixteen valves provides quite tolerable dynamics and good acceleration. Additionally, the undercarriage was modernized by installing a new shortened axle, pneumatic blocking, and a 70 mm “hodovka” lift was also made.

Checking the car in motion

Inside the cabin TagAZ "Tagera" to sit high and quite comfortable. The transmission is switched on unusually, thanks to the weak information content and the box lever in the form of a "mixer". The power unit starts with half a turn, it works quietly. The clutch pedal has a short stroke, immediately seizes the right moment. After turning on the speed, the carmoved smoothly, picking up speed rapidly. The pedal responds almost instantly, it is easy to steer, the information content is at the highest level. On the ups and downs, the SUV behaved cheerfully, as befits a car of its class.

Test TagAZ "Tagera"

The absence of a stabilizer affects bumps and bumps (the car shakes from side to side). Compact dimensions make it possible to quickly maneuver around obstacles. When "bumpy" the driver can hold on to the steering wheel, but the passenger needs to fasten his belt or skillfully hold on to the sidewalls of the seats or the top handle, which is not so easy to reach on bumps.

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