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Russian-made tricycles with cab (photo)

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Russian-made tricycles with cab (photo)
Russian-made tricycles with cab (photo)

Since small-sized trucks are becoming more and more in demand on the domestic market, companies have stepped up their production. Russian-made tricycles have become one of the practical and effective modifications in this direction. Consider a few popular models. Let's start the review with the company "Alternative Commercial Equipment", which produces several modifications of three-wheeled vehicles. These vehicles can be called the "heirs" of the famous Ant scooter, the production of which was curtailed in 1995 due to the economic crisis.

Russian-made tricycles


Russian-made tricycles with an AKT cab are essentially modified scooters. The updated technique also has three wheels and a lot of significant improvements. The unit can transport up to 1 ton of cargo without losing stability and maneuverability.

The production process does not stand still, adjustments are constantly made in terms of improving tactical and technical parameters, it is planned to manufacture machines according to individual projects.The main advantages of tricycles are an affordable price, excellent maneuverability, economy and a good load capacity. Such units are not afraid of traffic jams and congestion, as well as cramped courtyards.

Modifications from "Alternative Commercial Vehicles"

Brief description of the main models of Russian-made tricycles "AKT":

  1. Onboard model. This unit is a real workhorse. The tricycle has a wide range of operational capabilities, the carrying capacity is up to one ton. The version is equipped with a cargo platform of three square meters and folding sides.
  2. Tilted version. A quick-release awning guarantees the protection of transported goods from dust and precipitation. Useful volume - 4 cubic meters, the machine is optimally suited for transportation over medium and long distances.
  3. Van. This small business assistant is ideal for frequent city trips. The equipment holds 4.5 cubic meters in the cargo compartment. Excellent maneuverability and agility of the device will avoid problems with parking and congestion. The manufacture of a van for a specific type of business project is practiced.
Russian-made tricycles Izh

Technical parameters

Russian-made tricycles "AKT" have the following characteristics:

  • Frame - tubular, welded type.
  • Formula wheels - 3x2 with leading rear elements.
  • The power unit is a four-stroke gasoline engine.
  • Displacement - 200 cc
  • Number of cylinders - 1 piece
  • The power limit rating is 16.3 horsepower.
  • Cooling - liquid type.
  • Torque - 15 Nm.
  • Cab - panel frame for two places.
  • Fuel consumption - 3.5 liters per 100 km.
  • Suspension (rear/front) - leaf springs with shock absorbers/telescoping fork with springs.
  • Steering column - rack and pinion with front wheel drive without additional amplifier.
  • Brakes - front and rear drums with a mechanical foot drive.
  • Tires – 155/175 R13.
  • Curb weight - 0.71-0.77t.
  • Rated capacity – 0.7 t.

Russian-made tricycles ZID-200 Farmer

Below are the operational and technical parameters of another popular domestic modification on three wheels:

  • The engine is a single-cylinder two-stroke engine.
  • The volume of the power unit - 196.9 cc.
  • Power - 13 "horses".
  • Revolution - 3500 rotations per minute.
  • Suspension front/rear - telescopic fork/swingarm with a pair of shock absorbers.
  • Brake system - full drum type.
  • Drive - chain.
  • Length - 2, 2 m.
  • Weight - 210 kg.
  • Wheel base – 1.5 m.
  • Tires - 580/270.
  • Ground clearance - 13 cm.
  • Fuel tank capacity - 15 l.
  • The maximum speed is 50 km/h.
tricycles of Russian production zid 200 farmer


Russian-made tricycle, photo of whichbelow refers to innovative modifications. The unit is based on a double-circuit frame, trimmed with plastic panels, two original doors open upwards. The experimental version is equipped with a V-engine and a Suzuki gearbox. In the future, it is possible to use other power units and transmissions.

The device is equipped with an additional reverse gear, with which it aggregates a 16-inch wheel through a cardan shaft. The front wheels are 18 inches, the suspension is placed on paired wishbones, and the rear is a similar unit - a pendulum type. The entire brake unit is disc configuration.

The MK-17 apparatus is equipped with information gyroscopes, which, together with accelerometers and magnetometers, provide information to the control system about the deviation of the tricycle from the vertical, position relative to the support and the effect of centrifugal force. The desired inclination is provided electronically through the electric motor linkage system.

Now the prototype MK-17 is in the museum of its creator Alexei Kazartsev. The machine has real market prospects, under favorable circumstances, serial production of equipment can be launched by 2020.

Russian-made tricycles photo

Russian-made tricycles IZH

This well-known domestic manufacturer of motorcycle equipment does not mass-produce modifications on three wheels. However, craftsmen give advice on how to transform the standard model into a tricycle.

Start with a frame that is made from scratch. Its configurationdesigned in advance with the expectation of eliminating breakdowns and strengthening vulnerabilities. Modernization is carried out by welding additional pipes and corners, you can take an analogue from a walk-behind tractor or a mini-harvester as a basis.

At the next stage, a fork is designed, the length of which depends on the specifics of the project. The long element is designed for driving on a straight road, more aggressive riding will require a shortened part.

tricycles of Russian production with a cabin

As a power unit for a Russian-made tricycle, you can take the engine from Planet-3. The regular crankshaft, ignition coil, generator will go into operation. A design feature in the body part will be the transfer of the engine to the rear to shift the balance when driving. Such a scheme will increase the performance of patency, handling and speed. When assembling parts, ensure easy access to areas requiring regular maintenance.

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