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Engine VAZ-99: characteristics, description

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Engine VAZ-99: characteristics, description
Engine VAZ-99: characteristics, description

Modern youth knows little about motors, and even more so about design features. This applies to a large extent to old domestic vehicles. But many experienced motorists know and remember the VAZ-99 (factory marking "Lada" -21099).


The power units on the "Lada" were installed almost the same. So, motors from the "eight" can be found on the "nine" and even the "ten". The main engine for the VAZ-99 was the VAZ-2108, as well as its varieties and modifications.

Motor VAZ 21099 carburetor

Since the main engine was quite easy to operate and maintain, the designers decided to install it not only on the "eight", but also on subsequent models: "Samara" -2109 and 21099.

During the entire production period, VAZ-99 cars received both carburetor engines and injection versions of power units. Consider the main technical characteristics of the engines installed on the vehicle.

Introducing the carbureted version.






Gasoline. Possibility to install HBO


Carburetor. For this type of motor, Solex was installed from the factory

Power plant size

1499 cc

Power characteristic

72 l. s.

How many cylinders are in the block


How many timing valves

8 (2 per cylinder)

Cylinder diameter


Fuel consumption

8, 6 liters



You can also check out the injector version.



Power plant size

1.5 liters (1499 cm³)

How many cylinders are in the block


How many timing valves



Gasoline or LPG (methane or propane)

Injection system

Injector with single injection


77 l. s.

Fuel consumption

8, 2L/100km

Cylinder diameter in block



Maintenance of VAZ-99 engines is carried out in the same way for both injection and carburetor versions. The service interval is 10,000 km. Each MOT requires changing the oil and filter element. As for the rest of the operations, it is worth replacing the air filter every 20-25 thousand km, as well as adjusting the valves.

Every 40,000 km it is necessary to change the timing gear drive. In addition, after such a run, it is recommended to replace the spark plugs and diagnose the condition of the high-voltage wires.

It is worth checking the condition of the water pump, as well as the drive belt of auxiliary units. Particular attention is paid to the presence of smudges in the power unit. Most often, they form under the valve cover - this means that it is time to change the gasket.

VAZ 99 engines and spare parts for them

Every 50,000 km of the VAZ-99 injection version, it is necessary to change the fuel filter, and also check the condition of the injectors. As practice shows, it is during this period that they begin to clog and create discomfort for the owner. They can be cleaned and, in extreme cases, replaced.


Because most of the mentioned engines are old, they have already undergone at least one overhaul. In this processthere is nothing complicated, but without the presence of special equipment, it will only be possible to disassemble the motor and assemble it back on your own. Therefore, most owners of the power unit turn to a car service for repair and restoration work.

Overhaul of cylinder head VAZ 21099

As for current repairs, the engines have a number of design flaws that have not been eliminated for years. Consider what eternal problems are present:

  • Crackling and metallic ringing. This means it's time for a valve adjustment.
  • Triple. In this case, you should pay attention to the condition of the air filter, as well as clean the nozzles. The effect occurs when the balance between air and fuel in the cylinders is disturbed.
  • Oil leaks. Usually the leak is through the valve cover gasket, which means the element needs to be replaced.
  • Drop in coolant level in the system. It is worth checking the nozzles for wear, as well as looking for leaks from under the water pump shaft.
  • Diesel. It is worth inspecting the candles and high-voltage wires. The problem may be in an ignition system that does not fully or incorrectly burn the air/fuel mixture.


VAZ-99 engine tuning is carried out to reduce consumption or add traction properties. So, in order to reduce fuel consumption on the carburetor version, motorists use a carburetor bulkhead. The installation of new jets with smaller intake openings can reduce fuel consumption by up to 7 liters per 100 km in the city and 5.5 liters intrack.

Tuning engine VAZ 99

With the injector version, everything is much simpler. In this case, everything is determined by chip tuning. So, programming the on-board computer can help solve the issue of reducing consumption or increasing power. Many vehicle owners do their own chipping using an OBD II cable and a laptop. But still, you should trust such a process to professionals.


VAZ-99 engines are domestically produced engines based on VAZ-21083 power plants. Their maintenance is carried out quite easily and in most cases - with their own hands. Engine repairs can be done independently, since the unit is structurally simple.

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