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Effective Russian car "Volga 5000"

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Effective Russian car "Volga 5000"
Effective Russian car "Volga 5000"

“Volga 5000” is a modern car, or rather its concept, which has become one of the most spectacular and attractive of all existing Russian cars. It looks original, and at first glance it is not even clear whose production this model is - ours or foreign. Well, the car is of some interest, so it's worth talking about it in more detail.

Volga 5000

Concept in brief

Interestingly, the idea to create such a car as the Volga 5000 appeared a long time ago. But the excitement itself has not yet passed. And it's unlikely to subside anytime soon. Very much this topic worries fans of the Russian car industry. In theory, this car should become the fundamental model of a new era in the field of our automotive industry. Many people are of the opinion that domestic cars, to put it mildly, are not the best. Volga 5000 was created primarily to refute such statements.

But, as they say, the truth hurts the eyes. In the CIS, they have long been engaged in the production of various cars. In this case, considerdirectly Russian models. However, these cars do not bring real pleasure to the people who drive them. Neither aesthetic nor visual. What to say about comfort and technical characteristics.

But it's time for a change. Both "AvtoVAZ" and "GAZ" came to grips with the automotive industry. Priora, Vesta, X-Ray, Largus Cross are Lada models that have become very popular recently. "GAZ" also decided to keep up. This is how the Volga 5000 concept appeared.

Volga cost 5000 gl


Appearance is the first thing I would like to talk about. It is completely atypical for a car like the Volga GAZ. 5000 GL is a modern, new car with an aesthetic, attractive appearance. Young designers worked on the creation of the exterior. And it turned out very well. Luxurious, rich and slightly futuristic. True, for an amateur - not everyone appreciated the supposedly capsule shape of the body without expressive curves and other familiar charms. However, in this case, the highlight is the elegant lines that harmoniously combine light aggressiveness, sheer power and modern style.

The rear is a bit like the design of many Volvo sedans. The headlights are high, giving the Russian concept car a sporty look. Originality adds a dual exhaust, which is similar to those that are installed on the Lexus. It is possible that the specialists who developed the design of the Volga drew inspiration from the models of foreign sedans.

How manyVolga costs 5000 gl


In developing the design of this car, great attention was paid to the aerodynamics of the body. It was decided to cut the roof, due to which the car landed visually and acquired a more sporty and aggressive look. The front end is very fast, and the narrowed headlights add originality.

Aerodynamics designed at the highest level. This was done in order to achieve high downforce. This car has 21-inch (!) titanium wheels (all on wide tires). Slightly protruding wings are visible on the sides. They make it clear that this machine is designed for dynamic and high-speed driving. An interesting fact: some time after the appearance of the first data on the new Volga, a foreign novelty, the Range Rover Evoque, was released. It can be seen with the naked eye that this car has a lot of similarities with the Russian model.


So far, little is known about the exact information regarding this car. The salon has not yet been declassified, but the manufacturers assure that it will be as modern, comfortable and of high quality as possible. And there will be enough space inside, despite the cut-down roof. Perhaps the interior will resemble the interior of the Volga-Siber.

More is known about the specifications. The car is equipped with a rather powerful 3.2-liter power unit, which will produce as many as 296 “horses”! Indeed, an amazing indicator for a Russian car. And this motor will be brand new! That is, designedspecifically for this model. However, this fact will not affect the cost of the Volga 5000 GL - the car will not become more expensive. Another car will be equipped with a 6-band transmission.

volga gaz 5000 gl

Release date

Despite the fact that the first information about this concept appeared in 2010, rumors about it do not subside. And many Russian motorists are exhausted, wondering when this car will be released, and how much does the Volga 5000 GL cost? Well, so far the answers to these questions are unknown. It was originally planned that the car will be available to customers in 2012. However, it is already 2016 and there is no news yet. And many are already beginning to wonder: will this model be released at all? It remains only to hope. One thing is known about the price - if the car is available for sale, then it will cost much less than foreign sedans. And this is given the almost 300-horsepower engine and excellent exterior. Modern "stuffing" and a nice price would make this car very popular in Russia. Well, maybe one day it will come off the assembly line.

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