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The best engine UAZ "Patriot"

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The best engine UAZ "Patriot"
The best engine UAZ "Patriot"

The main unit of any machine is the engine. Pickups, sedans, convertibles, buses, tractors simply will not be able to perform their direct duties without an engine. That is why great attention is paid to the motor when choosing a car, its maintenance and operation. In addition, it is one of the most expensive units. Replacing or repairing it almost always costs a lot of money, requires a lot of effort and time.

For an SUV, the reliability and technical condition of the engine is even more important. After all, a motor breakdown in a forest, field, far from roads and people can end up really sad.

uaz patriot engine

A bit of history

The first UAZ "Patriot" left the assembly line in 2005. It was really a new UAZ, incredibly modern compared to past models. The manufacturer positioned this car as a safe, reliable and powerful SUV. The design was good for 2005. And if you look at the previous models of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, the design seemed perfect.

In October 2014, the new "Patriot" was introduced. He received a rear stabilizer, touch screen,glued glass, more attractive appearance, and the bumper is now attached to the body. However, there were big security issues. Therefore, already in October 2016, UAZ showed another update. "Patriot" received frontal airbags, even more attractive and modern appearance. The overall safety and sound insulation of the SUV has improved. Finally, the car got rid of two fuel tanks that so tormented all owners.

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What engines are available for UAZ Patriot?

Throughout the first generation, a permanent 2.7-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 128 horsepower was installed. In 2008, engineers also added a 2.3-liter diesel engine, the output of which was 114 horsepower. It was an Iveco F1A engine. It was installed during the production of the Fiat Ducato car in Russia. This motor was later removed. Since 2012, they began to install the ZMZ-514 turbodiesel. Because of this, the working volume of the engine decreased by 65 cubes. Thus, the improved UAZ Patriot engine received an index of 2.2d. The same motor was preserved after the update in 2014. But the gasoline engine has undergone some changes. As a result, its official power became equal to 135 hp. With. On the newest UAZ "Patriot" engines running on heavy fuel can no longer be found. Diesel has been abandoned. The gasoline engine was left unchanged.

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Diesel engine

The Iveco F1A turbodiesel was expensive, butreally reliable motor. In addition, it allowed to reduce the Patriot's appetite to twelve liters per hundred kilometers in the city. A calm driver could get an expense and ten liters in the city. Not bad for a frame SUV. In addition, despite the lower power, when compared with a gasoline engine, it made the car much faster. The petrol version was already lost after 80 km/h, while the turbodiesel easily accelerated to 120 km/h. This is due to the torque, which was equal to 270 Nm, against 218 "gasoline Newtons". Off-road diesel also performed much better. The downshift helped get rid of the turbo lag. There was always enough traction.

installation of engines on UAZ patriot

In 2012, the UAZ Patriot diesel engine from an Italian manufacturer was replaced. Replaced by the infamous "ZMZ-514". It was developed back in the 90s. Had a lot of engineering errors that affected reliability. Cracks in the cylinder head, a valve disc getting into the cylinder, a broken high-pressure pipeline and many other problems are still nightmares for owners of diesel Patriots.

According to the engineers, most of the problems have been solved. They changed suppliers of low-quality components, finalized the motor together with Bosch. And so it turned out the same reliable diesel engine UAZ "Patriot". Reviews confirm this. Since mid-2012, when they began to install the Common rail system, the motor did not cause any problems for the owners. Moreover, in terms of driving performance and characteristics, the UAZ engineThe "Patriot" on the diesel engine "ZMZ" almost completely coincided with the turbodiesel from the "Fiat Ducato". Despite this, the manufacturer has abandoned the diesel engine since October 2016. Perhaps there was low demand, or maybe this engine was too expensive for the plant, but it is no longer possible to buy a new diesel Patriot.

Petrol engine

The first generation of "Patriot" received a 2.7-liter gasoline engine. Its power was 128 forces. After the 2014 update, the official power has grown to 135 horsepower, and the maximum torque has decreased by one Nm, from 218 to 17 Nm. However, when tested on a dyno, factory cars in 2015 showed more than 140 forces. This motor went to UAZ from 24 Volga, albeit with some changes. And in the Volga, the declared engine power was 150 horses.

A car with this engine has always been cheaper in the showroom and on the used car market. The relative reliability of the power plant can also be attributed to the pluses. The engine on the UAZ "Patriot" has good maintainability, and spare parts for it cost almost nothing. This has always bribed people who choose a Russian SUV for themselves, because repairing a diesel engine is many times more expensive. But you can't really save money on gas. Less than 15 liters per hundred in the city is simply unrealistic for a gasoline Patriot. If you stand in traffic jams, try to actively accelerate, then a consumption of 20-22 liters per hundred kilometers is provided. And if you consider that the car with this engine simply does not go (acceleration to 100 km / h is 19 seconds), then you will have to turn this engine.

Problemsgasoline engine

The childish appetite of the 2.7-liter UAZ Patriot engine is not its only problem. A broken chain tormented many SUV owners. In 2017, the manufacturer changed the supplier of hydraulic chain tensioners. It just remains to be seen if this will solve the problem.

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What is the ideal engine for the Patriot? Diesel from Iveco. 500,000 kilometers go without any problems. Repair is cheaper than for a ZMZ diesel engine. Buying a new car? There is simply no choice. The petrol engine is very reliable, you just have to keep an eye on the chain.

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