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Stels 400 Cruiser: features, service, reviews

Stels 400 Cruiser: features, service, reviews
Stels 400 Cruiser: features, service, reviews

Stels 400 Cruiser is a motorcycle that is the result of close cooperation between Russian and Chinese engineers. The bike is assembled from Chinese components at a factory in Russia. It is an exact copy of the Japanese motorcycle Yamaha Virago, which inherited many of the advantages of the Japanese counterpart.

Chopper has a very attractive appearance (after all, the predecessor is Japanese), good technical and operational characteristics. This could be a good bid since the Virago was discontinued back in 1996. The new model largely adopted the positive qualities of the Japanese motorcycle. At the same time, it differs in a fairly acceptable cost. Therefore, "Ste alth" has become available to many categories of domestic buyers.

Instead of a heart, a fiery motor

A detailed review of the technical characteristics of the Stels 400 Cruiser should begin with the power plant. This is a V-shaped 2-cylinder air-cooled carbureted engine that produces 30 horsepower at 8000 rpm. This unit allows the motorcycle to accelerate to 100 km / h in 6 seconds, which is a good indicator.

Stels 400 cruiser

The maximum possible speed is limited to 140 km/h. According to the manufacturer, the Stels 400 Cruiser motorcycle consumes 3.5 liters of gasoline per 100 km, which, with a fuel tank of 13.5 liters, will allow approximately 385 kilometers to be driven at one gas station.

The engine is started by an electric starter. The motorcycle is powered by AI-92 gasoline, which significantly saves the owner's money.

Gearbox and suspension

An important difference between the Stels 400 Cruiser and its counterparts is the presence of a cardan shaft instead of a chain. As a result, increased reliability of the drive is determined, since the chain tends to stretch, especially under heavy loads. You have to change this part completely quite often, which takes time and money.

Stels 400 cruiser motorcycle

A fairly reliable five-speed gearbox is installed on the motorcycle. Shifts are smooth and crisp for a joyful ride.

The front suspension is a telescopic fork, the rear is a swingarm with two shock absorbers. Unfortunately, riding a motorcycle is harsh. But there is no excess here. Still, the chopper belongs to budget models.

With brakes, nothing unusual for this type of two-wheeled vehicle. A drum brake is installed at the rear, one disc brake at the front. Since the maximum speed is only 140 km / h, the braking system copes with the tasks set perfectly. But still, one should not neglect the rules of the road.

The motorcycle is easy to handle andmalleable. It can even go into the tightest turns.

Dimensions and Curb Weight

According to the owners, Stels 400 Cruiser has compact overall dimensions. Length is 2240 mm, width - 730 mm, height - 1110 mm. With such dimensions, there will be no particular problems with the production of "Ste alth" even in a small garage. The saddle height is 760 mm, which allows even short people to control the motorcycle. The wheelbase reaches 1540 mm. The motorcycle is light enough: the curb weight is only 194 kg. This increases its maneuverability on the road, driving comfort.

Service & Parts

Almost all spare parts, as well as other consumables for the Stels 400 Cruiser, as one would expect, come from the older brother - Viragi.

Stels cruiser 400 reviews

And for what doesn't fit, there is an official dealer. The build quality is quite good, so if the operating recommendations are followed, the Ste alth will last a long time without major repairs.

To buy or not to buy

For all its merits, the Stels 400 Cruiser, according to reviews, has a low cost for a new motorcycle. It is only 130,000 rubles. This is the price for a new bike that is still under warranty. Of course, in the minds of most people, the idea has settled that everything Chinese is of poor quality. But is it really?

If you go outside and look around, you can see a lot of Chinese cars. Although you may not go far. Almost everything that is in everyone's house, whether it's a ballpen or TV made in China.

Stels 400 cruiser owner reviews

There are reviews of the owners of this motorcycle that, he did not drive even 700 km, as the engine jammed. But, most likely, there are already claims against the owner of the chopper. With proper care and operation, such troubles do not happen.

The presented model, according to customer reviews, is of high quality at a fairly affordable cost. This is a reliable motorcycle, which today can often be found on Russian roads. High performance for a model in this class makes it popular.

Still, most of the reviews are positive, so the Stels 400 Cruiser can be considered a worthy model. A motorcycle can take a place in the garage of a two-wheeler who does not have a big budget to buy a vehicle.

Having considered the features of the new model of Russian-Chinese production, we can note its decent quality and reasonable cost. This explains the high demand for the Ste alth motorcycle.

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