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"Volkswagen Polo" (hatchback): photo, characteristics
"Volkswagen Polo" (hatchback): photo, characteristics

Volkswagen Polo hatchback is a representative of a family of compact cars, which, due to the budget cost of its models, high reliability and economical operation, deservedly enjoys popularity in various countries of the world.

Establishment of the Volkswagen automobile production

The Volkswagen Concern, which is one of the world's largest car manufacturers, was founded in 1937. A feature of the German automaker is that the company was originally created for the development and large-scale production of a cheap people's car.

The first plant of the company was built in 1939, at the same time they produced trial models of the national small car. The model was called "Beetle" and became a symbol of the concern. Having undergone repeated upgrades, the car was produced until 2003, and in total more than 21 million copies were manufactured. In addition to producing a successful model of a passenger car, the company also concentrated on creating its own distribution network, car services and service stations for manufactured cars.

Volkswagen is currently producingmore than 20 passenger car models at numerous own car assembly plants located around the world.

The history of the small car "Polo"

The first subcompact car rolled off the company's assembly line in 1975. The novelty was based on the Audi-50 model, the production of which was discontinued due to the conversion of the Audi assembly plant to the production of premium cars. The small Polo immediately became popular, fueled by yet another fuel crisis.

The car had a front-wheel drive, a three-door hatchback body and a power unit with a capacity of only 40 hp. With. In 1977, a sedan version was created with a 60 horsepower engine. Production of the first generation continued until 1981. The release of the second generation of the small car continued until 1994, and in the current period the company is already producing the sixth series. The Polo car could be simultaneously produced at seven Volkswagen assembly sites, including the plant in Kaluga.

Volkswagen polo hatchback

Compact car features

The advantages of a car, regardless of the period of production are:

  • custom design;
  • affordable price;
  • robust design;
  • worthy equipment;
  • high security;
  • low operating costs.

In addition, the popularity also contributed to the presence of several versions of the performance. Depending on the generation of the Volkswagen Polo, it could be equipped with the followingbodies:

  • sedan;
  • hatchback;
  • universal.

A van was also produced in a cargo-passenger version. In European countries, Volkswagen Polo hatchbacks were more popular.

Volkswagen polo hatchback photo

In 2010, the small car became the car of the year, and in 1995 it became the second. The overall safety rating for almost all modifications was five stars according to the Euro NCap classification. "Polo" is firmly held among the top ten best-selling European cars.

Sixth Generation Polo Car

The existing sixth generation of the subcompact was presented at a special event in Berlin last summer. This is a 2017 Volkswagen Polo hatchback. Cars of this modification are not supplied to our country, so the Kaluga plant will continue to produce the previous version of the subcompact sedan.

The new Volkswagen Polo hatchback (photos are presented in the review) is made on the MQB-A0 platform, on which the latest modifications of SEAT Ibiza and Skoda Fabia cars are made (both automakers are part of the Volkswagen concern)). The modified platform has increased the size of the car, which contributes to increased comfort in the cabin. For acquisition, the new hatchback received seven different power units from 60 to 150 hp at once. with., including five petrol and two versions of diesel engines. The design of the novelty has created a more dynamic and solid external image of the Volkswagen Polo hatchback of the next model series.

volkswagen polo hatchback configuration

2017 Polo

The updated runabout has retained its recognizable appearance. Such an individual design for the Volkswagen Polo hatchback is formed by the following design solutions:

  • new form of LED optics with integrated daytime running lights;
  • smaller grille, complemented by a light horizontal insert;
  • embossed lines of the hood;
  • rectangular bottom air intake;
  • smooth front stamping lines;
  • aerodynamic exterior mirrors;
  • interesting pattern of standard rims;
  • wide rear tailgate glass;
  • top spoiler with brake light;
  • Stepped rear bumper.

In addition, the company offers more body color options. All this makes it possible to give a more sporty dynamic look to the new Volkswagen Polo hatchback (photo below) of the generation, as well as to make the compact car recognizable.

hatchback volkswagen polo new photo

Technical parameters

Along with such qualities as design, comfort and safety, the popularity of a particular car is provided by technical parameters. The characteristics of the new version of the Volkswagen Polo hatchback with a 75 horsepower engine and automatic transmission are as follows:

  • model class – B;
  • number of doors – 4;
  • number of seats - 5;
  • wheelbase – 2.56 m (+11.0cm);
  • length - 3.97 m (+8.0 cm);
  • width – 1.75 m (+ 6.0 cm);
  • ground clearance - 11.0 cm;
  • track gauge (front/rear) - 1.44/1.45 m;
  • trunk size - 435 (1127) l;
  • permissible total weight - 1.58 tons;
  • engine size - 1.39 l;
  • power - 75 hp p.;
  • number and arrangement of cylinders - 4 (L-row);
  • number of valves per cylinder - 4;
  • max speed 172.0 km/h;
  • acceleration time to 100 km/h - 13.4 sec.;
  • tire size - 165/70R14;
  • tank volume - 45 l;
  • fuel consumption (city/highway) – 5, 2/8, 8 l.
volkswagen polo hatchback automatic


Volkswagen Polo hatchback salon traditionally possesses, despite its compact size, high-quality ergonomics and good comfort. The designers of the company managed to create these qualities using the following solutions:

  • increasing the size of the car;
  • turned to the driver center console with a multimedia complex monitor;
  • information instrument panel with standard rounded dials, trip computer display and anti-glare visor;
  • adjustable multifunction steering wheel;
  • convenient arrangement of control keys for various vehicle systems;
  • a significant number of compartments, pockets and niches to accommodate various things;
  • specially designed seats to save space.

For interior decoration in the baseversion used high-quality materials typical for the budget class of cars, namely plastic, anti-wear fabrics, light metal inserts.


Despite its economy class and small size, the Volkswagen Polo hatchback is equipped with a wide variety of systems and equipment to help the driver, create comfort and safety. Among the main ones are:

  • brake mechanism with automatic deceleration function in the event of a collision or collision with a pedestrian;
  • dual-zone climate control;
  • electric heated front seats;
  • light and rain controllers;
  • complex for tracking blind spots;
  • sensors for parking;
  • keyless entry;
  • on-board computer;
  • remote trunk release;
  • electrically adjustable exterior mirrors with parking fold capability;
  • LED optics;
  • four airbags.

For a front-wheel drive transmission, a robotic 7-band DSG box is available as an option. Such a Volkswagen Polo automatic hatchback is equipped with the most powerful power units.

Volkswagen polo hatchback specifications


The small car "Polo" has a long production period and wide distribution. Therefore, based on the operating experience of the car, tests carried out by various expert publications, as well as other information, including reviews about the hatchbackVolkswagen Polo, we can note the following main advantages common to all generations of the model:

  • good dynamic performance;
  • reliable and confident suspension operation;
  • low running costs;
  • good handling and maneuverability;
  • high-quality ergonomic features for the driver;
  • high overall reliability;
  • large luggage compartment (for hatchbacks and station wagons);
  • recognizable appearance.

In addition, various configurations of the Volkswagen Polo hatchback are noted.

There are also the following disadvantages that are present in the small car: low ground clearance; insufficient sound insulation, weak light of the head optics.

Volkswagen polo hatchback reviews

The compact Volkswagen Polo hatchback is a high-quality budget model, which is widely used due to its reliable design, good technical characteristics and economical operation.

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