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Clutch adjustment on MTZ-82

Clutch adjustment on MTZ-82
Clutch adjustment on MTZ-82

The MTZ-82 tractor has been produced by the Minsk plant for many years. Due to its reliability and versatility, the machine has become very popular in all CIS countries and abroad.

General information

The tractor uses a four-cylinder diesel engine and a multi-speed gearbox. A clutch assembly is installed between these units, which needs regular maintenance. Adjusting the clutch on the MTZ-82 allows you to ensure that the power and traction indicators of the tractor comply with the factory documentation. The performance of the equipment depends on the correctness of the set gap in the mechanism, since when the clutch wears, it begins to slip, which causes more and more rapid wear of the assembly.

Define free play

Checking and adjusting the clutch on the MTZ-82 tractor should be done after 125 hours of machine operation in any conditions. To measure the time, a special engine hour meter is used, located on the instrument panel in the cab.

Clutch adjustment MTZ-82 adjustment tips

Before starting work, measure the parameters of the pedal free play for the driveclutch mechanism. There is a long pin-mounted link between the pedal and clutch levers. Under normal conditions, the clutch lever should move no more than 7 mm following the movement of the pedal. This distance is measured along the radius of the installation of the finger. With such mobility of the lever, the free play of the pedal itself is from 40 to 50 mm.

Typical malfunctions

One of the most common problems is the incomplete supply of torque from the engine flywheel to the wheels. The reason for this may be the lack of free play on the pedal, which should be set when adjusting the clutch on the MTZ-82. With an increased stroke, the friction discs are not fully retracted, which causes difficult gear shifting. A characteristic symptom of such a problem is the grinding of gears when shifting.

Clutch adjustment MTZ-82 of a new sample

The owner and driver of the tractor must remember that the operation of equipment with an unadjusted clutch will lead to breakdowns of many components and costly repairs. In addition, the equipment will be idle, which is unacceptable if urgent work is necessary (for example, during harvesting or sowing).

Parameter setting

If the values ​​go beyond the specified parameters, it is necessary to adjust the clutch on the MTZ-82. To do this, follow the following steps:

  • Remove the link that connects the pedal and the clutch lever. To do this, remove the connecting pin mounted on the clutch assembly.
  • Whenusing the screw regulator, lower the pedal to the lower limit position until it hits the cabin floor. To do this, the regulator screw must be unscrewed.
  • Step the release bearing against the surfaces of the release levers and hold the parts in this position. This is done by turning the clutch control lever counterclockwise.
  • Using the screw connection on the rod, bring its length until the holes at the end of the rod coincide with the hole of the retracted clutch lever.
  • By reverse rotation of the connection, the length of the rod should be slightly reduced. The screw is turned 4, 5 … 5 turns, but no more.
  • Connect the linkage and clutch lever with the removed finger.
  • Check the pedal travel by measuring it against the thrust pad.
MTZ 82 clutch adjustment

If it is impossible to carry out the adjustment by the specified method and if the free play is too small, adjust the release levers. To do this, you will need to disconnect the engine and gearbox and set the position of the levers using a special tool - a mandrel. It is installed on the inner splines of the clutch support element and rests against the support part itself with the end surface. Then, by rotating the nuts, a uniform stop of the levers on the end part of the mandrel is achieved. Nuts are fixed in the required position with special washers. The purpose of the adjustment is to set the required clearance of 13 mm between the levers and the supporting element.

After that, you should check the correct operation of the mechanism that returns the pedal to the top position. This device mustensure quick and trouble-free return of the pedal from the lowest position. If the work is not fast enough with pedal freezes, an additional adjustment of the MTZ-82 clutch should be carried out. Tips for adjusting the mechanism are as follows:

  • Loosen the return spring bottom bracket mounting bolts.
  • Turn the bracket itself clockwise.
  • If the bracket cannot be rotated, then tighten the adjustment bolt located on the spring. The amount of adjustment should ensure that the pedal returns smoothly to the up position.
  • Tighten all previously loosened screw connections.
Clutch adjustment on the MTZ-82 tractor

New type clutch

On machines of the last years of production, nodes with a modified design are used. The general steps for adjusting the MTZ-82 clutch of the new model have not changed. Only the gap between the levers and the support has changed, which should lie in the range from 11.5 to 12.5 mm.

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