Liqui Moly 5W40 car oil: specifications, reviews

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Liqui Moly 5W40 car oil: specifications, reviews
Liqui Moly 5W40 car oil: specifications, reviews

Liqui Moly 5w-40 engine oil is produced by a German company with more than half a century of experience in this field. The company has been on the market of fuels and lubricants since 1957, was founded by Hans Henle.

Manufacturer Liqui Moly produces over 600 items of products, which include lubricants, oils for internal combustion engines, auto chemical goods and auto cosmetics. The oil production plant is located in the German industrial city of Saarlouis. Thanks to the high quality of its products, the Liquid Moli brand has gained wide popularity around the world.

Liqui Moly oil

German brand motor lubricant is characterized by traditionally high quality, balanced composition and versatility. The operation of this brand guarantees a stable engine start in any climatic conditions and prolongs the life of the engine.

engine oil
engine oil

Liqui Moly 5w-40 is a lubricant based on high quality ingredients and specialized additives. These special additives are designed to reduce the load at start-upengine and protect moving parts from negative process influences. This engine oil is characterized by maximum stability of operation in various temperature conditions, which is reflected in the efficient performance of the engine under any operating conditions.

German Liqui Moly 5w-40 oil incorporates specialized components that reduce the risk of oxidation processes. This allows you to increase the period for replacing the lubricant in the engine of any vehicle. The standard replacement of conventional engine oil is carried out in a car after a mileage of 10,000 km, when using Liqui Moly this length increases to at least 15,000 km.

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Oil Features

Lubricant fluid "Liqui Moli" for the engine from a German manufacturer has a minimum coefficient of formation of harmful deposits inside the unit and correctly selected additives. This directly positively affects the service life of the friction surfaces of various parts, rings and the entire piston group as a whole. Under such conditions, wear resistance increases, which is characterized by the most important parameter for the stable operation of the motor unit.

It is worth noting that the versatility of the oil is an important factor: the lubricant can be used in both gasoline engines and diesel engines equipped with turbines.

Quality properties

Qualitative features of Liqui Moly 5w-40 engine oil can be assigned parameters such as:

  • maximum high penetration to all surfaces of the rubbing units of the unit;
  • optimum viscosity during high loads when exposed to critical temperatures;
  • application in all types of internal combustion engines;
  • high lubricity;
  • due to the balanced composition of the lubricant, vibration of parts and extraneous noise is prevented. Quiet engine operation is one of the indicators of high-quality lubricating fluid;
  • minimum accumulation of harmful emissions in crankcase gases;
  • Instant oil film formation when exposed to extremely low temperatures;
  • due to the reduction of friction of rotating parts, fuel consumption in the vehicle decreases;
  • smart additives prevent scratches and scuffs on engine parts;
  • prevents the appearance of carbon deposits on the inner walls of the engine block;
  • presence in the composition of the oil of special additives that provide effective parameters of the power unit of the car.

Oil variety

The Liqui Moly 5w-40 oil line offers a wide range of products designed for any type of engine. In this series of lubricants with a viscosity of 5w-40, there are constituent elements that operate under various conditions, characterized by different parameters and price categories. Engine oil is equally suitable for both new engines and used units.

universal oil
universal oil

Wide popularity from the German manufacturer has gained suchoils like:

  • Liqui Moly Top Tec 4100 5w-40 is a product approved by such automotive giants as BMW, Ford, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and many others. The oil is synthetic and complies with Euro-4 requirements. The lubricant is recommended for engines using a particulate filter, as well as for vehicles running on gas.
  • Leichtlauf HC 7 is a synthetic lubricant that stands out for its versatility. Effectively "looks after" the engine, for which he received approval from many automakers. Adheres to ACEA/API standards.
  • Leichtlauf High Tech is a synthetic oil tailored to the needs of modern engines. Its peculiarity lies in the presence of specialized additives and a certain synthesis technology. Provides guaranteed parts protection and complies with API SN.
  • Nachfull Oil is a synthetic base oil that can be used in any type of internal combustion engine. Structural composition allows mixing with almost all lubricating fluids.
  • Molygen New Generation is a German product that incorporates unique anti-friction additives of a special kind. Its properties make it possible to save fuel for a vehicle up to 3%. ACEA/API compliant.
engine oil
engine oil

Liqui Moly 5w40 Synthoil and Optimal Synth 5w-40 are considered very popular and effective products in the field of fuel and lubricants.

German Classic Synthoil High Tech

Quality universalsynthetics, which meets all the applicable norms and standards. Confidently protects the engine in a wide variety of cars and models of power units. It is based on artificial hydrocarbon compounds and is a fully synthesized product.

The oil guarantees the highest protection of the motor, is characterized by good cleaning properties, prevents the formation of carbon deposits during systematic operation. Effectively resists oxidative processes, does not evaporate, is not subject to aging and has a significant effect on reducing fuel consumption.

motor oil
motor oil

Maximum Protection Synthesis

Liqui Moly 5w40 Optimal Synth oil is produced using the latest development - hydrocracking. The result is a very reliable and high-quality lubricant for gasoline and diesel engines.

The synthetic product is equipped with a unique set of additives and meets all international standards. Provides easy starting of the engine, cleans working parts and minimizes the presence of harmful elements in the exhaust gases.



Reviews of Liqui Moly 5w-40 from experienced car owners prove that Liqui Moly is a modern and reliable lubricant for any engine. Professionals and amateurs note a good "cold" start-up of the unit, quiet operation, a high threshold for operating temperature. Fuel economy is noticed, oil is not consumed, does not burn out.

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