Patron Taker 250: reviews, specifications, photos, top speed
Patron Taker 250: reviews, specifications, photos, top speed

The Patron Taker 250 motorcycle has a deceptive appearance. Upon visual inspection, one gets the impression that this is a rather old model of some "Japanese". But both professionals and motorcycling enthusiasts will immediately say that this is a rather unique model. The only thing that betrays a non-ancient "Japanese" in Tucker is a sticker with the company logo (Yingang). About Patron Taker 250 reviews can be found both positive and negative. Let's take a closer look at the unusual bike.

What the Patron Taker 250 looks like

The dynamism of the features combined with the tank make this bike look like a sportbike. Accuracy and ergonomics combined with a monotonous color make the design of the bike truly "Spartan". No fairing, no unnecessary accessories or add-ons on the dashboard, and a round headlightcomplement the image of the motorcycle, giving it the look of a machine of the 80s of release. For those who have an idea of what muscle bikes or streetfighters are, it will not be difficult to understand what a Tucker looks like. The only thing that distinguishes this motorcycle from the above is the smaller engine size and its power. The Patron Taker 250, the photo of which is shown in the article, looks very unusual.

patron taker 250
patron taker 250

Clone or exclusive?

If you look for a direct analogue of the Tucker Cartridge 250 among the wide range of motorcycle models produced over the past twenty years, you will find something that simply does not exist. Only the Suzuki GS 500, which was released in 1988, more or less resembles it.

patron taker 250 specifications
patron taker 250 specifications

The frame design with a diagonal element, three spokes in the rims, the same length base (1400 mm) and the dimensions of the wheels, combined with the shape of the saddle and the shank of the lining, make it look like a Tucker. But the Chinese motorcycle model is original in having a double disc brake and an inverted fork.

A careful visual inspection will reveal some of the features of the Patron Taker 250. The most noticeable characteristics in a visual inspection are:

  • subframe that is welded to the steel frame;
  • pendulum, which is made of pipes with a rectangular section;
  • expansion tank attached to the radiator;
  • muffler mounting bracket.

The most interesting point is the bracket. If more carefullytake a closer look, at first glance it seems that this is some kind of record borrowed from the school workshop. Moreover, it was clearly not a teacher who cut it. Simply put, it looks quite unaesthetic and spoils the look.

Motorcycle engine

The most important thing to pay attention to is the engine. Rare for the Chinese car industry, a cubic capacity of 250 cm3 is equipped with all the technical bells and whistles:

  • Liquid cooling.
  • Two-shaft four-valve head.
  • Balance shaft.
  • Six-speed gearbox.

The Patron Taker 250 has an engine similar to the old NX250 (it was released in the mid-80s).

patron taker 250 specifications
patron taker 250 specifications

You should know that the AX-1 (NX250) had 29 horsepower at 8500 rpm. Chinese manufacturers have made some improvements and received an engine of 26 "horses" with a number of revolutions per minute equal to 9000. In this motor:

  • 70mm piston (same as NX250);
  • stroke - 65mm;
  • engine capacity is even slightly larger than 250cc. see

While the "Chinese" is designed to work with gasoline, which has an octane rating of more than 90, there was still a slight loss of power.

Don't judge a book by its cover

It will be a pleasant surprise that despite its archaic appearance, the Cartridge Tucker 250 does not have a kick starter. But in our time, this is becoming a relic of the past, because all the latest models do not start “from the foot”. It's probably frustratinglovers of Japanese "second hand", but will delight fans of high-quality "iron horses". In addition, you should know that the Chinese have surpassed themselves in this matter and the electrical equipment of their motorcycles is incredibly long-lasting.

Comfortable rides

The shape of the fuel tank makes you feel incredibly comfortable when driving. Even how the knees should be positioned can be determined by the presence of special bulges. This guarantees the correct fit. But there is also a clear disadvantage. This convenience is designed exclusively for people of short stature. However, the Chinese auto industry will correct this shortcoming with the release of the next series of motorcycles. The modified form of the gas tank will allow you to fill in fuel, which is enough for 500-600 kilometers. Moreover, the consumption per hundred kilometers is only 2.5 liters.

The dashboard and buttons on the steering wheel, as well as the entire motorcycle, are made in a Spartan style. The combination of precision workmanship and ease of use make this iron horse incredibly comfortable.

patron taker 250 top speed
patron taker 250 top speed

The only thing missing is the usual red buttons to stop the engine and turn on the alarm. The dashboard is an example of an assortment minimum. But in addition to the usual speedometer, tachometer and odometer, there is a fuel gauge and a digital display to control the gear engaged. No tricks or bells and whistles - everything is done in the "classic" style.

The limit for the Patron Taker is 250. What is the maximum speed?

145 kilometers per hour. This is for Patron Taker 250maximum speed. But what is odd is that the bike does not have a fairing and assumes a straight riding position.

patron taker 250 photo
patron taker 250 photo

Such features cause discomfort when accelerating to at least 120 km / h. Up to "hundreds" you can ride quite comfortably. But at speeds higher, there is a desire to bend down so that the headwind does not carry various debris in the face (midges, leaves, etc.). But if you bend down, the steering wheel is inconvenient to hold (for this it is too wide and set high). Accordingly, the question arises - why did the Chinese get smart with installing the latest engine with bells and whistles, if the motorcycle cannot be accelerated to the maximum?

Crack, growl or roar?

The most pleasant feeling is to listen to the sound of the exhaust of this motorcycle. A solid growl will give odds to the hysterical squeal of a sports bike, the thunderous roar of a chopper or the barely audible crackle of "200" (a product of the Chinese car industry).

Motorcycle Specifications

In order for you to get to know the motorcycle better, the technical specifications of the Patron Taker 250 will be presented below.

  • Gears are evenly distributed over the entire range of gear ratios. The sixth one is an exception. It may not be turned on at all. Well, except when driving long distances in order to save gas.
  • Tires from Kenda. This is a well-known, but no more, manufacturer in Taiwan.
  • Load and speed index - 66N. This is enough to travel without cargo at a speed of 200 km/h.
  • Back widththe tires are even larger than those of a GS brand motorcycle (engine size - 500 cc).
  • Customize the motorcycle for themselves will not give the suspension. You can't even change the spring tension.
  • Possibility of adjusting the rear shock absorber with a special lever.
  • Rear monoshock provides a relatively soft ride even on Russian roads.

For a road bike, all these characteristics can be assessed as a four (on a five-point scale). The brakes are especially good. In principle, they would be suitable for a more powerful "horse".

patron taker 250 reviews
patron taker 250 reviews

The chain drive doesn't affect the ride feel. For these motorcycles, it is made using the pitch-% inch chain technology. The only negative is that the plates are not thick enough and, moreover, without rings. For "IZH" or "Java" just right, but they are not suitable for such a motorcycle. The reason is that every day you have to tighten the chain. That is why professionals recommend immediately after buying a motorcycle "Cartridge Tucker 250" to purchase another chain and immediately replace it with your own. The remaining characteristics of the Patron Taker 250 allow you to ride without embarrassing the archaic look. The literal translation of the name is "raider".

A bit of history

If you look closely, you can see two names on the tank - Patron and Yingang. Most likely, these two names will tell little to most Russian motorists. To clarify, let's dive headlong into the historical facts.

The city of Izhevsk is known throughout Russia thanks to the Urala motorcycle company with six years of competitive sales experience. For the last two years, the Izhevsk company has been importing motorcycles from China. And also changed the direction of production. Instead of lightweight scooters, powerful "iron horses" are now being produced. What is "Jingang"? Probably the most obscure Chinese company. It is not widely used by consumers. On motorcycles manufactured by Yingang, there are either clones of Izhevsk engines, or lower-end Honda engines with a volume of 200 cubic meters. And there are only a few dozen of these motorcycles on the market.

patron taker 250 motorcycle
patron taker 250 motorcycle

"Tucker" has become a real gem in this collection of "good" bikes. By the way, the original name will sound like this: YC250NF Tracer 250. And the most interesting thing is that the manufacturers from Izhevsk have been persuading their management for a long time to put the Tucker into wide production and send it to the market.