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Armored car "Bulat" SBA-60-K2: description, main characteristics, manufacturer

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Armored car "Bulat" SBA-60-K2: description, main characteristics, manufacturer
Armored car "Bulat" SBA-60-K2: description, main characteristics, manufacturer

What will a person think about when he hears the word "bulat"? Most likely, he will present something very strong and reliable. Indeed, in the old days, a hero dressed in damask armor was considered the most dangerous enemy.

Let's consider one of the newest representatives of the armored car SBA-60-K2 "Bulat"

Short performance characteristics

The main characteristics of the armored vehicle "Bulat":

  • Length - 8 m.
  • Width - 2.5 m.
  • Height - 2.6 m.
  • Maximum weight is 15.8t.
  • Engine - 240-360 HP s.
  • Maximum speed is 95 km/h
  • Power reserve - 800 km.
  • Armor class - 6 according to GOST.
  • Capacity - 8 (+2) people
Infographics Bulat
Infographics Bulat

Depending on the requirements of the customer, the main characteristics of the Bulat armored vehicle can be changed.


Protection Corporation was founded in 1993 and has undergone major technological changes to this day. In addition to the research center, the company has its own production sites and product repair services. The corporation specializes in the production of special vehicles for the transport of valuable goods and creates armored vehicles for special forces.

Work on the new project began in 2011. At the very beginning, the project was financed from private sources and did not imply government support.

Reliable Chassis

Bulat - armored car
Bulat - armored car

When developing equipment, engineers had to achieve not only increased cross-country ability, but also good maneuverability. That is why their choice fell on the proven 6x6 chassis of KamAZ trucks. The high reliability of components and assemblies of these trucks has been proven not only by time, but also by numerous victories in prestigious world races.

The project received a frameless design, spring suspension is attached directly to the body. As in KamAZ trucks, there is an emergency wheel inflation system. This makes it possible to travel up to 50 km even with damaged wheels.

Armored car Bulat
Armored car Bulat

The use of serial KamAZ vehicles as a "donor" vehicle made it possible to significantly simplify the repair and maintenance of these armored personnel carriers. No additional training is required for drivers, and mechanics have fully studied the chassis and units on earlier versions of army trucks.


The armored vehicles "Bulat" use the bonnet placement of the power unit. Unlike conventional army KamAZ trucks, in the event of a mine collision, the shock wave falls on the engine compartment, and the cab receives the least damage.

Armored car military
Armored car military

The engine is covered by an armored hood equipped with a hydraulic lift. The compartment in which the power plant and transmission are located received class 5 all-round protection and is reliably protected from explosions.

The design of the engine compartment allows the installation of engines from 240 to 360 hp. With. The power plant is equipped with an external air intake, which allows the equipment to overcome water obstacles up to 1.7 m deep

Armor Geometry

As a result of test explosions, engineers have developed an optimal geometry for booking the lower part of the car. Having a V-shape, the bottom of the car dissipates the blast wave and prevents the penetration of fragments.

The side armor plates also have a slope, which gives the armored car a slightly angular shape, but thanks to this geometry, the quality of the armor increases. Protection class 6 according to GOST is able to protect personnel from the most common weapons.

Bulat car
Bulat car

Landing troops, under cover of armor, are not afraid of being hit by conventional and armor-piercing bullets of caliber 7, 62, as well as being hit by charges from an underbarrel grenade launcher. The roof and bottom easily withstand the explosions of RGD-5 and F-1 grenades. The bottom protects against explosive devices weighing up to 1 kg in TNT equivalent. By classsecurity, it is somewhat superior to the BTR-80.

The Bulat armored car has three viewing windows on each side, protected by bulletproof glass, which also has protection class 5. The cabin is covered with solid bulletproof glass, which improved the visibility of the driver and commander of the assault squad. The windshield is equipped with a heating system and does not fog up. The body has special compartments for spare parts.

Gas tanks, and there are two of them, received protective covers from the developers and also fit into the general protection class. Each gas tank has a capacity of 125 liters, and the total amount of fuel gives a range of 800 km.

Options available:

  • GLONASS/GPS satellite navigation system;
  • heat and sound insulation;
  • radio station;
  • HLF;
  • electromechanical door locks;
  • intercom "car - street";
  • RunFlat safety wheel inserts;
  • light-signal loudspeaker (LSP);
  • alarm; audio system;
  • color graphic design.

Other additional equipment may be installed by agreement.

Internal volume

It is better to start getting acquainted with the “stuffing” of this project from the cockpit. Equipped with two hinged doors, it presents an impressive space. The driver feels free, and nothing distracts him. The dashboard is borrowed from the same KamAZ 5350 and has not undergone major changes. There is a rear view camera screen on the dash. Air conditioning and heating availablecabin, there is also an intercom, which allows you to give commands without leaving the car. The windshield looks much bigger from the inside.

Armored car Bulat
Armored car Bulat

Personnel gets inside the armored car "Bulat" through the rear hinged hatches. The absence of a vertical partition increases the landing speed. The hatches received a mechanical locking mechanism and two viewing windows, under which there are folding loopholes.

Reinforced hinges and stiffeners led to an increase in the mass of landing doors, and the development company proposed to equip them with an electric drive to open from the driver's seat or from the internal compartment. On each side there are special chairs and mounts for the personal weapons of the fighters. Earlier models of Bulat armored vehicles were equipped with a vertical strut, which reduced the size of the rear hatches.

In the future, they decided to refuse such decisions. It is also possible to fire without leaving the shelter: on each side of the bulletproof glass there are closing loopholes, and in the roof there are 4-6 hinged hatches. Their number depends on the installed weapons. It is possible to mount remote fire vision systems and rocket launchers.

Special chairs

The design of the chairs is our own design. They are fixed on the ceiling frame and do not transmit contact with the bottom of the armored car. In addition, an additional step is mounted on the seats. Thus, the fighter, who is in the chair, is, as it were, in limbo and is less affected by the shock wave. The technical characteristics show that the landing force in such chairs does not receive serious damage even when detonated with a power of 2-4 kg of TNT.

Demand among the troops

Some skeptics often argue about the need to develop new types of light armored vehicles. But the experience of modern military conflicts shows the need to develop this direction. After all, often in urban battles, heavy equipment and armored personnel carriers become an easy target for the enemy, they simply lack mobility.

It is armored vehicles that are capable of not only transporting personnel, but can also become a universal platform for installing modern fire suppression equipment. The creation of vehicles for evacuating the wounded and mobile command posts on their basis makes the development of this branch of armored vehicles quite relevant.

The versatility of this technique allows it to be used to equip police and riot police units. Do not forget about the development of technology. Today, strengthening such special vehicles with ceramic armor is being considered. And existing types of armid fabric can significantly increase the reliability of armored vehicles.

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