Car "Photon 1069": device, description, purpose

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Car "Photon 1069": device, description, purpose
Car "Photon 1069": device, description, purpose

The Chinese automotive industry is today one of the world leaders in the production of a variety of cars. If we consider the middle class, then one of the best in it is the Photon 1069 van. We will talk about it in detail in the article.

photon 1069
photon 1069

General information

"Photon 1069" began its history at the dawn of the 2000s. First of all, this machine was focused on the Chinese domestic market, but in the end it became widespread not only within the Celestial Empire, but throughout the world.

The named car came to Russia in 2008. From the very beginning, this truck pressed its competitors in the domestic car market - GAZ cars.


"Photon 1069" can not be called a van that has some special appearance. Its design is quite primitive. The cab has standard dimensions, controls are conveniently located, and mirrors provide excellent all-round visibility. At the same time, the truck is ahead of its pursuers in terms of technical equipment, which we will dwell on in more detail. The car is good as follows:

  1. She has several body options. Thanks to this, the scope of its use is quite wide.
  2. It has an impressive load capacity of 4 tons.
  3. It has a very high quality of components and parts.
  4. It is characterized by low cost, as well as compactness and maneuverability.
  5. Easy to operate and low on fuel and oil.
  6. The truck does not require too expensive maintenance. Finding spare parts for "Photon 1069" is also not difficult.
  7. Consume fuel economically.
  8. Well adapted to the poor quality of Russian roads. At the same time, the car endures the winter period without any problems, while other imported analogues begin to spoil the nerves of their owners.
  9. spare parts photon 1069
    spare parts photon 1069

The scope of the truck is quite extensive and depends on the modification. The Chinese creators of the described machine offer the following versions of it:

  • Europlatform - the car is equipped with an awning body, which, in turn, has a side and top sliding curtain.
  • Standard flatbed platform with folding sides.
  • Isothermal van made on the basis of sandwich panels. This option is well suited for transporting food products, as the required temperature conditions and other indicators are maintained inside the van.
  • Manufactured goods van with a rigid frame, which excludes the possibility of unauthorized persons getting inside.

In general, "Photon 1069", reviews of which haveextremely positive character, is one of the most successful options for medium duty trucks, allowing you to save money and accurately perform planned tasks.

photon engine 1069
photon engine 1069


It is important to know the parameters of the described car. So, the overall dimensions of the machine are:

  • Length – 6,725 mm.
  • Height - 2280 mm.
  • Width – 2,100 mm.
  • Body volume - 28 cu. m.
  • Clearance - 1,900 mm.
  • Turning radius (minimum) - 8,500 mm.
  • Maximum allowable vehicle weight is 8,600 kg.
  • Capacity - 5 tons.
  • The speed limit is 95 km/h.
  • Fuel tank capacity - 120 liters.
  • Fuel consumption - 15 liters per 100 kilometers.
  • Wheel formula - 4 x 2.
  • Wheels – 7.50R16.


The Photon 1069 engine is almost the most important advantage of the machine. It is thanks to the large volume of the engine that the truck can transport heavy loads over long distances without any difficulty.

The car is equipped with a Perkins Phaser135Ti four-stroke diesel engine, which has fuel injection, turbocharging and air-to-air intercooling. The cylinders are arranged in one row.

photon 1069 reviews
photon 1069 reviews

The technical indicators of the motor are:

  • volume - 4 l;
  • power - 137 hp p.;
  • compression ratio - 17.5;
  • number of cylinders – 4;
  • torque– 445 Nm.

The described engine has another distinctive feature: it allows the truck to overcome long, steep climbs and provides fast acceleration. In addition, the engine starts without problems even in cold weather and works excellently on domestic fuel.


"Photon 1069" is equipped with hydraulic power steering. Transmission - six-speed, mechanical. The brake system is dual-circuit, pneumatic. All wheels have drum brakes, which, by the way, cannot be called very reliable. The cabin is designed for three people and is made of all-metal. If necessary, it easily leans back for repair work. The driver's seat is height adjustable.