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"Ural M-63": specifications, description, photo

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"Ural M-63": specifications, description, photo
"Ural M-63": specifications, description, photo

Steel heavyweight called "Ural M-63" is considered one of the most powerful motorcycles of the Soviet period. This technique is quite "gluttonous", but has great power. This vehicle, equipped with a sidecar, can be actively used for any rural purpose.

ural m 63
ural m 63

The specified model was produced at the Irbit Motorcycle Plant from 1963 to 1980. This modification has a number of differences from its ancestors. Firstly, the model is equipped with a frame with a pendulum-type suspension on the rear wheel. Secondly, it is equipped with springs with hydraulic damping elements in the rear, which later came in handy on the wheelchair. Also, the developers have significantly expanded the clearance and introduced a new type of arrangement of the exhaust assembly.

General Description

Motorcycle "Ural M-63" has a length of 2.42 meters. At the same time, the width of the vehicle was 1.57 m. The height of the bike was 1.1 m. The dry weight of the iron heavy horse, neither more nor less than 320 kg.

The equipment in question can withstand more than 250 kilograms of cargo without any consequences. The recommended bike speed is 100 km/h. The power plant is equippedoverhead valve system, working volume - 650 cubic centimeters. Cylinder size - 780 mm with a moderate compression ratio (6, 2). The maximum power of this heavyweight with three wheels is 28 horsepower.

The crankshaft on the Ural M-63 moto at maximum speed rotates at a speed of 5200 rpm. Decent fuel consumption was partially offset by a capacious 22-liter fuel tank. The modification is equipped with a six-volt power supply system and a K-301 carburetor.

Ural m 63 motorcycle
Ural m 63 motorcycle


"Ural M-63", the characteristics of which allow the motorcycle to be used as a tractor for a trailer, has a drive to both the rear wheel and the sidecar, which improves traction.

When creating the power unit, special attention was paid to the development of the gas distribution system. Innovative solutions eventually led to an increase in the rigidity of the valve drive and a decrease in contact stress by increasing the dimensions of the distributor necks. In addition, the motor has one more nuance: the front placement of the connecting rod-crank mechanism, unlike its predecessor, which allows you to expand the oil traps by nine millimeters.

The size of motorcycles is similar to the dimensions of a small car. This makes it difficult to maneuver with a sidecar attached in narrow spaces. An important role is also played by the volumetric luggage compartment located at the rear of the stroller. You can carry decent luggage there.

The performance of the vehicle in question makes it a great helper forcountryside. However, it is quite difficult to acquire such a device in working condition. For serviceable models that have undergone restoration, the price starts from 250 thousand rubles.

Technical indicators

The Ural M-63 motorcycle, the technical characteristics of which are given below, cannot be called an economical transport, although during the penny prices for gasoline its power was one of the leaders in its class.

Main technical data:

  • Overall length/width/height (mm) – 2420/1570/1100.
  • Wheelbase (mm) – 1450.
  • Weight (kg) – 320.
  • Max speed (km/h) – 100.
  • Power (hp) – 21.
  • Max load (kg) – 255.
  • Gas tank volume (l) – 22.

Also, the model in question is equipped with a telescopic front suspension with double-acting hydraulic shock absorbers. Rear suspension - lever type on spring elements. Motorcycle brakes - shoe brakes with friction linings. The dry disc clutch interacts with the driveline.

ural m 63 characteristics
ural m 63 characteristics

Owner Reviews

Moto "Ural M-63" is a true legend of the Soviet automotive industry. Its versatility and power are impressive. The owners of the unit highlight the following advantages in it:

  • Ample side trailer along with high payload capacity.
  • Powerful power unit, reliable.
  • Soft suspension, easy operation and repair.
  • Elaborate lighting designitems.

Like any technique, the vehicle in question has its drawbacks. Consumers among them note high fuel consumption, difficulty driving without a stroller, hard seats and a weak battery for such a weight.


At the end of the review of the Ural M-632 motorcycle, I would like to note that this transport was developed in the 60s. At that time, such technology was worth its weight in gold. The bike was an indispensable assistant in villages and villages, despite the high fuel consumption.

ural m 63 specifications
ural m 63 specifications

In addition, the motorcycle is unpretentious in maintenance, it is quite easy to repair and can carry loads of weight that some cars cannot afford. Three factors that influenced the popularity of this unit: reliability, power and load capacity. Today, this device is considered a real rarity, and it is not so easy to buy, especially in good condition.

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